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overdraft rippoff fees

I am writing on behalf of my mother. She has been banking with BB&T for some time now. It was just recently that she noticed that she has started receiving all kinds of overdraft fees, incorrect deposit amounts, etc.. My mother is disabled and on fixed income as a result, so as you can imagine these overdraft charges seriously hurt her. I went to the bank with her to have some of these issues looked at and the mangers at the bank tried to speak to us like we were both complete idiots. They tried telling me that money she withdrew from the banks atm went into a "holding area" then after some other transactions came thru and brought her account to a low amount they put the money she had previously pulled out back into the account to finish proccessing, and that caused the overdraft. I have never heard of money being taken out of your account then put back in. On numerous occasions, two of which I was with her to make a deposit upon getting the slip back, or after arriving at home an checking h er balance she would notice the deposit showed up incorrectly, , a $30 deposit processed as $130, and a $200 went as $202..
She had 5 similar deposits on her account within a two month time period. Upon showing these to the managers at this bank they just smirked and stated, it was a clerical error and would fix itself in a day or so. HOw is it that a financial institution cant keep its own self straight yet quickly charges an overdraft to its customers when they dont. Good luck to anyone who banks with this bank.

  • Cu
    Customer Apr 09, 2009

    BB&T is the absolute worst bank that i have ever dealt with, they have online banking for what, i don't know because you cannot depend on anything it displays and as far as holds on accts. i was told by both a representative of BB&T and through my online acct. that my check that i deposited would clear on the 7th so when they tried to cash a check that i had wrote they said that they couldnt because of insf. funds which became that way overnight i guess never can see my ballance as debits hit my acct. i have to guess...but anyway i got hit with an overdragt fee due to the fact that the check that was suppposed to clear on the 7th actually didnt get processed until the following morning which i was told was of the norm, this is not the first time but i just dont have time running from bank to bank, with a failing economy the last thing someone needs to worry about is that theyre hard earned money is going to be safe...i wish i had a voice that could be heard so that i could maybe put an end to these major banks not having to be held responsible for anything but the customer, we are at theyre mercy without any rights.

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  • Er
    eross Apr 18, 2009

    They suck - how can we start a class action lawsuit?

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  • Ju
    Judith West Feb 12, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a single female retiree in Central FL. In 2017 my loanwas with Florida First Federal, then it was sold to Colonial Bank, then unfortunately it was sold to BB&T. That is when my problems began. In early 2017 Wachovia Bank had been watching my account for some activity other than my SS income. When I took a part-time job they suddenly helped themselves to $547.00 from my bank account leaving me with $1 and a $111.00 overdraft. (Needless to say they are no longer my bank after 23 years). However the loss of $547 and a negative balance of $111 put my financial situation in a desperate situation. I went to BB&T and asked for assistance with my loan (i.e. a skip payment chance, etc.) First of all there are no longer any loan officers in the bank. Even the employees have to call the main branch to get any loan information. They then started charging me past due charges because I had gotten one month behind. They have piled up almost $700.00 in late charges and keep sending threats of foreclosure. They had me fill out a Loss Mitigation form and that turned out to be a waste of time. I defaulted on my property insurance and they bought insurance on the debt of $9, 000 by purchasing it to cover the loan. They purchased $43, 000 insurance against a $9, 000 loan that covers ONLY the structure. Now they want me to fill out Loss Mitigation again. Nothing has changed so, I do not know how that would help the second time. This could have been so simple if they had just let me skip one payment. I have tried to contact other banks but now my credit has been hurt by this situation and BB&T could care less!!!

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Feb 13, 2012

    You don't explain the $547 -- sounds like it was something you owed them, but they couldn't touch your SS money.

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  • On
    onmynerves Apr 02, 2012

    Do yourself a favor and get over it, all banks have security questions.

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  • Di
    Diana001 Nov 11, 2014

    contact the CFPB

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I received foreclosure papers today. My property is valued at $937, 000.00 Amount of note is $517, 000.00. I...

outrageous new deposit policy

First of all, I'd like to state that I always accept personal responsibility for my mistakes. The complaint I'm making about BB&T has nothing to do with mistakes I've made such as incurring overdraft fees due to my negligence. It is about BB&T seemingly making new deposit policies intentionally unavailable or unclear to their existing customers. See below for details.

