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mortgage and escrow fraud

I am taking legal action as my escrow account has been increased exponentially and wrongfully.

Roundpoint mortgage service has been in class action settlements previously.

If they'd like to contact me before my real estate lawyer gets involved contact me at [protected] before Friday June 7th, 2018.

I hope this issue can be resolved before my next payment or I will be taking legal action.


I received a call from roundtop mortgage. I do not have an account with this company nor have I ever. Of course I called bk and the lady wanted ss info n my name. I repeated to her I refuse to give you any information. I don't have an account with you nor have I ever. I then asked how they get there info to contact people, she couldn't answer me. Beware of this scam. The number is [protected].


If incompetence were an Olympic event, Roundpoint is a Gold Medalist. After 3 years, I am still trying toget escrow issues resolved. This after getting a letter of resolution from...

escrow. nightmare.

Roundpoint purchased my mortgage in January 2018. I ended up buying my home outright after 8 months of dealing with these incompetent escrow scammers. My property taxes would have been due in 4 months, and I just didn't have the time, nor the patience, to face the inevitable screwup that I KNEW was coming. The only task these folks have mastered is the art of the "new escrow analysis". Every time they f-up something, they get to do an escrow analysis and increase the amount you owe towards the non-existent escrow shortage that THEY created. For example: I owe property taxes to county "A"... so RPM decided that I also owe taxes to county "B"... AND to county "A". Since they anticipated that they'd be paying full property taxes to TWO different counties, my escrow account was insufficient to cover double taxation. . "That'll be an additional $300 bucks towards escrow". Multiple phonecalls to correct the problem went without action. Well... not entirely true... they DID, at one point, have me also owing taxes to a THIRD county that they just randomly chose from a list of hundreds of counties in the state of TEXAS... so, yes, they removed the third taxing authority and just settled at they did sorta fix that. Whoopee for me. Then they paid my hazard insurance from my escrow account to the wrong insurance company. My records clearly indicated who to pay, where to pay, and how much to pay. But, for some unknown reason, RPM sent a payment to the wrong insurance company... to an address that had nothing to do with payment processing for that wrong company. I had to pay my own hazard insurance out of pocket while I dealt with RPM and the longest, most frustrating effort to get a stop-payment issued on the erroneous check. It took a month... and they fixed it by taking an additional disbursement out of my escrow account for the second check. This made my escrow account shortage even bigger and better than before...and the "new escrow analysis" quickly followed. It took a formal letter and hours on the phone to get that money returned to my escrow account. that they anticipate duplicate hazard insurance, duplicate property taxes...they want to charge an additional $98/mo toward escrow on top of the additional $300 they're charging me just for their tax screwup . The thought of spending more hours on the phone to try and straighten out who to pay, where to pay, and how to pay my property taxes is exhausting. I paid off my mortgage just to get these people out of my life and my finances. Avoid this company at all costs. Customer service department will take your information and pass you off to an insurance specialist...who will get all your information and pass you off to the escrow department...who will get all your information and... it quickly becomes clear that none of these departments communicates with the other departments. So, it does no good to try and bypass the phone tree and go straight to the "correct department"... no one will have any information or any record of the fifty times that you already contacted RPM. Send a formal "NOTICE of ERROR" letter... it seems to be the only means of contact that's effective... aside from avoiding this company completely! And if you think you can refinance to get away from them...? Be aware that banks can't legally refinance if they are offering terms and/or interest rates that are worse than your current mortgage servicer. You may end up stuck with RPM and their it or not.

equifax and customer issues

I am very upset about how Roundpoint handled my phone interview with Equifax and myself. I have a multitude of complaints with that had an effect on my refinancing process. I...

asked to falsify closing disclosure calculation 8.5 months after accepted offer by roundpoint short sale processor

After 8.5 months with an accepted Offer to Purchase, Seller and Buyer are unable to close by deadline -- AGAIN. This time it's because Processor requests we falsify calculation section on Closing Disclosure (among other things).

1st because Processor insisted listing and offer deadlines were expired when they weren't.

