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Bankers Life and Casualty CompanyGet ready for the run around

My mother suffered a massive stroke in 1975. She is partially paralyzed and is blind on her left side, as well as deaf on her left side. She has no use of her left arm at all. Today it is September 04, 2008. She is still alive and going strong. My mother walks with a supportive brace. In July she was visiting relatives and had a TIA. She fell and broke her good arm, fractured it in fact where she needed surgery. My mother moved in with my wife and I, after my father passed in 2002. After surgery we contacted Banker's. They informed us that with her doctor making the claim, to go ahead and get home healthcare started. We found an assisted care CNA business that sent CNA's to the house to take care of my mother. My mother has been spending $900.00 a week to pay these CNA's. Weeks pass. I began to write and call Banker's. I spoke to an agent who informed me that it would take time to process the forms and that they were waiting for billing. My 70 year old mother began to heal and her good arm was in a stabilizing condition where she had limited use, but still needed a CNA for perry care and hygiene matters, as well as fully clothing herself. My mother use to dress everyday, but now only wears a short nightgown. I call Bankers again asking about payment, they ask about my mother's condition and being the honest guy that I am I tell them that her health is improving. Again I had to wait for payments. Yesterday I get a call from an agent in some office in Chicago who informed me that Baker's feels that my mother's condition wasn't severe enough for them to issue payment compensation. I was informed that my mother had to be in a "catastrophic" state for 90 days before they issue payment for CNA care. And that if I read the Policy that I would've known this. I disagreed and informed them of my mother's past medical history. They never knew she has a massive stroke in 1975, nor a TIA. So now they are sending their nurse to evaluate my mother's condition. So at the moment I feel that my mother and I, who are now out of $6200.00 out of pocket, are fixing to get the "run around" even further.

On the advice of a friend, I decided to look for our state's insurance commissioner office to see if I need to file a formal complaint. I'm also speaking to a health insurance attorney for advice.

Be careful in dealing with these folks. Record all phone conversations with them and document everything. Remember if it’s not on paper it doesn't exist in the eyes of the court and don't forget to date everything too!! Even a large yellow notepad, with just dates and incidents can be used in court.

I went online to see if anyone else had problems and I'm glad I went online to read what I found here. It seems like the only way to get things done is to attack them legally. Bankers needs a rewrite in their policy and own up to helping people.

In truth I'm just disappointed... and pissed.


  • Al
    Alan David Nov 07, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd love to see that one who submitted the comment "do your homework first"...and see which of his orifices I could stuff a crowbar. Sounds like one of the current administration who is immune to abuse because they are in power. MY EXPERIENCES HAVE BEEN YOURS EXACTLY...and I had no idea of anything until gaining Power Of Attorney after my father's stroke. First they took forever to evaluate POA...then they told me it takes 30 days to evaluate claim...THEN, THEY EXPECTED ME TO PAY THE PREMIUM (which became due during my dad's stroke) - with the PROBABILITY they would DENY HIM!!! So, not only did they take advantage of my Dad in selling him this policy but they know they do not have to act because I won't go after them when Legal costs would exceed any benefit...and i'm sure no PUNITIVE damages would be forthcoming unless Class Action. I'M CUTTING MY LOSSES AND CEASING ANY DEALINGS WITH THEM...(I HOPE ALL OF BANKERS' CHOKES ON THE PROFITS!!!) It's funny how alllllllllll those who were "mislead" during the HOUSING CRISIS got a reprieve for being stupid enough to not understand their Mortgage Terms...and everyone felt sorry for them and welcomed their reprieve and condemned the Banks - BUT WHO IS KNOCKING ON BAKERS' DOOR AND SMACKING THEM "UPSIDE THEIR HEAD"????!!!

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  • Sh
    Shekihampton May 23, 2012

    I Would Like To Thank Everyone For The For Warning Of This Company They Schedule Me A Interview For Tommorow But I Will Gladly Pass On It I've Read Nothing But HORRIBLE Things Abt This Company Its One Bad Thing After Another.

