BDO Unibankcustomer service/teller's and officers


The incident happened last Oct. 11 2017.
For the past few weeks I've been depositing/cheque encashment to almost BDO branches here in Batangas City. I had the worst experience in BDO Calicanto. The way they handle BDO customers are the worst customer service I've ever encountered. '' parang mga tambay lng sa kanto yun mga kausap ko''. Almost all of the depositors/clients of this branch that I happened to know and talk to have the same observation. And they quote ''napakasungit ng mga tao dun at hindi approachable''. They don't even bother to smile or even greet there clients a heart warming greetings. By the way the teller's name is CHA. Unlike BDO Gulod Branch the personnels there are very accommodating. I highly suggests that BDO employee's need to be retrained on how to handle customers the proper way! How can they promote the BDO QUOTE We Find Ways? Please do advise them and train them properly because they are the front liners of your COMPANY.

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