2nd because Processor insisted there was a discrepancy between list price in the MLS ($269, 900) and an Amendment to the list price$250, 000).

It took 2 full days of resending documents and spelling it out in emails via Point of Contact and his manager to remove this new obstacle to closing. Over and over again, after pointing out Processor was confusing Listing Contract with Offer Contract, we'd receive email stating, "Listing Amendment with $250, 000 price needed for approval." After 2 full days of constant back and forth, Processor finally must have realized she was looking at an Amendment to the Offer, not listing, because the discrepancy obstacle disappeared without explanation.

3rd is painfully on-going. For 3 DAYS we've been in back-and-forth communication through Point-of-Contact, Armando, trying to get a Closing Disclosure together that's acceptable to Buyer's lender, title company and RoundPoint Mortgage Short Sale Processor. At the bottom right of the CD is the line that reads "Cash __From __To Seller." Above this line is the total from Section N and above that line is the total from Section M.

Total of Section M - total of Section N = sum due to or from Seller.

It's a computer generated grand finale line on the form and devised so once sections are totaled, a mathematical formula generates the check mark in appropriately. The check mark in the "Cash __From __To Seller" line cannot be placed arbitrarily.

M = "Due to Seller at Closing"
N = "Due from Seller at Closing"

If "M" is greater than "N, " M - N = positive sum.
The check mark is computer generated to always show up as "Cash __From X To Seller" when the amount of M- N = a positive sum. Because more was due TO Seller at Closing (M) than was due FROM Seller at Closing (N).

If "M" is less than "N, " M - N = negative sum.
The check mark is computer generated to always show up as "Cash XFrom __To Seller" when the amount of M - N = a negative sum. This is because more was due FROM Seller at Closing (N) than was due TO Seller at Closing (M).

3 Days prior to closing -- after Seller and Buyer have been waiting 8.5 months and another Amendment to extend closing is needed if it doesn't close -- we are told by Point of Contact the Closing Disclosure is rejected.
Processor insists through 3 full days of communication through Point of Contact that Section M must total $261, 000 and Section N must total $259, 000 and the "CALCULATION" Section must read "Cash XFrom __To Seller $2, 000."

3 FULL DAYS of title company and Buyer's Lender pointing to the mathematical formula regulating the Calculation Section. 3 Full Days of trying to explain to everyone involved why RoundPoint Mortgage Short Sale Processor continues to reject the Closing Disclosure because the $2, 000 that's due from Seller at Closing is listed in Section "N", titled, "N. Due from Seller at Closing" and insists on continual rejections of CD until Processor sees the $2, 000 that's due from Seller at Closing listed in Section "M, " titled "M. Due to Seller at Closing."

Processor demands the following for approval of Closing Disclosure:
M (Due to Seller) $261, 000 - N (Due from Seller) $259, 000 = $2, 000
Positive sum always generates a "Cash due __From X To Seller" check mark. RoundPoint Mortgage Short Sale Processor says keep the figures where they are and move the check mark from "XTo Seller" to "From."

It should read:
$259, 000 (due to Seller, M) - $261, 000 (Due from Seller, N) = -$2, 000
The negative sum generates a "Cash due XFrom __To Seller"

Point of Contact manager was supposedly going to speak with Processor manager to work through the situation. We were going to be updated. Instead, we are still waiting and wondering about RoundPoint Mortgage's ethics policies, communication policies, why a RoundPoint Mortgage Processor would repeatedly request legal documents be falsified (and thus making the rules of math irrelevant), why is it the RoundPoint managers wouldn't step in sooner, and why they left Seller, Buyer, title company, lender and Realtors hanging at the beginning of a holiday weekend when we were told by Point of Contact, Armando, we would hear back from someone today.

Maybe RoundPoint would rather sell after it's foreclosed so Processor doesn't have to deal with M - N = Cash ___From ___To Seller."


It's shameful and those signing up to do business with RoundPoint Mortgage need to be warned about what they're getting into.

unethical escrow fraud

RoundPoint is a terrible company! Avoid them at all costs! Our mortgage was purchased by them, so we have no choice but to deal with their shady business. They completely over...

