Bershkareturn not accepted despite in original condition

Dear Bershka Team,

Today at about 16:00 I tried to return a top I bought on 12.07. at the Alexa Berlin location. The tag had come off in the changing cabin, so I just tied it back on. And bought it. No mention was made of this tag condition when I bought it. I do not blame the cashier as it was a busy Friday afternoon. It was a small purchase that I thought would work with another item at home. It didn't, so I wanted to return it today. When I tried to they told me because the tag was re-attached it was no longer in original condition so they would not take it back. When I explained that this was how I had bought it, they said no that is not possible, mentioning that millions of customers pull this tag trick. They basically accused me of lying to save 7, 99 Euros. It is not the money that bothers me at all, but the dismissal of my explanation out of hand. And the accusation that I (like millions of others) was trying to cheat them. I just thought your customer service team should know about how this was handled and re-train some of your Berlin staff. The top, by the way, is in perfect condition, only having been tried on once.

It is unlikely that I will shop with Bershka again, given this treatment.

Warmest regards,
Victoria Bishop Kendzia

Jul 19, 2019

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