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  • Sn
    S.N. May 12, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My husband took this job and I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning. He has been there for over a month and a half and we haven't seen one penny. We can't pay our bills and now have to move because we haven't seen any money. We have put so much money that we don't/didn't have into this and they said we would get it back in no time. I kept telling my husband from the beginning that his "boss" was just filling him up with false hope and big lies to keep him working for them. Sure enough, I was right. We moved to where this job was, 3 hours away from our home and now that we can't afford our bills we will pretty much be living in our car. This company is a joke and no one should fall for the big numbers they tell you you will be making. We have a 2 year old son and I can't even buy diapers because we haven't seen any money. Almost $500 into this crap and not one single shiny penny. BS

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  • Dc
    Dcmorey74 Apr 20, 2011

    Bankers life and casualty is not apart of the BBB in Michigan...PERIOD!!! (I checked) Its a huge scam they want money and access to your bank accounts to quote on quote deposit money and remove money as they see fit (read the small print of the contract) be careful. My wife received a call from a women we couldn't even understand I researched this company before hand ...thank god I did...its a pyramids sales have to pay them money to get trained. NO REAL COMPANY IS GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR THEM TO TRAIN YOU...DUHHHHHHH...Dont believe the hype...its all BS.

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  • Ka
    KayG Mar 09, 2011

    My daughter has a resume on She is in college, studying photography, and has no interest in insurance, sales or corporate work. Bankers Life got her cell phone number and email and started calling and writing her every day, leaving very sketchy messages that sound conveniently distorted so that you can't tell if its a man or woman calling. All the key words were easy to understand, however all the details were very conveniently distorted. She actually spoke to this person twice and said both times she is not interested. The caller continues to harass her, saying she's "perfect for the job... come see my boss... wear appropriate clothing..." The only words we can ever understand! Somehow they got our home land line number, and have been calling that line to harass her. After searching the phone number [protected]) I found a site - - with similiar complaints. No respectable, reliable company would behave like this. Their behavior is that of a pharming organization, one that looks for potential scam victims via Monster or Career Builder, etc., then gathers your personal information to steal your ID or steal from you. They do not behave like a legitimate organization. Anyone here saying they are legit obviously doesn't know about the harassment. They do not take the word "no" to mean anything other than "continue to call and harass." My daughter is scared now... are they stalking her? Who is this "boss" and what kind of harm is he capable of? Who knows?! AVOID THEM. And complain, complain, complain. Call the headquarters and complain. They are NOT a legitimate company if they are forcing themselves on people like this.

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  • Do
    dogoodersurs Nov 14, 2010

    You have to incorporate to be a part of Arise (fees, time and paperwork). You have to pay for your background check (fees), a fee is taken out of every check (fee), you pay for your own training (fee and time) which is very expensive and nonrefundable and if you change your mind about a program, it counts against you and you are blocked from other programs (fee, time, loss opportunity). If you keep your head low and you stay out of trouble and don’t ask too many questions like, (why did I get pay $22hr with benefits for this same job in the real world and your are paying $7.50hr minus the bi-weekly fee (severely reduced pay) for the same job with NO benefits except, well you get to work from home so this novelty should satisfy you to all ends and justify whatever they want to do with you. You have to scavenger for your work hours; if you don’t show up on time when they put out the scheduled time slots you would be out of work for that week or have to constantly monitor the schedules hoping that someone lets something go(loss opportunity). When you add up the fees, time, paperwork, and loss of opportunities you might as well find another work at home company or work for McDonalds.

