Bell Canadatransfer of home phone

C Nov 21, 2017

My name is Cathy Grant and I am having trouble transferring a home phone from Rosita Hall that lived on 160 Maryknoll Road, Chatham, On.
I did a conference call in late October, with me, Rosita and a customer support person.
The phone number to be transferred to my name was [protected].
Rosita has the account number and I can't access it. I have the home phone. I called and talked to Grey since I have not gotten a bill.
His job number is EZ27232 on Nov. 21/17
Since I do not have the account number I he would not help me.
This is a business number, I need it.
I do not have Rosita's cell phone as she would not answer it anyway.
Can anyone assist me.
My cell number is [protected]


Cathy Grant

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