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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Be Wiser Insurance Services Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Be Wiser / phone call charge

Jun 13, 2018

Be WiserI went to take insurance out with yourself online and then had to ring you. The phone call was shocking I kept being put on hold then someone would speak for 30seconds and then put me on hold for ages again I've now had my phone bill and been charged £30.00 for the phone call to yourself...

Be Wiser Insurance Services / car insurance

Nov 08, 2017

Policy covered young driver daughter until she passed her test. Took numerous phone calls to update Be Wiser insurance company that the driving test had been passed and finally resorted to e mail. Renew quote which I had to chase was more than twice what I could find on line but I wa...

Bewiser Car Insurance / Car insurance

Sep 14, 2016

I got my car insurance from BEWISER through in July 2016. This was done online so I paid the deposit and set up a direct debit with another financial company. The next day I was sent an email saying that my policy was cancelled so I got in touch with them just to find out what...

Be Wiser Insurance / Van Insurance

Jul 30, 2016

Letter of complaint attached. This letter sent to 3 of the directors, non have bothered to reply. Insurance ombudsman involved and watchdog notified. Dear Mr Bower-Dyke With reference to the above reference and policy. I have just had the misfortune of dealing with the most unprofessional...

Be Wiser Insurance / Be Wiser Car insurance

Mar 19, 2016

Very poor customer support, please look around you can get you car insure way cheaper than Be Wiser and without lots of hidden charges, and you won't get bad customer support. I canceled my insurance and got it £200 cheaper with LV and a much nicer experience. If you want some snotty nose...

Be Wiser Insurance / car insurance

Jan 16, 2016

After shopping on line for car insurance Bewise offered me what I thought was a fair deal constancy phoning me saying that they would beat any price but the honest truth is they are a company with very sharp practices never told me about the £50.00 arrangement fee never sent out documents told...

Be Wiser Insurance / Car insurance quote

Nov 19, 2015

one online insurance quote and, despite me requesting no further contact, I am getting up to 5 calls a day from them. I don't WANT to insure with them, they are too expensive, I was quoted cheaper and despite me telling them so, and pleading to be taken off their system, the call...

Be Wiser Insurance / Motor insurance

Oct 06, 2015

Have had policy with them for 3 years and just found out that same policy with the actual insurance company (Be Wiser is a Broker and charges a high percentage of your policy) that I could save 49 % of my money by going direct to insurance company. In addition to this I began to notice...

Be Wiser Car Insurance / miss sold quote

May 11, 2015

filled in quote form online and within 2 minutes had a call from an advisor Beth, we went through all the details yet again and told her yet again that i had NO NCB, WE ARRANGED MONTHLY PAYMENTS, i then paid 1st installment, then i began recieving emails warning me to send in proof of my 4...

car insurance bewiser / ccar insurance cancelation

Feb 05, 2015

I sign on internet my policy for my car(where i fill up all the fields whit all that ask for whitout no mistake).After 1 week i start to receive many call from bewiser where i was informed mya insurance it will be no longer 70 pounds per will be 120pounds because i fill up wrong...

Be Wiser / Home insurance NIGHTMARE! Stay away from Be Wiser!

Feb 12, 2014

When I bought my first house only a few months ago I made sure that I explained my situation as a 1st time buyer to each broker and that I'd like to cover pretty much everything. Oh how I regret having gone with Be Wiser... 4 months later and after a number of calls I still haven't...

bewiser / Paid deposit and company denies receiving .

Jan 25, 2014

bewiserPaid £89.79 deposit on motor cycle insurance and received no paperwork and when contacting the company, Kate Vigor, and on another occasion Valarie, I was told that there was no such policy or payment to the company...I have a copy of the email sent and also Santander Bank account...

Be Wiser Insurance / Moved house and hit with 300 extra on insurance

Nov 08, 2013

I took out a policy with be wiser for 540 for the year in September 2013 I'm 30 years old no convictions or points on my licence I moved house and was told my new policy would be 300 pound more expensive bringing it to just under 900 pounds when I asked them why it was so high they...

Be Wiser Insurance / misold policy

May 02, 2013

As an existing customer of Bewiser Insurance I was misold an insurance policy which I paid for on my debit card. They based this on 9 years NCB when they knew from my existing insurance on my other vehicle I only had 5 years. I decided to cancel and go with an insurance company who knew...

Be Wiser Insurance / Excessive Cancel Fees


I have recently sold my van and moved back down to a car. I no longer required the policy because I no longer have the van. The company is charging me 3 months worth of insurance for cancelling, this is over £350. Now I didn't expect to just be able to cancel and expected an...

Be Wiser / Ripped off


Not long ago I took out insurance with Be Wiser, part of the insure wiser group. Soon after passing my test my premium doubled to over £5000, now normally I would understand but I was assured that my premium would not increase, I then asked for a recording of the call which by law...

Be Wiser Car Insurance / Astronomical cancellation charges and failing to pass on full NCD


When I insured my mr2 at a cost of £550 annually with Be Wiser on the 04/2010 I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed of which the company ran When I re insured 04/2011. I was again very happy with the service that Be Wiser gave me. When I explained that I was buying a second...

Be Wiser Insurance / Cancellation


I completed an online Insurance quote for my van with Go Compare, and Be Wiser was the cheapest insurer at £1250, I CLEARLY stated in my online information that i had ZERO No Claims Bonus in conjunction with the quote i was requesting. I promptly paid £281 pounds deposit via my...

Be Wiser Insurance / cancelled policy


Avoid, another cancelled policy, Having sent as requested my no claims details, they then asked for all name drivers, driver licence both copies, due to this being a works van, was unable to supply this new info in the requested 7 DAYS so they cancelled the policy taking 50% of the total cost of insurance, Keep away and AVOID

Be Wiser Insurance / Be Wiser Insurance


BEWARE! Took out a policy in June 2010 for a 2005 Mercedes ML and the quote worked out to be around £1800. I agreed as I was in rush to get the green card and certificate so I could take car abroad. I decided to sell car in September (Sold on the 1st) and rang them up and they...

Be Wiser Insurance / Car & Van Insurance


BE WISER don't take out vehicle insurance with Be Wiser Insurance. July 2010 took out car insurance which was straight forward and a good price. As I was thinking of changing my vehicle I asked if there would be an admin charge to change insurance and was told no, also asked if I...

Be Wiser Insurance / Refusing to pay claim voiding my insurance


I took out my car insurance last September 09 with Bewiser insurance. I advised them that I could not complete details on line as my particular car didnt show, I have a BMW SMG M3 ac schnitzer. They didnt know what a ac Schnitzer was so I explained that they modify cars all mine had wa...