RoundPoint Mortgage — mortgage payments

8/22/2017 These people apparently don't understand English and they are only out for the money. When Embrace sold my loan to them I made sure they understood that my payment...

enormous increase in hazard insurance

Roundpoint has raised my hazard insurance from $5 a year to $4, 000. This has raised my mortgage payment $500 a MONTH. Ridiculous. Hazard insurance??? Why?? This is clearly...


Unbelievable. Sold my house, loan was paid off on june second. Even though the account should have been closed as the loan balance was paid in full the still took another month...

handling of home during contract for sale of property

Absolutely horrible to deal with. I was in the process of selling my home and moved out while it was under contract. I made the mistake of telling them the house was empty but under contract when I changed my address. They determined this must have meant that I was no longer going to care for the house and decided to change the locks, winterize the home (it was September), called the electric company and turned off the gas, and destroy the shrubs. They also threw out everything in my refrigerator and left the all the branches on the side of the road causing me to get fined by the city for violating their brush/trash policy. The house was NOT in foreclosure and after repeated calls to their "home maintenance department" asking them to stop I got nowhere. I ended up closing on the house, having to tell the homeowners they were on their own to get the gas turned on because they wanted me to pay another deposit to do it. I only ended up with this company after taking advice to do a streamline refinance to save money. I found out later that this particular broker mostly deals with less than perfect credit and treats all of it's customers as if they are going to default on their loans. Never again.

Roundpoint Mortgage Company — escrow account fraud!!

ESCROW FRAUD! I highly recommend that you do not do business with this mortgage company. My mortgage was purchased from this company shortly after my closing. In the ten month...

claims checks that have been held by roundpoint since august 2016

In August of 2016 we had a claim done on our roof do to significant damage on the roof after a storm. After receiving the checks, I contacted Roundpoint as to the necessary steps that would need to be taken in order to replace the roof myself as I am fully capable and used to do this work for a living. I was told to send all insurance documents, fully endorsed checks, a letter of explanation stating that the repairs would be done by me, etc. Since then, I've resubmitted this info numerous times my mail and through email and still have no funds or even a response as to why? It's been almost a year. This is just absurd at this point. We are again in storm season and the roof is falling apart. I would greatly appreciate some attention to this matter. Thank you

monitored disbursement

Due to being in Mortgage Modification proceedings, we had to have RoundPoint give us Monitored Disbursements for our Insurance checks that we received from our homeowner...

Roundpoint Mortgaging Services — insurance claim funds embezzled

My wife and I have been requesting our money since 14 July from RoundPoint. USAA and FEMA say their company cashed our check but we have received no funds….We are in a Federal...

RoundPoint Mortgage Company — home mortgage

The day this crap company somehow purchased my existing veterans mortgage the payment went up $92.48, then 4 months later it is going up an additional $33.31...No representative...

service transfer

On March 14, 2016 I received written notice from Lender Live that they would no longer be my mortgage servicer but my mortgage was transferred to Roundpoint, I have been calling...

short sale department

Absolutely the worst experience in my life when it comes to short sales! I am a Realtor with an ongoing short sale that has taken months to get approved. It is completely...


Roundpoint Mortage Servicing took a double payment out of my checking account. When I called the first time they told me it would be refunded into my account within three days. I called the second time after four days and the told me it would be another four days. When I asked to escalate they gave my an email address. This has caused me much distress and financial problems with my bills. Very poor company.

  • Rp
    RPMServicing Nov 16, 2015

    Hi Reviewer76241,
    Thank you for taking the time to write and I am very sorry to hear about your experience with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing. This is definitely not the type of experience you should expect with us.

    I would like to connect you with our Customer Advocate, however, due to the limited personal information provided through this website we are unable to locate your account. Could you please reach out to our customer advocate at [email protected] and provide us your account number or any other identifying information, so that we can look into your account further.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

    All the best,

    RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Customer Service

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RoundPoint Mortgagethey were slow and unprofessional

There was a check and the company Roundpoint Mortgage was very unprofessional and slow. They have investigated and preceded the check very slowly and each time they needed more details. The company didn’t inform us about every step and it wasn’t great at all. When we tried to contact the company, there were delays and blah-blah. Run from them and share this information.