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  • Pi
    pissedofftoledoan Jun 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the people at bankers are deceitful. i received a call from bankers insurance last week, requesting me to come in for an interview because i had sent them a copy of my resume. i thought that was kind of fishy because i don't remember sending my resume to any insurance company. i figured since they called me i could go in for an interview to see what they have to say. so i go into the office today (6/28/10), pick up the two copies that were being handed out and went into the meeting room where i am puzzled to see a group of people waiting. the first sheet is for my personal information and when i began to read the second sheet, it dawned on me that they needed sales people. to make sure i was reading this correctly, i went to the receptionist and asked her if this was strictly for sales positions and she said yes. i told her that i am not a sales person, i have no skills at sales and feel uncomfortable doing any type of sales. she talked me into staying to see what the meeting was about. i asked her about filling the first sheet out and she said i could hold onto it until after the meeting until i have decided. so i went back to the meeting room and sat down.

    there were approximately 10 people in the room. no one knew anyone else and there was an extremely uncomfortable silence prevalent in the room. no one offered to come in to have an informal chat, to ask us our names, nothing.

    finally, about 2 minutes before 4pm, a guy with greased back hair and an ill fitting suit walks into the room with an extremely arrogant air about him. he announces that he is going to pick up the personal information sheets and people just start handing him their sheets. he comes to me and i told him that i was told that i could wait until after the meeting. because i refused to give him my personal information right there, he kicked me out of the meeting.

    there are many things wrong with: 1) getting people's resumes off internet sites that have nothing to do with insurance sales; 2) telling you that the company wants to conduct a job interview with you; 3) finding out it isn't a job interview but a sales pitch; 4) demanding personal information from you before they tell you about themselves.

    this company is, in one word, unethical.

    if you work for bankers, you have been duped to work for them in order for them (bankers) to scam people out of their hard earned savings.

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  • St
    SteadyBallin May 12, 2010

    It's amazing how people always want to make "excusses" and blame everyone but themselves. Sales is hard, life is hard. There is no magic career out there where you are handed a six figure salary. Ask any succesfull business person if they complained about leads, or complained about investing time and money in their business?? It's always someones else fault, noboby gave me what I needed right? If you go online to a blog to make your carrer choices, Bankers isnt for you. Take it from a Bankers Agent in Delaware who has been making a great living for five year since I was 20 years old. I'm not real right? Am I a scam? This is my life. And I would love to see where these people are now?

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  • Su
    suebear Mar 22, 2010

    I've been getting the same calls from Banker's regarding setting up an interview. I'm not quite sure how they figured that a Licensed Massotherapist would be either qualified for or interested in selling insurance. I know the company is technically legit, but since my mother had several policies with them (annuities, life insurance, and LTC insurance), I had the not-so-pleasurable experience of dealing with them after she passed away. It took me well over a year to get all the policies paid out (and yes we had read all the fine print on each policy). The annuities were pretty straight forward, but all I ever got on the LTC policy was massive run around and excuses. It's funny that, within one month of turning it over to an attorney, they sent the check out immediately. I will never deal with these people again if I can help it. It's just not worth the aggravation.

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  • Di
    Disappointed.In.Bankers Mar 08, 2010

    Posted my resume on Monster on a Sunday afternoon, and Monday morning I get a call from an insurance agency in Concord, NH who sought me out for my "sales" experience and "impressive" education (in unrelated fields). Excited about getting a hit after being unemployed for months, I agreed to attend a meet-and-greet later that week. Came online to research the company, and quickly changed my mind when I typed in "Bankers Life and Casualty" in the search bar and "scam" automatically displayed as a frequent search. Thanks for saving my time and efforts!

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  • Ju
    justanotherfakename Mar 07, 2010


    If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you interviewed at their office in De Pere, WI, just by the description of how it happened and the behavior of the manager ;)

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  • Gl
    GL Fla Mar 01, 2010

    Just got the same call for an appointment. Thanks for saving me the time. I have gotten 3-4 calls and e-mails since posting my resume; all from insurance companies. Been out of work for a while and can't afford to waste my time with these "too good to be true offers"

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  • Na
    Navy Veteran Feb 23, 2010

    Thanks to all, i almost made a big mistake by going to my scheduled interview that was probably going to be some kind of group zombie thing. As a Veteran i find it that if it's too good to be true then it probably is. This company should be ashamed of themselfs, i have two kids and a house and they wanted to take my money and put me through a loop that would lead me to nothing.

