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I rejoined the site as a non-paying member after many years. Sad to say things have worsened. At first you get everything and you're even able to browse the pics of other users. After a while you are only allowed to see a certain number of pics and are invited to subscribe to see the others, of which you only see a tiny thumbnail preview. Now, this was the same as years ago, but then the real problem starts. All of a sudden you log in and are blocked before you even reach the homepage and shown a message saying the website is "temporarily" limited to subscribing members only because running a website is expensive and the owner needs money. I tried to log in for over a week and could never do. I still received reminders in my mail saying I had unread messages, but could not even reach them. Never mind the messages, the website was basically holding my profile ransom because without the subscription I couldn't reach it, I couldn't delete my profile or delete my photo gallery (you can't delete your profile photo, btw, only change it). So basically the website is making money off of people's profiles (which are inviting others to register) and completely steals it from you. This is unacceptable!
It was hard even to find a contact to send my complaint, as there is nothing in plain site. I ended up sending an email to webmaster at threatening a lawsuit unless my entire profile was deleted. Guess what? Deleted in less than two hours.
I'll never know who those messages were from, but oh well... at least I am no longer feeding a scam.

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