I am absolutely outraged. BB&T changed their deposity policy in, I believe, April 2008. Every BB&T representative I've talked with since has said, "We notified everyone." To which I've replied, "Really? Because I wasn't notified." Their response has been, "We sent everyone a notice in the mail with their statement." To which I, completely stunned, replied, "But BB&T gave me the option to go comepletely paperless quite a while ago. That obviously means that I for some time have not been recieving a statement through the mail. And you're telling me you people ONLY sent out a notice about a new banking policy in paper statements?? Why would you do that, knowing some folks took your option of going paperless, unless the object was to try and manipulate your customers?"

Not one representative of BB&T has had a response to this question. Why? Because, as many folks have pointed out both in person and online, BB&T is trying to manipulate their customer base through their deposit policies.

I am taking my business to a credit union come next week. I've put this off because I, like so many of my fellow Americans, work full time and all my bills automatically deduct from my BB&T account and my work check automatically deposits, so it's a lot to deal with. But I'm getting off my butt and switching over to a credit union as soon as it's humanly possible.

The only way we (the Little People) can fight a large corporation's unfair practices is by suing or taking our business elsewhere. I would like to see them stripped of their customer base, and I think that would be a far more effective approach then attempting to sue.

do not use bb&t

First off, I want to say that over the years I have been with quite a few banks (7 to be exact). And some have been bad, and some good, but none compare to BB&T.

I opened this account 6 months ago because their new branch was close to home, and with gas prices, I figured I would save money by banking closer to home. I opened the account online, which I thought was excellent because it was a real time saver, and a representative called me the next day to let me know my account was funded and official.

The next week I made my first deposit, which was my paycheck from xxxxx. They are not a huge company, but they are big enough that their checks are accepted everywhere without a question. The deposit was accepted, however it was after 2 so it would not be available until Tuesday (Monday night processing). This caught my attention, because I thought everyone was doing all-day-banking now, at least my last two banks had.

From that point, over the next couple of months, I made regular deposits with my checks (payroll and comission) from TM Co. Some checks were for a rather large amount, but no questions were asked, they were accepted and deposited. Now, like everyone, I had a family emergency and my funds ran tight, so I was glad I had linked my savings account to my checking for overdraft protection, or so I thought. BB&T let a charge of 8.00 go through which was a meal bought at McDonalds. For that 8.00, they charged me 35.00 overdraft charge and another 10.00 'processing fee' for moving the money to cover the charge from my savings. So, I was charged 45.00 for an 8.00 charge.

I called BB&T customer service and didn't wait on hold for long, and explained to the rep my problem and that I felt that since I was charged 35.00 for the paid item, I felt the 10.00 was excessive. I was told that this was their normal operating procedure and that it was in the fine print in the agreement I electronically signed when setting up the account. So, I asked them to remove overdraft protection. That way, if I tried to charge something and there wasn't enough money, I would be told the charge was declined; a little embarrassed, but I wouldn't have the pay 45.00. I was shocked to hear that I couldn't un-enroll in overdraft protection.

I shook this bad experience off, which I regret now, but soon incurred four more charges similar for small transactions that BB&T let through. I later found out their policy is to deduct your charges because crediting your account with a deposit, that way they get to collect all their fees.

The final straw was when I went to the Newton Grove branch. Up to this point, I had always used the Smithfield branch. I went it to make my normal deposit from TM Co. and the teller told me she was going to put a 5 day hold on the deposit because I was a NEW ACCOUNT. At this point, I had been with them 5.5 months and had made numerous deposits. I explained this to her, but she refused to let up. I asked for the manager, but she wasn't available at the moment. So, I walked out of there with a 5 business day hold on my paycheck. WT[censored]

I closed my account, which was an ordeal in itself and went back to my previous bank, KS Bank, which is awesome, especially since they have built a closer branch also.

On a side note, their internet banking is a joke. Every bank I have had to this point using a 3 column reporting feature, Debit, Credit and Balance. That way you know EXACTLY how much money you have. BB&T only has Debit and Credit. So you can't keep track of it as easily, and they are able to charge more fees.


  • john7777 Mar 14, 2009

    welcome to the club.

    Ya BB&T is a horrible bank when it comes to your account. I ended up being charged twice buy my Auto Insurance for a months payment. Long story short my AUTO insurance refunded me one of the payments. But these two charges ### up my account to no end. Nothing like waking up to find out you are -$186.00 in the hole.

    Any other bank would deny one of the charges from my auto insurance saying I didn't have the money. But they are more than willing to allow the transaction to go threw and charge you for it. I had to borrow $225 to get myself out of debt and have the money to cover a doctor payment that still was coming.