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  • Jo
    JohnC. Feb 09, 2010

    Here is my experience with the firm:

    I was contacted yesterday by a thick accented person asking me if I was interested in a secure, high-paying job. Naturally, being laid-off for almost a year I was extremely happy and set up an interview. In my haste, I only managed to ask how the company found my resume. He replied that he found it through one of the "websites". At no time was he informative about what position I would be interviewed for nor was he informative about anything relevant to the job I was being interviewed for. He only mentioned that he would discuss career paths and company history with me.

    Once I was off the phone, a little common sense kicked in and I began thinking about what just happened. How could an insurance company contact me and schedule an interview so quickly when I do not have the slightest bit of experience working with insurance firms and that I have a degree in a completely different field? Also, why would the company want to discuss your career path and the firm history at the interview? Wouldn't this be information that the interviewer would expect you to know prior to attending an interview?

    I did some on-line research and found out about the scams, complaints, and lawsuits against this company. I then called the BBB, the NJ Insurance Commission, and the NJ Department of Labor and was told that they were a licensed firm in the state and that it had hundreds of complaints against it, like all other insurance firms in the state. I did not feel better about the information I received so I went back to researching the scams and complaints from people who actually worked with the firm. Though there are posters that seem to defend Bankers Life, there are too many posters and information saying otherwise. After seeing the similarities in the situations, I have to agree with the naysayers.

    Today, I just called and left a message that I will not be attending the "interview". I fee much better in doing so, after reading all the negative experiences other people have had with this firm. It seems like a bunch of "tele-marketers in disguise"

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  • On
    onlyaguywithanopinion Feb 05, 2010

    I was contacted early in the week letting me know that they saw my resume online (which site I dont recall). When I was on the phone I asked the woman if there were only sales jobs or if there were office jobs as well. She said that they had management and agent positions and that I should come to discuss which road I should take.

    I said thank you and that I would be able to make it to the interview. The interview was set for a Thursday at 1pm. The afternoon prior to the interview the same woman called me back and asked if I had recieved the email confirming the appointment and I said that I had recieved it shortly after our last phone call. She continued to say "Really...thats odd, because some of the other people said they didnt receive anything. They must just be ###ed or something" followed by her giggle.

    Now...this comment would typically make me just decide to not go to the interview, however I have been unemployed for 6 months now and any type of work will pay bills, right? I arrived the 15 minutes early as requested in the email only to find that it was a "group interview" or as they called Career Path Award Program. Right from the start I thought something was different about this.

    Throughout the "interview" I just sat quietly and payed attention to every detail that was given...while not always interested in hearing about how much money someone made on one deal 5 years ago. Toward the end of the presentation the Branch Manager (who was conducting the "interview" from the start) pointed out that EVERY person starts as an Agent. Not what was said on the phone...but ok...I will just go with it for now...and asked us to fill out a question/information form and leave it face down on our seats and we would be called if they wanted to see us again.

    As I was leaving I was approached by the woman who had called me and she asked if we could speak in the hallway...I said yes and followed her... She told me that the Branch Manager was extrememly impressed with me based off of appearance and how I payed attention and gaurenteed I would be recieving a call for the second interview where she (the Branch Manager) would get to know more information about me. She advised me to take out my nose piercing for the second interview. Minor, but ok...whatever right??? For the potential of $80k the first year I can do that.

