BatteriesPlus, BP #217, Hampton, VirginiaI am complaining about the service and the product.

D Jul 30, 2019

I carried the battery back to the store. It was dead. I was informed that the battery had expired. I was told there was no information in the system showing I purchased the battery from the store.
Nothing was shown about my purchased. I was told when I purchased the battery, if my receipt was lost, it would be in the system. Vicki Messick, District Manager kept talking about how the battery had expired. I assured her I know what she was saying. I was not aware of the battery expiration date. I asked her why was the information not shown. She rudely said, I am trying to get you to understand, the battery is our, but it had expire. I tried to ask her what else the store could help me with. She began to give me information, if the battery reads below 4% it is no good.
I asked her what does the policy says about what can be done for the battery. She constantly kept talking about a bunch of nothing. I kindly ask her to please stop talking and listen. As soon as I began to talk before I could finish one sentence, she insist on talking again. Too many times I asked her, if I could finish saying what I wanted to ask. I began to asked is what do you have to office me to get another battery. She rudely interrupted me again, talking about the battery expiration date, which she located on the side of the battery. She than said I could do 10%, and she was not suppose to do that. I told her she could have office me something before all of the unapproved information she was saying. I asked her about having the battery charged, she said its no use. Once again, as I started to ask her some suggestion, she started talking again about the falling below 4%. I am asking what can be done before she would even suggest assistance. Her constantly talking until she wants to stop was very unprofessional and unacceptable. They could not find any information in the system that I had purchased the battery at the store. The information was no longer in the system and now I am stuck with a dead Duracell top of the line battery. I waited until she finished talking and I asked her, do you want to repeated again what she wanted to say, after talking over me and telling me what she wanted to say before I could finish my question and concerns. Once she said no. I waited long enough to let her have her way with constantly talking.

I told her the 10% is not worth my time to get another batter and find out the same result. Unappropriated service and unprofessional service drove me to taking my battery and leaving the store. Dealing with her approach and bad behavior, I would not even received a free battery under the conditions of service I received from this store. BP #217, Hampton Virginia

My concern:
What is the warranty requirement for a battery to drop so low, other than having to to run the car every day or once a week. Is the expiration date so important even when the battery is practically new. What is the problem with trying to tell the customer what are the options, rather than saying, "I am trying to get you to understand." This was an attack on customer values. Understanding when the appropriated information is not provided, but just to give statement without substance, I have a problem with trusting the product the person is selling, when they don't even want to listen.

There was no discussion about the battery fail due to manufacturing defect during the Free Replacement Period. Perhaps this was available, if so it was never mention.

Dead Duracell battery
Dr. Ferguson
P.O. Box 9723
Hampton, Virginia

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