    The next day I found out once again I was over withdrawn. But the thing that was strange was the two charges that did it, I had the money in there to cover it. So they charged me with a $70 overdraft fee then claimed it was the two small charges that did it.

    When I went to BB&t to try to explain what was going on and my Auto Insurance said it was there mistake that it happened and they where refunding a payment if they could put my account on hold until I got the refund to stop any more overdraft fees from happening and they could call my auto insurance company to talk with them that it was there mistake. All I got from them more or less "oh well ### you, it's you lose. We don't care if it was a mistake"

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 02, 2010

    "At this point, I had been with them 5.5 months and had made numerous deposits. I explained this to her, but she refused to let up. I asked for the manager, but she wasn't available at the moment. So, I walked out of there with a 5 business day hold on my paycheck. WTF!!!""

    The teller has to do the hold if the computer says so. While a manager can override it, and probably should have in this case, if a teller overrides a hold and the cehck is returned they can be FIRED. While you know your check was OK, from the teller's perespective, you're not worth getting fired over.

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unlawful overdraft charges

I have been banking with BB&T for several years, I have never written a "bad check", not have I been...

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fraud and cheating

This bank has caused us severe stress due to their severe and unrealistic overdrawn fees. I have been hospitalized recently for 8 weeks; with another hospitalization April thru May of this year (2008). They refuse to listen to me regarding other people helping my disabled husband thru all of this. We have been charged over $1, 000 in fees. This is unfair and an injustice against disabled customers. Husband is legally blind and can't walk. After my return home each time, it took a while before I was able to go online or phone to get banking info. on accounts. This caused bank to go ahead and charge fee upon fee upon fee upon fee. They are now holding money for 11 days - which may cause us to not be able to make house, car, and other expense payments from our bank accounts. We are definitely closing our accounts and going to another bank.

  • Ke
    Kevin May 21, 2009

    BBT used to be a decent Bank but no longer. I recently got trampled by $210.00 in overdraft fees in one day because I made one error. They don't care and will take money from your families piggy bank in a second. It is time for consumers to unite and put these banks out of business. Let's learn to function without banks and we will all be better off and less stressed. We are all just numbers to the big businesses and government orgs. in this country, and that includes "all" members of Congress, the executive, and especially the judicial branch. We might as well be in Russia or Venezuela where you are bullied into submission by thieves. But do not give in, fight back by not participating in the sham. Use cash only when you can and treat others honestly and kindly.
    And remember the banks elected Bush, elected Obama, and hold all the power. That is why they can bet away with getting bailed out no matter what.

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  • Do
    dolla May 21, 2009

    banks dont discriminate in terms of who is disabled or who is poor, etc. when they charge fees.

    It is up to you the individual to be responsible when opening a bank account, and managing it so that it does not incur overdraft fees. That includes not writing checks or swiping your debit card when there is not enough money to cover your charges. There is no real cause for complaint in these postings.

    Personally, I don't use BB&T because they charge a monthly maintenance fee on a checking account. couldn't close it fast enough when they implemented that BS.

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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  • Dj
    DJJohnson Aug 05, 2009

    I'm am being ripped off every week by BB&T and this is a shame.

    I think the Government doesn't intervene when they are benefiting from the fraudulent transactions.

    So, lets find out what the Government should be enforcing and sue them for ignoring the facts and allowing the banks to take advantage of us.

    If all else fails...lets remove the money from BB&T until we can find a honest institution.

    [email protected]

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  • Ve
    Veleno45 Sep 23, 2009

    BBandT has been increasingly harder to work with and is extremely abusive on there charges and policies. Part of the problem with BB and T is they offer all these free "customer service" tools to help you but they do not tell you the full story. For instance, they offer a daily balance alert, which emails the acct holder their balance. But this info is not correct. They also offer online services where you can see pending transaction. These aren't correct either. Gas is not included in pending and certain debits, like an insurance payment auto debit, are not shown there. If you ever do make a mistake the BB and T policies will really get you. Let's say you use you have $100 in the bank and use your debit card for $10 in gas, $10 meal, and a $10 bill payment. That is all out of your account and you are showing everywhere (at the atm, online, ABD on bbt phone service) a balance of $70. But then that evening a check you forgot, an autodraft, whatever, is taken out for $105. You are now overdrawn, your mistake, 1 overdraft charge as a penalty...wrong! BB &T actually will take that draft and place it in front of the debits of that previous day and overdraft the lot of them! There reasoning is they feel that was a pending payment BEFORE you made those other transactions, so instead of a $39 charge you have a $160 charge. This is FACT, I can unfortunately show it. Other practices you may not know: withdrawing money from an ATM will result in a $39 charge if you are overdrawn. They will not alert you to the issue, they will give you the money and receipt and then charge an overdraft (yes, even at a BBT ATM). Have an issue and need help?, BB and T gives you 2 phone calls a month, free, if you call again you will be charged $2, and yes, that push you to overdraw also. Do you want to have them stop your debit card if you don't have funds, they will not do that either (ask your local manager, company line is: We don't want to return someones mortgage payment and have them lose there house). Best of luck dealing with these guys, but they should be brought up on charges for what they do.

