Best Buycustomer service employees and manager!!

I went to return a headset that my son's dad had got him it was for a PS4 which my son does not own so we went to the store and made sure we got the exact same headphones but for the Xbox console which he does have now I did not have the receipt but rude employee first rolled her eyes at me then proceeded to ask me for the phone number for the person who bought it Now I could have lied and said I do not know his phone number but I made it a point to b honest with her gave her the best buy account holders phone number n she said I'm sorry no can do it was purchased in April sorry !! Now if she would have at least looked to see the headset box was open but the headset was not even taken out of the box at all n the only way u could tell it was open was the one little sticker that was cut but it was so neat I could have said we just purchased it that day but it wasn't the right one then she radios a manager who was helping someone else at the time he cut her off mid sentence like nope can't do it b sorry tough! He didn't even come over take a look at the condition of n e thing nothing I didn't want n e money back I just wanted to do an even exchange I have shopped here for a very long time I have a card with best buys n so does my son's father I was so unhappy with the [censored] service I came home closed the credit card account I had n I will NEVER SHOP AT BEST BUY AGAIN ! I will take my business to Walmart where the prices and the service is 10 times better then best buy ! No wonder u guys r going out of business n min now !!! Mark my words !!

Oct 06, 2019

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