I went into the Bershka store where I saw a lady who looked like a manager. I approached her and when I did she waved me off and continued to the door with a male member of staff. They seemed to be watching customers and were began speaking outside of the store. I thought that this was quite rude but I went to the cashier at the desk and explained that I wanted to return an item but had no idea where the receipt had got to. I hadn't worn the item- I had purchased it maybe a week and a bit before and the lady at the till nodded and requested for till assistance. She then begin assessing the item which again I hadn't worn. When the gentleman got to the till the cashier explained to him that I didn't have my receipt he looked at me and said "well where is your receipt" which I explained I didn't have. He looked over the item closely and then scanned it and asked me if I had brought the item in store. I said I had.. to which he replied "are you sure you brought this in store this isn't an In store item" I explained to him that I had but he continued to look at the clothing and tell me it wasn't a store product to which I said well I have it on my Barclays account... I can show you.

He told me no that wouldn't work because it wouldn't describe the item. I asked him if he could search his computer to see if I had purchased it to which he replied "it's your responsibility to look after your receipt we don't search for products".

I questioned this and I explained that when I worked in retail staff were able to locate where an item had been purchased if they checked their system to which he replied "we don't do that".

I said to him I didn't understand and he went on go explain that the item wasn't an in store item and therefore he couldn't scan it. I explained to him that no one had said that to me when I was purchasing the item... he then said "you can exchange it but you won't be able to return it". I said to him that I didn't understand how he was going to exchange it if he had already stated that he couldn't do a search.

He was clearly getting aggravated and started raising his voice telling me that my receipt was my responsibility. I walked away from the till and began looking at other items when he raised his voice at me again telling me "you can't return the item once you have exchanged it" rather loudly which I found extremely embarrassing as other customers were around. I said to him "you've already said this... I heard you already"

He then replied "don't be rude. There's no need to be rude because I can change my mind"

I ignored him at this point and began speaking to my friend because he was being incredibly rude. He then turned to the cashier and said "don't return it" and walked away from the till.

I walked up to him and I said "can I take your name please" he said
"No If you want to make a complaint call complaints" and continued walking as I was talking to him.

I continued to follow him and I said how can I make a complaint if I don't know your name. Can you please give me your name. He continued walking and ignored me and began talking to a girl at the changing rooms.

He then marched over to the till picked up the item and was like "don't you want your item. Take your item please" he began holding out the item to me to which I responded "why are you doing that"
He said "it's your item and your responsibility we can't leave it at the till"

I then reminded him that he said that I could exchange the item to which he responded "oh you don't want it? Fine I'll put it in the lost property bin" he took the item threw it in the bin then walked away from the till. I said to him "don't start behaving like that. There's actually no need"

He then walked away flicked his hand at me and continued walking around the shop floor. My friend began talking to a manager on the shop floor and I asked him aren't you a manager? He said I should talk to the girl on the till as she was a manager when she clearly wasn't. I went to the till and said- where is the top to which a friendly girl on the till wearing a headscarf said "it's in lost property" she pulled it out for me and gave it to me.

Appalled by the fact that this cashier had done that I went up to him and took a picture. He then shouted that security should be called to which I replied, "you wouldn't give me your name and I really want head office to know who I am referring to".

His behaviour from the moment I walked into the shop was unprofessional. He cared little about the customer experience and he also behaved badly in front of other customers. I usually shop in bershka. I like the clothes and have always found your service to be pleasant however on this occasion I am disgusted. Your staff were aggressive, rude and absolutely disrespectful. The other manager didn't challenge the behaviour of her colleague which I also found horrible. This incident happened on the 1st May at your Westfield brand at around 8:30pm.

You should review the footage and see the behaviour of your staff. Please don't just take this complaint as evidence.

I would like to hear a response please.



May 02, 2019

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