Beazer Homes Corporation2014 home in orlando

N Aug 16, 2018

Good morning,
I have purchase this home in Reserve at Sawgrass, Orlando. I have had small issues like carpet nails, cracks on the walls, garage floors and so. Lately my AC unit stopped working. I called the number on the unit AIRFLOW which is the company that's installed the unit, the guy charged me 60$ and the result was the unit needs to be replaced.
New home and new AC unit decided to get a second opinion while still trying to get in touch with beazar homes reps. The AC tech comes in and does the leak test and says that the unit was installed incorrectly underground and hence the leak and another 120$ charge. At this point I am frustrated and call the Beazar homes only to be told that the warranty is done and so cannot do anything.
I paid 350, 000$ and I am having construction issues for which Beazar homes is responsible. Please be conscious and well informed when dealing with Beazar homes

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