  • Da
    David46757 joslyn May 28, 2016

    We just transferred from Lender Live 2 months ago... Been Making monthly payments (thankfully though Wells Fargo bill pay. Thank God for a paper trail. Now I received a Borrowers Assistance Application... For what? I show we are current. David Burnett Sioux Falls, South Dakota. HELP!!!

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RoundPoint Mortgage — loan modification

I have been attempting to do a loan modification with Roundpoint mortgage for about 8 months now. I have had to send in the same documents numerous times as they claim they do not...

RoundPoint Mortgageservicing company should be closed

We have been with Roundpoint for a year. In that year, we have had to call almost every month to get our funds applied to the right place. We pay biweekly, which was set up on auto draft by Roundpoint and we make extra payments. They keep money in suspense instead of applying to the loan. They do everything to try to keep our extra payment from going to principal as we have instructed them to do. We received a lack of payment letter because they took our extra payment, applied it to the payment which was larger and said we were in default for the remainder. We called several times and they wouldn't change it. Then they didn't take a payment out of our bank account for a month and said they paid with extra money they found. How in the world does that happen? We now are paying $4, 000 in closing costs a year after closing on the house to get out of the company. DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR MORTGAGE LOAN.

  • Rp
    RPMServicing Mar 11, 2015

    Hi Foster C. Thank you for taking the time to write and we are very sorry to hear about your experience with RoundPoint . This is definitely not the type of experience you should expect with RoundPoint. I would like to have our Customer Advocate reach out to you and help. Can you please email [email protected] and provide us with either a loan number or property address so that I can help them locate your loan? Thanks so much.

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foreclosure fraud

Roundpoint Mortgage Serving Corporation, has produced fabricated assignments Claiming to be a vested title holder in a property, when in fact it was sold to a different entity...

Round Point Mortgage — stay away

I have been with this company three years every experience is terrible. Lost my job and I've paid my account on time even extra principal. So the first time I'm late...

RoundPoint Mortgageprepayment penalty

Roundpoint bought my mortgage from another company and in the process they "upgraded" my loan to say I will have a prepayment penalty if I pay the loan of early. In my HUD paperwork it states I will not have a prepayment penalty. I called them and after a 15 minute conversation they took that "upgrade" off my loan. I highly recommend that everyone keep a close eye on this company.

  • Sw
    SWH47 Aug 19, 2017

    Again another false accusation claiming that th bad Mortgage company added a Pre Payment Penalty after th fact? DEAD WRONG! Federal law prohibits any change once a Note is signed, and against the law on any loan originated after 2010! You either signed initially with a PPP, or are making this up all together. Obviously this website doesn't research, but allows the whiners of the world to place false accusations without premise!

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RoundPoint Mortgage — loan application

I have been in the Mortgage business for 30+ years but chose to use Round Point Mortgage in this instance. I delivered Excellence of Customer Service no matter how challenging the...

RoundPoint Mortgage — poor ethics

I am sharing this to help others take caution. My story seems to follow many of the other poor reviews. Got to 80 day mark of this process and was told that it had been to long...

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporationrefusal of refund

I am a joint tenant on a house that I now own due to the death of person who's name is on the Deed Of Trust. I received ownership through a Will--Grand Deed--Inter spousal Grant Deed--Affidavit -Death of Joint Tenant All of which were filled by the San Joaquin County Superior Court. Last September I paid off the mortgage loan on the property. I, in error overpaid by $239.42. I have sent all matters of documents to Round point trying to get a refund check for this amount made out in my name. They have refused to send a check that is not made out to the person on the Deed of Trust. I can not make them understand that this request is a business transaction between myself and this company. They well more than willing to accept payments from my account for the past two years, but refuse to refund me the money that is due to me. I have been sent two worthless checks. On my last encounter with customer service, I was told, I paid off the house with my own free will no body twisted my arm to pay off the loan and they will not send me a refund check with my name printed on it. So, in my opinion $239.42 has been stolen from me by a company that is practicing a shady business.

servicing skills

Hang on to your mortgage boys and pray that roundpoint doesn't get ahold of it! How bout this, you're sitting on the beach in hawaii – a long overdue vacation...