    I got the call about 1 hour later and second interview time was either 9 or 11...I said 11 and we were set. I again showed up 15 minutes early to be ready...and what do I find when I opened the door to the office space??? The beginnings of another "group interview". The interview started 10 minutes late...because the previous group had a man that was currently an agent with another company that for some reason said during the interview that he was about to close a $500k deal and was not sure when would be a time to make the move from company to company. She (the Branch Manager) told this all to the group once she joined us and then continued to say what his commission would be with his current company vs. with Bankers. I found this to be HIGHLY unprofessional, and even unethical for her to do. After that was done she took the stack of papers that were our forms and resumes from the day prior and read off the names so she could put faces to them. After that she wanted us to tell her our questions and write them on the board...and she started with me...but first she stated that to be taken seriously for this position I would need to remove my earrings if offered the job. This confused me slightly because just one day prior it was just my nose ring that I was told to remove...but whatever...

    All in all I guess I just needed to vent about how shady this process was. I will not be accepting their offer if they do call back. It was a three hour lesson of who I strive to NEVER be in life.

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  • Al
    AlmostHappenedTo Me Dec 30, 2009

    I was awaken this morning (12/30/2009) by Bankers Life saying that they saw my resume online and they would like for me to come in for a job interview. Well in a groggy state, I kept on asking the woman to repeat herself, not only because of her thick African accent, but also because her phone line kept breaking up and everytime I asked a question she would say, "...okay" and continue on with her script. Well I let her have her way and even let her set up the appointment.

    Hey, I don't have a job and haven't had one for the whole year of 2009, so I figured...why the hell not?

    Well soon as I was able to wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I immediately went to the Better Business Bureau for Montgomery County, MD and saw that they did not have any accredidation. Which I found to be strange because all legitimate businesses have to be accreditated in this area because of being so close to DC. Then I started my research. I looked up reviews, complaints, and everything I could find. I did find this one accredidation from Winsconsin which gave the company a A+ but if you scroll to the bottom you would see that they have been and is still currently being sued by the Florida Insurance Commission for fraud and a whole list of things.

    Then I came to this website and after I read what happened to the guy's mother, I picked up my phone and called the number that they emailed and told the woman to cancel my interview. She didn't ask for a reason why or anything else, just that she will cross my name off her list.

    I want to thank many people's reviews on this company and I will warn others about it in the future. And all those that try to give a positive review on the company remember this: You know what the company is and what it is about, how would you feel if your Mother, Aunt, Great-Aunt, Grandmother or some senior citizen that is dear to you recieve hassling phone calls or recieve mistreatment from an insurance company?

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  • Kf
    kfactor1280 Dec 28, 2009

    How could i tell that Bankers Life was a scam from the get-go? I'm a 19 year old highschool grad, no college degree, no sales or customer service experience...all the experience i have is in warehouseing and general labor type jobs. I recently updated my resume on and not 36 hours later do i have 2 voicemails from them saying how they read my resume online and believe id be a fantastic candidate. now heres where it gets interesting. The woman on the message says that their office is in hartford CT...not too far from where i live, not bad right? except i look up the phone number that was received on my phone...its a pennsylvania phone number...since when is hartford CT in pennsylvania? did my simple public school ecuation teach me something wrong in geography? and am i a perfect candidate for your position when i have no expereince in sales and no knowledge of the insurance industry? why would you even bother making a phone call to me? But its been almost a month now and yet they still call me about twice a week...somthing tells me that they are just looking to hire anybody with a pulse, which isnt a very sounds business idea in my mind. All the more reason to stay away from this company. A word to all of you out there.

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  • Sl
    slr88 Dec 07, 2009

    wow and to think i was going to go to an interview next monday, well I've changed my mind. Thanks everyone for your insights.

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  • Do
    dogoodersurs Dec 03, 2009

    I recieve a letter from says "Dear Valued Client:". I called because I am not a client and never heard of them. The lady asked me for my policy number on the letter. The letter does not have a policy number. Then she wanted my name to look me up. I just hung up. Abviously a phishing.