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stealing my money

I deposited a check for $2, 000.00 on monday at the ATM. I paid some bills thinking the money was in the...

fraud and scam

I recently had a talk with a rep from this bank. I had over 150$ worth of overdrafts. I had her explain what...

bad service

Let me begin by saying how deeply, deeply sick to my stomach, and how fed up I am in dealing with BB&T in...

very dissapointed

BB&T has caused me alot of problems for the last 3 years. From closing my savings account without calling me to inform me of this, because i didnt have exactly 300.00 in my savings account. To refusing to cash my check because of a negative balance in the account, which I've come to understand.

I'm young, and do tend to spend loosely, but I only spend loosely because BB&T gives me the impression that I have the money, Never fails this has happened to me at last 3 times. I've called the automated voice message system, got my balance, they tell me i have hundreds of dollars. I go spend some money, and the next day or two I make a call and they tell me there's an overdraft. VERY DISSAPOINTED.

TODAY is what really got me upset, I go to the bank to cash my check like i normally do on pay day. Mind you I just cashed my check two weeks ago at this very same bank, they tell me "I am unable due to your balance in your account" so I reply and say " Well, I just checked my account and it stated that I wasnt in the negative. I have X amount of dollars in the account". The teller replies with "Yes, you're right you arent in the negative, but in order for us to cash this check you need to have the same amount of money in your account in order for us to cash the check".

Now. the excuses they used for this is ridiculas.
1)"we've had customers come in with fake payroll checks and by the time we cash it they've already spent the money. - I've been a customer for 3 years and at the same job for 3 years, do you really compare me to a criminal with fraudulant checks?. Fake Payroll checks? Its not my fault you all are too stupid to realize that a check is fake.

2)"well maybe the branches you went to were doing you a favor by cashing your checks, because this is something they arent supposed to be doing"- WHY would a business...a bank for that matter, have new rules and regulations and not share them with the customers??? when it effects the customers?? and why would you assume it's helping me rather than tell me up front how it is??

3)I asked was there anyone to complain to, over the phone... "No ma'am, you can go online and go to the contact us and send an email"- who's to say this email would get answered??

4) so when i asked them if they would take care of the 70 dollar overdraft that I know will occur tomorrow. they say no... although they are responsible for the overdraft for not cashing my check so that i could deposit the money into my account.

I dont know what to do and if there's something I can do at all, but I will be looking into this situation and the many other situations ive encountered.

  • Ja
    James Oct 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You just need to learn to manage your money!! Ive been with BB&T for 11 years and never had a problem

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bb&t history

I have banked at BB&T for almost 10 years. I have my morgage thru them as well I was until this week a loyal customer that even recommended them after dealing with what your about to read. Not anymore...

First I opened an account with BBT in my name alone I was married but didnt put my wife on the account. After a year or so the local BB&T we used got to know us well, and my wife was able to go in and take money out and use my account WITHOUT her name being on the account. At the time I didnt mind cause our relationship was fine. I also had a credit line attached to my checking as well. I went in and added my wife to the account because when she called in the 800 number she was unable to help maintain my account. No prob so far.. Well 9 years later we get a divorce. I went in to remove her name from the account for my financial saftey because she had created some charges after we split that went on to the credit line. I also told the branch manager to put a comment only I could access the account. Since I was going to deal with my wife about the money, and I was not broke, I had the credit line froze and removed the overdraft connection from my checking account and paid off the credit line. How ever I also found out at this time that the credit line is in my name alone still no one ever asked does her name need to be on it. I thought since it was attached to the checking that was automaticly done when I put her on checking. I was now responsible for her charges on this account completly. Thanks BB&T..