RoundPoint Mortgageassociated with a shady appraisal company

I tried to refinance through this company; and everything had been going very smoothly; until the point of appraisal. At that moment it turned out that they were using the services of Streetlinks Lender Solution. Please check online reviews for yourself to see what kind of a racket that company is. To cut a long story short - the appraisal fell shockingly short of being in touch with reality - the assessed value was less than 50% (sic!) of the recent, comparable sales. Needless to say - the whole refinancing deal was scuttled. I was left holding the bag, and having paid the appraisal fee - north of $500. I know that there is a tendency to imagine that "there are two sides to every story", and tendency to doubt the negative reviews. Please take my word for it - I am an experienced real estate owner and investor - about 20 years experience with all aspects of residential real estate; dozens of refinancing in different economic conditions, and areas of the country. Never ever have I seen a more blatant grab for my money by an appraisal company, which at the same time did not even pretend to perform an ounce of competent and professional work. To sum it up - Round Point's association with shady characters like Streetlinks reflects very poorly on them. I would strongly encourage you to check twice before working with tham, or *anybody* who is associated with Streetlinks appraisals.

  • Ec
    ec62 Jun 18, 2013

    I too had the same thing happen to me using Round point. Streetlinks used the wrong sq. ft. for my home which made the appraised value 25k low. I paid $400 for the appraisal. I tried to show Streetlinks that they were wrong buy what the county records showed and by what a 2nd appraiser reported when I went through a different mortgage company. I contacted my credit card company and complained about the service that I received. The CC company agreed with me and refunded my money. Now Streetlinks has turned this over to a collection agency to try and collect the $400 from me.

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  • Sw
    SWH47 Aug 19, 2017

    This WEBSITE IS RIDICULOUS! You allow idiotic posts time and time again with ignorant posts. Sorry to burst your bubble, but since May 2009 NO LENDER CAN CHOOSE AN APPRAISAL COMPANY! Write your local Congressman to complain as they made it FEDERAL LAW! Streetlinks is a 3rd party who randomly chooses the appraiser. Obviously the ignorance of this consumer beams bright, and the responsibility lies squarely on the company running this Site should be held accountable

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RoundPoint Mortgage — home purchase

I am posting a review that I submitted on zillow about our experience with roundpoint mortgage. We almost lost our dream home due to their underwriting department. I have more...

Round Point Mortgageno disclosure of information ended up way higher cost

They never told me about additional fee up front and by the time when I saw the final paperwork with the numbers, the additional cost that I have to pay was way more than what I was told when I initiated the process. They embedded a lot of cost without disclosing to you until the last minute. The communication with people at different department was really tough. They do not seem to have any record of previous conversation. It is the first time when I was trying to do refinancing through the internet company and I ended up wasting money and time.

  • Ho
    Homeowner Central Coast Aug 08, 2013

    Our loan was transferred from Chase Bank to Round Point in the midst of a short sale.
    Round Point assured us the trustee sale date was scheduled for October 29, 2013. We submitted loan modification forms and confirmed many times via telephone that the trustee was scheduled for October29, 2013
    Today, August 8, 2013 my home was foreclosed. The Single contact person who was assigned our loan, Madeline, informed me that the trustee had different information than Round Point was sorry I lost my home.

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RoundPoint Mortgagecustomer service

I too was connected to roundpoint mortgage via lending tree. I tell you, the level of customer service at this company is awful! You can't even speak to anyone who will answer a simple question - they can only record the conversation and take down your phone number and have someone call you back at their convenience. What a way to service a needed customer base... It appears to me this organization is a call center sending off calls to "so called" service agents - to who knows where. When I connected to a service agent yesterday afternoon, I was told that I would have an answer yesterday afternoon - thus I didn't receive a call back yesterday and now they have all of my personal information to share, sell or expose - because I can't get in touch with the "sales agent" that I spoke with... What a joke!

