BB&Tsavings account/transfers

S Sep 06, 2018

I have been banking with BB&T since before with Susquehanna Bank. I have never been very happy with BB&T, especially since no one in my local branch with whom I had a relationship is still there.

I had opened a savings account 2 yrs ago for the specific purpose of transferring money into it from my Vanguard account. Money never stayed in the account and it was almost always at a zero balance. This purpose was explained to the banking person who opened it. For almost 2 yrs there was never an issue.

10 days ago, I transferred money from Vanguard. On Tuesday, I checked my BB&T accounts on-line and the account I set up to accept the money from Vanguard was gone. Upon calling my local branch, I was told it had a $0 balance in it for 2 mths and at the discretion of the bank, it was closed. I was furious. I had never been contacted. I had never been told I needed to keep any amount of money in the account or I would have.

Now, what is really eregious is that the money has still not been rejected by BB&T and returned to Vanguard. It will take up to 2 weeks to be returned to Vanguard!!! So, they can sit on my money and make interest. I was not able to use the money for the purpose for which I originally transferred it. And, I am not able to make money on it in my Vanguard account.

I would be very careful if deciding to bank with BB&T to find out what exactly you are getting into.

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