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A Jul 12, 2019

I am a snowbird and left Florida on April 13, 2019 . I only use my credit card in Florida. The last invoice I received in Canada was for the month of March which I paid it in full immediately. I received no further invoices to date. We take our financial obligations very seriously and always pay our bills in full and never carry a balance.

On July 9th I received a call from Comenity Bank advising that my account was three months in arrears and multiple penalties were charged. I was shocked as I believed I paid for everything in my March bill and that was why I did not received further invoices. I threatened to cancel my credit card because it was Bealls obligation to send the invoice. I received nothing...not by mail, not by e mail and no one attempted to call me regarding the deliquent account. The person at Comenity Bank agreed to cancel all the penalties and I immediately paid the remaining amount owing. However, I note that there are still outstanding amounts appearing on my account because the penalties were not cancelled.

Furthermore this incident has placed a blemish on my sterling credit record and it takes 3 years before it is expunged.

As a resolution I would appreciate that all penalties be cancelled otherwise I am cancelling my card.

I would appreciate speaking with the Ombudsman for Bealls and would like them to communicate with me. Thank You

Tel. # [protected]

Anna Gallinaro

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