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H Dec 05, 2018
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Ordered Samsung Sound Bar that was never delivered on November 8th. Called six times to get the issue resolved. I was hung up on twice. I was given 3 different case numbers.

The Best Buy website under my order history states that item was returned on November 10th to the issuing store and a refund was issued however the local store still claims that item was never received back at their store. They have held up the refund for over three weeks. Best Buys customer service is a classic example of LIP SERVICE!
In six attempts not one agent could give me any information regarding the return of my money other than stating that once the issue is resolved it would be refunded in the next business cycle. Long after the holiday season. A total retail online shopping nightmare. They obsoletely have made NO tangible attempt to resolve this issue other than telling me bold faced lies. One agent "Matt" stated that he could refund the money owed then promptly hung up on me. "Linda" "Rosie" and "Stephan" other Best Buy agents only added to the frustration by offering up solutions that had no weight! No manager of phone agents, No supervisor to speak with, only pitiful hollow comments of "I am Sorry".

Tried to contact the store direct by phone but their phone menu is designed to frustrate and prevent any customer service. A convoluted system that was designed by their corporate to prevent direct contact.

It looks like I will have to pursue legal options with my Bank to get my money back from a product I never received.

Best Buy should be renamed Buyer Beware!!!
Black Friday deals turned out to be a Black Eye.

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