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  • Ju
    justanotherfakename Nov 26, 2009


    HAHAHA!! You are funny... By comparing the plans side-by-side and showing how all my benefits are better, I'm not bashing or breaking any laws. By recommending the client call the state commissioner's office to inquire about Banker's reputation and our reputation, this also gives the client public knowledge from an unbiased source. By comparing my plan to Banker's, I'm simply proving that mine is far better because we have far more benefits in our plan than Banker's. It doesn't matter if it's a Med supp, or a LTC plan, we simply have far more benefits, and have lower premiums.

    Every client I've met with who has a Banker's Med supp has switched to mine for lower premiums AND more benefits. My old field trainer at Banker's even admitted to me that my Med supp has more benefits, and this is also why 7 agents from Banker's have joined our office this year. I also see the same thing with LTC and HHC plans. By switching to my plan, they get more added benefits for the same premium or less. And, by calling the state commissioner's office, they'll find out that we have a far superior record for paying our claims. Heck, I even tell clients to call their docs and hospitals and ask specifically for the billing dept and ask who has a better reputation for paying claims. I even have doctors recommending their patients to me for their Med supp.

    Again, no bashing going on here, all public knowledge and opinions from unbiased sources.

    And, if you're wondering how we can provide more benefits for the same premium or less, it all comes down to financial strength. You can brag all you want about Bankers being in business for over 100 years. Who cares? Haven't you heard about GM?... AHEM... Pontiac! I know Bankers agents like to flash their AM Best rating of A-. I also educate clients on the truth behind the ratings systems. AM Best, Moody's, etc... are "reimbursed" by the insurance companies. All the state commissioners know this. That is why the states fund an "independant" rating company called (formerly Weiss Ratings) to give unbiased ratings. is the nation's leading independant provider of ratings for insurance companies. They rate the financial strength of more than 15, 000 institutions. And, fewer than 1% of the nations life and health insurers meet's rating criteria for superior finacial strength.

    Here you go

    Here is Bankers rating... public knowledge

    Conseco Group
    D+ (Weak Financial Strength)

    "The D+ rating means that, in our opinion, this company currently demonstrates what we consider to be
    significant weaknesses which could negatively impact policyholders. In an unfavorable economic
    environment, these weaknesses could be magnified."

    Again, no bashing going on here, all public knowledge and opinions from unbiased sources.

    Oh, and as far as trying to replace my plans??? HAHAHAHA!!! I always prepare my clients for this. I tell them that every agent will tell them they have something better. My clients will tell you the same thing they tell every agent who calls them, because I've prepared them... "The only way you're getting into my house is if you're willing to sit across from my agent and compare plans". This is when most agents back off. But, if you're willing to sit across from me in a house, I promise I will be professional and polite. I also promise that I'll prove your plan doesn't stack up to mine in all areas. I know all my competition inside and out, and there's not a plan out there that can match me in benefits, and I proved every agent wrong that has been willing to sit across from me.

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  • Kc
    kc18765418723805493280983 Nov 25, 2009


    So you’re saying you’re not compliant with the insurance rules about bashing other companies? Ok, you say you have better products, but you have a better company? Are they just lower in costs? You get what you pay for. Yes, are company isn’t the cheapest or the most expressive. I hope that your company you work for has the same retirement packages we have and I wish you the best of luck, plus I would love the new commission when I come back out and replace your product. Because if they changed plans a lot they are shoppers and they aren’t loyal to anyone.

    I sleep fine, thanks for asking. I know at the end of the day, I have done the right thing and followed the rules.

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  • Ju
    justanotherfakename Nov 15, 2009

    I've worked for Banker's and I moved on to a far better company with superior products and superior financial strength. Now, when I go into a house and see that they have insurance with Banker's, replacing it is like taking candy from a baby. Especially when you have a superior product, and you tell the client to call the state commissioner's office to inquire about Banker's reputation, and that of the company I work for now.

    I really don't know how their agents sleep at night.