  • Ca
    Carol Mariani Nov 15, 2012

    If you are looking for a mortgage DO NOTGO TO Roundpoint they are poor business people!!! They make you wait for ever and then they want more money to close!!! They stink!!! I got a mortgage in two days after I told them I did not want their money!!

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  • Pr
    Pritch Apr 07, 2016

    Worst mortgage company ever. Customer service is horrific. No one can answer a simple question. No one returns calls. They adjust payment amounts randomly and when I call to request an explanation I am literally told by customer service that they don't know why. Once I was told "these are complicated statements and I don't really know why your payment was adjusted". But, of course, they want my payment. This month they sent me a foreclosure notice by certified mail alleging that they had tried to reach me multiple times via phone and mail to discuss my missing payments. I make close $500k a year, am on autopay, and have never missed a payment!!! When I called customer service I was told that it was a form letter to get my attention because they have modified my payment amount again, as the result of an escrow analysis, . The modification was down $23. Mind you, I had not missed any payment!! The letter was completely inaccurate, downright lies, and ridiculous. Completely frustrated at their idiocy, I asked to have them stop escrowing my money because they kept randomly doing assessments and modifying my payments; but, the customer service rep didn't know how to do it. I asked to speak to her manager. Her manager was unavailable. I was told they would call me back. They never did. I'm disgusted.

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  • Si
    sirrich3 Apr 13, 2016

    My experience with Roundpoint Mortgage has been absolutely terrible. Every time I have reached out to them I never have talked with someone that knows how to answer my simple questions. It is very apparent that these people aren't trained in the mortgage business. If there is a way you can avoid having Roundpoint Mortgage from obtaining your mortgage note, I would do that!

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  • Da
    danat22 Aug 24, 2016

    They are the absolute scammers ever. I get jerked around given #'s that get you know where.
    Our government needs to raid them and confiscate files.
    Waiting on them to release an insurance check so my contractor can be paid.
    I don't believe they properly train the service employees.
    Why did my FCU change to them? It only make consumers wish we still had Midwest.
    I may have to sell my home. God bless us.

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RoundPoint Mortgagepoor handling of va refinance

I was put in contact with roundpoint through lending tree on january 26, 2012 to refinance my va loan to a lower rate. I was advised by the loan officer that the process is extremely efficient and consists of 3 primary steps, introduction & interview, disclosure review & commitment and processing. That with my cooperation, "the entire process from start to finish should take no longer than 21 calendar days." though I provided everything they asked for within hours of their requests, it has now been nearly 60 (Sixty!) days to complete what should have taken 21 days. Do not use roundpoint to refinance your va loan, unless you do not mind the process taking three, going on four times longer than it should. To address the ratings, it required multiple requests before I would receive what I asked for, their key person dependency on a single va certified underwriter demonstrates their poor knowledge of simple operational/reputational risk. The vp who finally advised me that the loan was taking an exorbitant amount of time to process due to an hr issue basically stated "it is what it is, but we will do what we can to expedite the process and get your loan closed" and contacted me only after rates started to climb. Now that the underwriter has been hired and the loan has moved to processing, it has taken three weeks (That same amount of time that it should have taken to complete the entire process). This has been a nightmare of an experience, and I urge anyone considering roundpoint to refinance their loan to strongly reconsider, find another lender.

  • Wo
    worriedtoclose May 22, 2012

    Agree completely. I am in the process now and they do not call back and keep the list of required items coming to no end. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!! GO SOME PLACE ELSE!!!

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  • Jo
    John Michael Kane Jul 02, 2012

    21 days? Clearly you are ignorant on the turnaround times these days with the record rates. As far as document request, the mortgage investors including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have tightened up and lenders are required to gather more information to avoid buybacks. If you want to blame someone for the amount of documentation blame the government sponsored entities that set the regulations. You people are disgustingly clueless!!! You submit one mortgage application and now you are an expert, right?

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RoundPoint Mortgage — beware! scams! thieves!

Roundpoint mortgage is the absolute worst mortgage company out there. Beware!!! Their initial customer service is smooth and painless. This is how they reel you in. They are happy...