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Amerihope Alliance reviews & complaints

Amerihope Alliance complaints 3

Amerihope Alliance - Service

This company is a scam. All they do is modify loan which you can call and do your self.
and when you try to cancel their service they charge you for and extra month $395.
Trust me don't waste you hard earned money on these idiots, especially their clerk Sherly is no good for not doing anything they charge fees. TRUST ME.
And they prolong answers till last minute to get more weeks and months out of your issues.
your 1st appt on phone for free is a sales person who tries to sell your case will be handled easily so easy smooth they'll offer world and Try to convince you.
They'll take $650 dollars for retainer first month fee than $395 their in which you never really see any Outcome from, all they do is modify really not battle for really outcome and you can do your self all this.


Desired outcome: None Doubled my problem unfortunately

Amerihope Alliance - Owner/Attorney emailed me would issue me full refund.

Retained this firm and seems to me they did what they wanted on case. Anyways the owner of this company sends me an email that he will issue me a full refund. His operations manager would contact me Monday. She did on Tuesday and only offering partial refund now. The owner should have not made me that offer of full refund if his operations manager changes to partial. owner is an attorney and to me the email I consider a legal contract. Still no refund. I have emailed them and let them know I will be filing complaints with ARDC and have started filing on line also. Still no reply to the post or emails

Arthur in Illinois

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Amerihope Alliance - poor service

I am sure that someone from Amerihope will rush in to deny my comments, which is fine, because just as there are happy customers, there are also unhappy customers. Unfortunately, the unhappy...

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