I refinanced my house to get her name off of the loan. My wife had no credit before marrying me. My wife also had no income comming in at all hardly to account for real income however I was told that I was a higher risk being single and my interest rate would be higher. um I even had a very very nice credit report with only 2 late payments in over 15 years all other accounts paid in full. After threating to take the loan else where they lowered my interest down to somthing i agreed to.

While refinancing and using money to put into the house to raise the appraisle I requested to unfreeze my credit line for safety on my checking. The person that froze my credit line accidently closed it instead. "No problem sir just reapply" they say. I got denied for a new credit line, I originally had a 2500.00 credit line i only wanted a 500.00 to be safe. Nope! so I complained the branch manager who called a regional manager who said reapply and Ill make sure it goes thru. Ok I reapply I got denied again this hit my credit report twice.

Well while all this is going on my car breaks down. This causes me to not have a few hundred dollars to pay a loan that the refinance of my house was going to pay off. The BB&T moragage advisor I had told me not to worry about paying it because the refinance was going to pay it off in a few days. Then there was a delay in my refinance from BB&T. I get another hit on my credit line because BB&T took 5 days longer to get everything to go through on my refinance (I think i recall it being due to somone being on vacation). Now I have the first late payment in a long time. Where was this financial institution when I really needed them. The day after I get a late payment hit on my credit report they paid the loan off.

A week later bb&t sent me a coupon for 150 off a morgage loan. Um well thats nice but BB&T even though 7 days had only passed they would not give me the 150 dollars back or a credit. Nice way of really keeping track of your customers this was an insult. I see now that other people that are new to BB&T loans are more imporatant that an existing ones. Well now to the fun part Overdrafts.

I waited a few months later and went back and told BB&T that I do not appreciate being a customer that had a credit line I chose to freeze to protect my financial stability taken from me becuase of someone elses mistake in closing it. I do not like feeling uncomfortable with out a credit line. I also do not want to add more credit cards or go around applying for new ones. Well low and behold I admittingly made a mistake on my checking and yep I get a 35.00 charge on a $5.00 mcdonalds charge. Then come more charges from a few more items. I wound up spending 105.00 on about 40 dollars worth of items. This charge is rediculous. I was able to get the bank to reverse half of this charge however I was treated like a ### in the way the relationship banker told me I should do better at my register. I made a human error, You made me feel small and stupid BB&T by making this comment you think I dont know after dealing with this that I MADE A MISTAKE. I again complained this wouldnt never happened if I had my credit line.

I later got another charge I ignored it I made another mistake. I didnt want to complain over a process I knew about I ignored the charge. About 4 months later I lost my job I used money I had saved and paid my house 4 payments in advance to keep life easy for me. Yep see BB&T I care about my actions towards you still and my responsibilities. However I made another mistake right when I got my new job and over spent my checking again about 20 dollars and got that 35.00 Overdraft fee. Mainly due to high gas rates. I had no option but to get gas to get to my new job. I carry a check into the bank and deposit part of it guess what I walked out of the bank not knowing i was in the negative at the time BB&T chooses to send me a letter 3 days later??? I paid two bills and get what more overdraft fees and have not heard anything from my bank. I get my payroll check while this is happening and BB&T has held it giving me 100.00 credit leaving me in the negative by the time the overdraft fees finish and my check goes through Ive lost about 380.00 of my check due to 60.00 worth of charges. Yet my debit card still works with no credit line. Go figure sounds planed to me..

I had a Centura account 10 years ago. If you had no credit line and no money you card was denied when you swiped it. If you had a credit line but no money and chose debit you charge was denied Basically the cards worked better. BB&T says they allow these charges to occur because they say we their customer dont want to be embarrased when purchasing, they think we would rather pay $40.00 for a bacon egg and cheese bagel. I dont remember being asked this.

Heres my suggestion BB&T if your going to allow charges to occur when there is no money and they are going to be this high. Either make one charge per day not per transaction. Or how about hold the charges block future charges on the card after holding the first ones. Conact me and tell me what occuring, Its only a phone call heck it could even be automated. "Danger Wil Robinson your account is in danger" Anything would be nicer. Not a feeling that you are grinning bending me over. Even by putting a instant block on my card to signal me to contact you is better hell this would protect against theft or fraud (hmmm are you really protecting me at all?). Charge a overdraft fee thats a percent of a charge up to 35.00 that would be nicer. Damn I can come up with many more than this...

