Belkterrible service!


While doing some shopping after Christmas, I purchased what I considered a set of really nice red Bath Towels from Belk Department Store in the Metrocenter Mall. Upon my initial use, I noticed a lot of red link all over my body. My wife told me to wash them. So I did, which at this time I read the label to be sure I washed them correctly and saw that it stated to wash prior to first use. I washed the towels by themselves. Nothing else in the machine. After drying them for only a short period of time, I noticed a LOT of red link in the dryer. I thought the towels had fallen apart. Huge clumps of link was everywhere. My wife saw this and told me to take them back. But since I no longer had the receipt I was just going to blow it off. But these towels were brand new and only one had been used once. So I put them in a bag and returned to Belk. I showed the sales associate the towels and assured her they were new, even though they looked well used. She accepted them as return, BUT since I no longer had a receipt, I could only get $4.48 apeice for them. That's not what I paid for them, nor is it the current price. While she was very nice, I explained my dissatisfaction with her company's policy. I was given a Belk Gift Card. I told her I would not be using it as I'll not be shopping at Belk again. I did remain very nice to her and asked her not to take it personally. She was nice, her company's policy was not customer friendly. The policy says I might be lying, we have to protect ourselves. The policy doesn't take into account that I'm a card hold who will now spend my money else where. And I do understand their view. However I shopped at Belk because I wanted a quality product. May be my daughter could use a gift card worth $9.59. Belk you lost a customer.


  • Na
    na Apr 28, 2008

    all they had to do was look it up on your charge account.. they could have given it to you the same way it was paid.. I know this for a fact... Shame on them...

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  • Li
    lili Feb 28, 2009

    Only if the tags are still attached can it be looked up on the charge account. There is no way to do it without a receipt AND without tags, which would be the case if the towels were washed.
    The policy with many stores is that you cannot return anything without a recepit. You should be lucky you got anything.

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  • Ma
    Marcie May 09, 2009

    If they still had the towels in the store they could get a UPC from those towels. You could have brought in your statement from your Belk card for the purchase as well.

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  • Fe
    Fedup22 Jul 05, 2009

    Belk, sucks. I dont understand why, people continue to shop there. They want you to use their credit card, so they can charge you interest. Not only do they treat their customers bad, they treat their employees like crap.

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  • Ma
    Marcie Jul 29, 2009

    They continue to shop at Belk b/c we have not exposed them enough!! The customers need to know that we are strong armed into forcing them to get a credit card with Belk or we will be fired for it!

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  • B
    [email protected]@ Sep 20, 2009

    Belk does treat their employees like dirt...that is a fact, and then people wonder why the employees are grumpy? They take crap from the Store manager and then they take crap from hateful customers and all for a crappy minimum wage job! Everyone should have to work as a cashier in a place like this for 6 months...then you would know why their are store policies! A cashier can only do what the computer will allow them to do and/or what their boss tells them to do...If you need to complain about store policy try doing that to the store manager not the people that have absolutely no control over that policy!!

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  • Br
    browneyes3710 May 01, 2016

    Me and my boyfriend presented our merchandize to salesman with coupon for $10, off $50 purchase. He said the coupon was not valid on clearance items which it clearly stated the coupon was valid for regul, sale and clearance items. He would not honor the sale so we left.

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