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BeautifulHalo / customer service/refund

United States

Okay. To begin,
I ordered a single piece of clothing from beautifulhalo in mid january. It was a simple grey loungewear romper. After almost a month of waiting for it, I noticed it was stuck in "processing". I was told it would arrive in two weeks.
The first time I reached out to their customer service chat, they told me it was out of stock, and I would have to wait until march 10th to receive it. Keep in mind, at the time, this would mean I would have to wait over a month to receive it. So, I politely asked for a refund and thus wished to have my order cancelled completely. They told me I would get my money back in two to three days.
Here I am, march 14th, still no refund. I've contacted their support email three times, to which they have replied once, only to tell me they will give me a refund.
Contacted the chat again several times, only for them to keep telling me to wait.
They are also very rude and not helpful at all. For the most part, they always try to send me this copy-paste nonsense basically telling me to go cry to their support email, even though i've already told them i've done that. They just don't want to deal with their customers. Throughout these conversations, i've noticed they also keep leaving the chat and then i'm left with someone brand new every few minutes, and then I have to re-explain everything. This is horrible customer service and this is so ridiculous. I just want my money back.
I should have gotten screenshots from the chat today. I was chatting with support a few minutes ago and the person I was speaking to just repeatedly kept saying "please just wait" "contact your bank, okay" "just contact paypal, okay"
No, i'm not making this up.
This is completely unacceptable. I just want a freaking refund!!!


Mar 14, 2019

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