  • Ih
    Ihearu Oct 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I must add a follow up, even though it took alot of complaining and alot of phone calls. I still will leave my history posted but, BB&T refunded every bit of my overdraft fee's. I was givin back 350.00 worth of overdraft fee's. Thank you BB&T you have saved me as a customer.

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  • Da
    David Benson Jul 07, 2009

    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson
    [email protected]

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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 02, 2010

    Glad they helped you out.

    One thing with any bank you have to understand is this: The person you are talking to rarely has the authority to refund fees or change bank policy. Sometimes, it's simply the fact that the software WON'T LET THEM. Time, patience, and the right person can often get it done.

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fraud and theft

I have been banking with Coastal Federal here in Myrtle Beach for about seven years with absolutely no...

frauds and scam

The government is going to have to check into banks ridiculous procedures. Their overdraft fees are as if you...

biggest rip-off i've seen in a while

My husband and I have recently amassed almost $400 in overdraft fees from what we thought was an institution we could trust. How much was actually overdrafted, you might ask? Less than $100. Our other account had well over $100 in it which would have covered those items. Did BB&T think to check our other accounts for the money? No! Did they notify us with a phone call or email to let us know that this cascade of fees was beginning? No!

I called the bank after the initial $70 had been charged over (you're going to love this) $7.00 of overdraft, and I asked them if I could opt out of this so-called Overdraft Protection. That would mean my card would simply be declined if I didn't have the funds in my account. A little embarrassment at the checkout line, but I could deal with that. The woman that I talked to acted like I had just asked HER to pay the overdraft fees. "You can't opt out of overdraft fees!" she told me. Other banks, like the credit union we will soon be joining, allow you to do this, or to link 2 or more accounts to cover any overdrafts. Will BB&T let you do this? Of course not! They'd lose all those nice fees!

And what happens when you know that your account is going to overdraft and you go to your local branch and give them CASH to put in your account? At my previous bank, they would immediately credit your account with this money to prevent unnecessary charges. Does BB&T do this? Absolutely not! Why then they wouldn't be able to charge you hundreds of dollars in fees!

My husband and I trusted this bank with our hard-earned money, and they have failed us. I would never recommend putting any amount of money with this institution.

  • Ma
    Mary Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely agree. I am a college student, and my parents fill up my account every once in a while. I usually get anywhere from $75-$100 a week; however, it seems like a great majority of that money usually ends up going to the overdraft fees that I've unknowingly accrued over the course of the week. This overdraft is, of course, followed by the angry phone call from my parents telling me I'm irresponsible and squandering their money. They must think I enjoy getting only half of my allowance in the face of overdraft fees. The sad part is, my parents don't understand that it's really not me being irresponsible, but rather, it's the FACT that I call bbt24 (which they claim is "oh so reliable") or check my balance online and it tells me I have money that APPARENTLY I just don't have. I didn't realize until now that other people were having problems like I was. I just figured I was just as irresponsible as my parents made me out to be. But really, if we can fly to the moon, we [or BBT] should be able to update my freakin' balance. None of my other friends have BBT accounts, and it's ironic, because none of them ever have problems with overdraft fees either, and I know -- for a fact -- that they aren't any more responsible with their money than I am. BBT cheats people. End of story.

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  • Jo
    John Doe Jun 04, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. Not a good way to keep customers. I'll never work with them again. Hiding a cash cow by calling it credit protection is embarrassing.

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  • Ta
    Take responsibility Jun 19, 2009

    If you just balance your checkbook like you should, you will not incur any problems. Stop blaming the bank for your own negligance...Its amazing people spend more money than they have and admit to it( even $1.00) and are shocked and amazed that they are charged a fee. Get over it and take some responsibility...for God's sake!

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  • Ka
    Kathie D Jul 04, 2009

    I balance my checkbook. I know that this morning I had $877.23 and last night, I deposited $1, 685.34. Now, I knew the deposit last night would not clear until Saturday, but no big deal.
    I did some errands, shopped a bit . I went to one store to purchase $52.00 worth of items and my card was declined!
    It ws late at night and I had left my cell phone at home, so I swung by a BBT ATM to check my balance. My knees went week when I saw a deficit of $1, 100 !! Shaking, I drove home and called the 800 number hysterical!
    It was explained to me that because the deposit was made at an ATM after hours that THEY HAD PUT A DOUBLE HOLD ON MY ACCOUNT!!! He did assure me that there would be no overdraft fees, but that I should not deposit my money in an ATM...and by the way, they decided not to clear the check until Monday, just because they can !!!
    Well, when they do, I'll be waiting to pull it all out and find another bank!!!

