BeRankedI cancelled my service on 06/06/2017 and am still being billed!!!

H Nov 28, 2017

I hired BeRanked sometime in 2016 to help with my online marketing & internet ranking, as promised they got me ranked and I started receiving calls reasonably quick. However they were mostly the wrong calls(95%)!
I am in a unique category of decorative concrete which I realize makes it hard to market my business. In June of this year(2016) I decided to cancel my BeRanked service and go in a different direction marketing wise. On 06/06/2017 I called and cancelled my BeRanked service. Because I have a bookkeeper that pays my bills and I don't review them every month I didn't realize till this past weekend (11/26/17) that the BeRanked service was still being billed...IT WAS NEVER CANCELLED!!
Son on Monday 11/27/2017 I called on and talked to Emma at BeRanked and she verified in her notes that I had in fact cancelled my service on 06/06/2017. She said she immediately suspended my account that and would forward my request for a refund of 6 payments that should not have been drafted from my credit card. Emma indicated that I would receive a call back that day or no later than today. I waited till late this afternoon and still haven't received a call, so I called again and held on the line for at least 40 minutes and then got a generic message saying that no one was available. I have decided to be proactive and file a complaint to see if this will get them moving!

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