Be2your stealing money

D Sep 06, 2018

I have been screwed by your trickery thievery and stealing from my disclosed credit card details where you stole from it you stole $300.00 And you stated as I understood from your disclosing a mere 27.00 $$ but instead you have taken from this credit card $300.00and you refuse to admit it and you refuse to refund my stolen sum
Blumin he'll this is your fault and your living information by stealing more than is what you said
Now a police fraud investigation is being undertaken against your bad conduct and behaviour and lies and I do not want this on anyone who suffers relationships and depression and stress and who gets sucked in by your false future solutions and lies of help troubled individuals so you should do as honourable fair reasonable and without negligence refund her full amount as you full tilt have stolen from her
( bernadetta chichi de rosales y campisi )
ASB # [protected]

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