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  • Th
    TheTodt Sep 09, 2009


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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 03, 2010

    Um...unless you give them the OK to do so, they can't just take from another account to cover an overdraft - you have to let them do so first.

    The exception is when an account has been overdrawn for a significant amount of time (usually a month) - then "right of offset" kicks in, but that's to prevent loss, that's not a courtesy overdraft protection type of thing.

    However, if you overdraft "today" they can't just randomly debit another account to cover it.

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  • Dc
    DCSWeb Sep 23, 2010

    BB&T are big ripoff artists in my opinion! I went into the bank after getting nowhere with their "so-called" customer service. I thought for sure that if I showed them my bank ledger in black and white there would be no way they could refute the charges. But, of course, they found a way to manipulate the situation to their advantage. They still have not explained the illegal overdraft charges to my satisfaction. They gave me some crazy explanation about how a charge was held and then posted to my account causing the negative balance. However, the bottom line is that the money was in the account to cover all of my transactions. In my world, you subtract the debits from the credits and that leaves your available balance. But, that's not how it works in BB&T's world! They had me so confused and frustrated that I left the bank, with a promise that they might be able to give me a refund of partial overdraft charges, but ONLY if I signed up for a credit line of overdraft protection. GIVE ME A BREAK!! How can these people sleep at night???

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consumers don't stand a chance anymore

We recieved a stimulus check for $1200.00 and deposited it in our banks ATM machine. (BB&T) We were then charged $210.00 in overdraft charges in one day because the bank says they can place a hold on the check and only allow $100.00 to be available. We deposited it on Thursday evening. I was told by a bank customer service representative that the funds would not be available until the following Wednesday because Monday was a holiday. We asked two different representatives on Saturday and Sunday to refund the charges with no luck. I emailed and still got no for and answer. We have been with this bank for over 20 years. We have had many loans from them(all paid in full) and had two mortgage loans through them (also paid in full). This is how they show thanks for loyal customers. This was our stimulus check. The only economy getting stimulated in this country is crooked banks and gas stockholders. Consumers don't stand a chance anymore. How sad.

  • Al
    alex f Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i just want to say that i agree with you that is not right .. i think this is one you can fight .. first of all i dont think they can hold government issued checks especially since there is a web site banks and anyone can use to verify funds on a check .. thats ridiculous !!!

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emails and phone calls led nowhere

I too had problems with this bank. I am shocked and appalled that any business let alone a bank would conduct business in such a negligent and dishonest manner. I had a small 401k IRA 90 day CD with Equitable Federal Bank before BB&T took them over. My account automatically transferred. I then moved out of state and wanted to rollover the IRA into another account. Getting information from their website was an exercise in frustration. It was always temporarily down, and then calling customer service was equally frustrating. I would get transferred to different people only to finally be hung up on. This happened on 3 different occasions. I finally got information on their procedure for a rollover and had my bank initiate it. It was sent with specific instructions to rollover the CD on the next maturity date. Well, they just went ahead and did the rollover without waiting and charged me an early withdrawal fee of $50. I was furious. Of course subsequent emails and phone calls led nowhere, so my only recourse is to warn the world to stay away from this bank.

fees for paying loan ahead of time

I had a loan with BBT for about 3 years now and was told 3 years ago when I first got the loan that there were no penalties for prepayment. As soon as I got the loan down below $25, 000 I noticed a charge for $35. I called the bank and ask what this was about because they had told me they had no penalty for prepayment. They said it was a convenience fee. Convenient for them not for me. After telling them that I was assured there were no penalties for prepayment they insisted it wasn't a penalty. I was told I would be charged a convenience fee of $35 each month because I was now below $25, 000. MAKE ANY SENSE?

I depleted most of my savings account to pay off most of the loan and the remaining $7000 I paid with my credit card which I have a fixed 4.9 interest rate. Less than the interest BB&T had given me. My credit card company, Capital One, has been great. No hidden fees. I will be finished paying them off next month and have cancelled my account at BBT. Stay away from this bank. Very shady characters.

overdraft fees

I arranged for my mortgage payment to be deducted automatically from my checking account. The online banking...