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  • Kc
    kc18765418723805493280983 Nov 08, 2009

    Richard did you bother to ask them what they needed the infomation for? Did you even met them face to face? Please make sur you know what your talking about before you yell fire in a crowed room. I am also glad he didnt get the job, he doesnt seem very bright. They need that infomation to help him get licensed, what in the world would a company that has been around as long as it has do with his infomation? If it was a "Scam" you would think after all this time it would have caught up with Bankers by now? Not only doesn't he know what Richard was talking about, he also ruined his Monopolygame by sending money from the game to Bankers. Really? Really??

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  • Ri
    Richard Coleman Nov 06, 2009

    This company is a scam to the wall. If they offer you a job RUN do not walk. Be weary of "Vallery Preston" at [protected] and "Debra Thomson" at [protected]. They want your personal information for fraud and possible identity theft. If Bankers Life and Casualty calls you, hang up the phone people. They make you pay THEM money to "hire" you and/or they try to steal your personal information! Little do they know that when they tried to scam me I told them all sorts of phony personal info plus I sent them a monopoly money! SUCKERS!!!

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  • Kc
    kc18765418723805493280983 Nov 03, 2009

    As I read these posts I am glad that I didn’t read them before I took my job at Bankers 6 years ago. I would have made a major mistake in life. So, there are people out there that are misinformed and don’t know all the facts. Yes, it is a hard job if you don’t like talking to people and want to help them out. Sure there is some work involved, as in any job. The harder you work the more you get paid. That means you have to work hard and see a lot of people at first. But, over time you get better and close more, because you become more knowledgeable about your job and what you can do to help them. So, yes it does take time to get good at any job, iIf you are willing to put in the work. Yes, it is insurance sales; please tell me where and when you don’t need insurance? I want to quote John Wayne, “Life is hard, but it is harder if you’re stupid.”

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  • Br
    Brytni Oct 29, 2009

    Well for all of you people that have nothing good to say thats really a shame. I have worked for Bankers Life for years now and I love it and I hear great things from the people that we help. It's the people that have been unsuccessful in this company that are now posting thing that are so negative. You can't believe everything that you hear on the internet and it's a shame that people don't have the TIME to post good things that they have experienced. The only feel the need to "vent" when things don't go their way. Goodluck to all you people who are looking for employment because even though Bankers Life may be a so called scam, they sign my paycheck every week.

    P.s We've been around for almost 130 years. Obviously we're doing something right.

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  • Li
    Lillyndustin Oct 26, 2009

    I posted my resume on and within a week or so I had Bankers Life calling me about once a week (and emailing me) and wanting to schedule an initial career preview meeting! At first I thought it may be a good career move (because I am a sales manager and marketing specialist), so I agreed, but thanks to posts like this and the many others that I have read...I just saved an hour of my time!!! It's always good to research a new company before you decide to work for them!
    And to those of you who thought that you were going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by not working hard, sitting on your butt and making calls without knowing how to "close a deal"...get real! Sales IS hard! And you're not gonna succeed without the blood, sweat, and tears!!! This just happens to be a company that is a little less than reputable.

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  • Sc
    scole66 Oct 23, 2009

    I'm so happy that I read this. I received numerous emails from them about a job and I do not remeber applying and also my background is in healthcare. I will not be going I have heard of places like this and they are always scams.

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  • Go
    gooser Oct 15, 2009

    All I can say is whatever. Every insurance agency out there is crooked. But all that aside, I am still trying to pass the state exam for the agent license. One thing I can say is hey, if you need a job and your not having any luck at the current time, then why not work for Bankers until something does come along. My cousin has already made over 50, 000 in his first five months.
    I must admit however, while studdying for this exam I have came across some policies that make me ask myself; Why would anyone purchase a policy like that? Some of the policies are scams in themselves. When someone is looking to purchase a policy they need to dig deep and avoid at all costs giving the first premium payment up front. They need to take the short time and research. Also, some of the regulations set on insurance companies are so petty that it's no wonder that they scam people and could give a crap less! The fines for example are not even a percentage of what a company makes in a day! And I have never heard of an insurance company loosing it's rights to solicitate or sell insurance. That is why it is all a big scam!!! Overall though, it is better to have insurance than to not have insurance.
    And the state exam is freakin hard!

