Baptist Health Systemdid not do my pre authorization form for my diabetes products (free style libgra)

I visited my doctor on 9/26/19 I was seen by my doctor dr meil I advised him that I had contacted my prescription insurance company about getting my diabetic supplies, they advised me that I was covered to get the free style libra system but it needed a pre authorization form to be done by my doctors office. I told my doctor and he sent in a nurse who stated to me that she knew what to do and that it would be done. Well two days later I went to my pharmacy to pickup my presciptions and found out that no preauthorization was submitted to my prescption insurance company. I gave it a few more days and still nothing was done. I called the prescption insurance and was told no pre authorization had been done but that they would send the form to my doctors office marked urgent so that I could get the prescrption. A few more days passed still nothing? I called the doctors office and was told that a person named felicia who handles those thing had just recieved the form and that it would not be done until later that week? That was last week as of today 10/07/2019 I am still waiting for this pre autorization for this presciption to be sent to my prescription insurance company? I am without the diabetic testing supplies I need on a daily basis? Hard to figure out why it was so hard to do this when I advised the person 0n 10/26/19 that the pre authorization had to be done. Very upset about this whole ordeal.

Oct 07, 2019

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