rip off

M&t bank does the exact same thing. They manipulate deposits and withdrawals to maximize banking fees. This is so unfair but it is how they make their money. And the worst part is that no one cares because it only affects people who don't have money. Our only recourse is not to use them and this may have an impact. Let's all withdrawal our little money out of the banks and only use them to pay bills. Every spare dime doesn’t leave in the bank and don't use their visas. Let's revolt! I we don't use their visas for purchases then they won't make money off of visa. Or let's all get secured visas instead of bank accounts. This way we can still have the convince of using a credit card without using the banks that have turned against us. We should start a campaign that may hit these small banks that are obviously desperate for our money right in their pocket books. If we don't use them, then they don't exist. These banks make all of their money off of the poor. We are their main business. Most of the bigger banks only allow people with good credit and large amounts of money. The smaller banks, like these, are reliant on the poor with bad credit or no credit. They know we have problem managing so they exploit it and make your problems even worst. It's time to flip it. I am making resolution not to use the banks any more. There are other options and after paying more than 1000 in bank fees to m&t this year, and just switching to bbt and hearing from you that they do the same, I am looking for a secured visa account. My banking days are over. They can take advantage of some other poor chap!

bb&t will rob you blind with fees!

I too have been charged numerous overdraft fees by BB&T. Even though I have a credit card for overdraft protection, I was charged $70 dollars in overdraft fees for $7 dollars worth of purchases, and they said that the reason that they did not pull money from my credit card to cover it was because they can only pull money in $100 increments and I only had $96 available for my balance. So... my question is why can they not pull less than $100 dollars?

Also, they will deduct purchases made immediately from your account, however, deposits are TOTALLY different. IF you deposit a check before the designated time each day, it is not credited until after midnight. If you miss the designated time, it is not deposited until the FOLLOWING business day after midnight. Even when I deposited a check to cover the overdraft fees and bring my balance out of the red, I was charged yet another overdraft fee for an automatic payment that cleared after my check was deposited but before BB&T actually put it into my account. Do not bank with them.

  • Le
    leilah Sep 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your situation is very familiar to me. This bank, like most, caters to the wealthy. I have no idea why they get so much business from the average, middle class person who relies on that $35 to live.

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  • Br
    brian346346 Mar 05, 2010

    I just went from those crooks to Wachovia. We have taken four accounts from them so far, and I intend to spread the word widely. They now say that they cant do anything about it. Everybody makes mistakes. They count on them to make excessive profits. That is exactly why the system is set up that way. Think about it. They want you to overdraft and they love it. The do not want, in any way, what is best for you. And they are getting to be the worst. What I mean by that is that my guy at Wachovia said that he can fix those kinds of problems in most cases. That is what people want.

    My neighbor just overdrafted seven times. She was moving into a new place and having to short sale her condo due to financial difficulties. She had several on time extra expenses like Progress Energy and those types of deposits. BB&T only gave her back credit for one of the seven overdrafts. What a bunch of ###s! The girl works at Verizon and is struggling for every penny at this moment, and they are there to put the screwing to their customers at the worst time. What business partners they are, huh. I told her I would give her the referral fee if she went to Wachovia plus an extra fifty bux bonus. Screw BB&T just like they did her. They will be losing a lot of accounts, and will not be around in the future to benifit from the recover when customers start to prosper and their deposits start to grow. Wachovia will be making the spread on my money. They are offering a 10% bonus after 12 months on the first 3000. So, after a year I get a 300 dollar bonus. Do yourself a favor and go to a bank that is better in terms of technology - you get same day deposit up to 8pm at the teller at Wachovia and deposit check imaging. You get infinitely better customer relationship management by a person who is much, much, much more competent. Did I stress that they are much more competent. All you have to do is look around in BBT then go to Wachovia and do the same. You will understand what I mean. And, last but not least, if you want to make more than 1% on your money - run to Wachovia. They are going to beat the crap out of BB&T this year.

    Incidientally, I would short BBT stock and buy Wells Fargo if I were doing a pairs stock trade as this is inevitably going to translate into poor stock performance for BBT when others start to act on this news.

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  • Ri
    RitaW Jul 22, 2010

    I agree that BB&T are robbing people of hard earned money. I had $313.00 in the bank and BB&T arranged my checks that came in for payment so that five checks bounced even though I had money in the bank to cover all but one transaction. I had two items to come into the bank, BB&T charged me an overdraft fee of $70.00 even though I had the 313.00 in the bank, which left a balance of $170.00. How can you be charged an overdraft fee, when after being charged the fee, you still have a balance of $170.00? Also, this caused every transaction that came in to bounce. I tried to talk to them and they said that they could not do anything about it.

    They have robbed me and stolen my money!

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