Bell Aliantphone and internet

R Sep 27, 2018

Let me start of by saying we are with bell over 30 years. Over this passed week my wife has spoken to at least 20 people concerning our service. I am sure that there are many great people with bell who know bells system but there are more who should never work there. Every time your call you get someone diff. And who knows less. My wife was spoken to very rudely by your people. When she asked a question to one guy named john he asked her if the sky was blue. I dont know why I am wasteing my time writing this email because you people must get these complaints all the time., so I dont expect to be called back any time soon but maybe I will be wrong. To shorten this story let me say that we have our phone and internet service with bell and our tv with rogers at this time. With rogers over 30 years. I will make short sentenences to explain. We were paying for ultra high speed internet using the speed stream 6520 gateway. No fibre optics. My son says the system was slow because he was getting week signals and losing conection while using skype. He knew what the speeds were supposed to be. My wife called and spoke to many people who did not know what they were talking about. Everything got confused and appointments were made and then when she called they said they were canceled. I cant write any more because I would use 5000thousand words or more and this still would not tell you what we went through. I you really want to solve this problem please call me at [protected]. Just wanted to add one more comment. They sent us a knew modem model gt784wn. To solve our internet speed problems. The package was marked for back in august month and we never even ordered this item and they cant tell us who did. Now they tell us that our service was down graded but cant tell us why. Maybe by the time you respond to this or not we may have swiched to rogers. Regards

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