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  • Sa
    SaCB Sep 24, 2009


    This is on the wikipedia page:

    "The company has faced several lawsuits where they were accused of denying claims to seniors[1] and both Conseco and Bankers have routinely been noted as having a particularly high amount of complaints among long-term care clients: one complaint for every 383 such policyholders, [1] whereas, according to 2005 statistics, Genworth Financial, the largest long-term-care insurer received one complaint for every 12, 434 policies.[1][2]"

    And all of the statistics are from a New York Times article and a LTC advocacy site. I can't speak about that specific branch, though.

    However, if you do accept the position, be careful. I quit almost 4 months ago and am still paying back money that the company claims I owe to them.

    The contract all new agents sign states that ANY change in a client's policy is grounds for chargebacks. Once I left, management told some of the new agents that my clients no longer had an agent and that they needed to be my clients' new agents. The new agents told my clients I no longer worked there and that they would be their new agent. They told them that their policies were intact, but that they just needed to sign on a few dotted lines on a "revised" contract and the switch from me to the new agents would be complete. Now the company keeps getting monthly premiums from my former clients AND gets money from me.

    All I can say is BE CAREFUL!

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  • Jm
    Jmson Sep 24, 2009

    In Virginia, I looked at the BBB and it doesn't say anything about their status being revokes, only that they had not filed with the BBB for acredidation. I also read that they have not processed any complaints in the last 36 months.


    Not sure what to make of this, but I will post my findings upon my experience with the hiring process.

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  • Jo
    jobhunter77 Sep 22, 2009

    Thank you all for your comments. I too was contacted by Bankers after I updated my resume on Monster. They called when I was sick and asked if she could call back next week. She agreed. She called back two days later, not next week. When she did call back, she told me that they have some positions available. I told her straight out that I didn't want to sell insurance and that I was looking for something in Human Resources (what I have my degree in). She was quick to respond with "How bout training". I said sure, but now after reading all of these comments, I'm going to cancel my appointment for that 30-45 minute presentation. I am not going to waste my time on something that won't even give me any good interview experience.

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  • Fa
    fairbear Sep 22, 2009

    I updated my resume on Monster just yesterday and received a call this morning in regards to scheduling an interview. The potential employer was to be Bankers Life and Casualty Co., which is in bed with Conseco. The gal said there were two openings, one management and the other entry level. After a little research on the internet, I see that this is a scam of sorts. Thank you all for posting your experiences.

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  • Ka
    Katie:)M Sep 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was contacted because I put my resume on Yahoo Hot Jobs...My resume has no sales or customer service history...My background is in quality control...The woman who contacted me was overtly sweet telling me that I had a desirable skill set...She told me about the interview, failing to tell me that it would be in a group format...After reading the many comments here and at similar sites I felt compelled to thank all of you for posting your experiences...Not only have you allowed me to see the light regarding this scam but, you have saved me time to look for a real opportunity elsewhere...I have called that woman back, now she did not pick up the phone so I left her a message telling her that I am in no way interested in a sales position and I did some research on the company and was appalled at the number of complaints from customers and the purposeful lies fed to prospective recruits...Also that she can count me out of the interview that was set up before I saw the light...Thanks so much! Katie:)

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  • Bl
    blbush Sep 21, 2009

    If you are considering going on an "interview" in any way involving this company, you are most likely being scammed. I have just had a similar experience to others who have commented that they were called in response to their resumes which were apparently perfect for a position that they had (in my case, and IT position). When I arrived they attempted to recruit me as an insurance salesman. After walking out of the "interview" I talked to people working in the front office. They acted as though they had no idea about any correspondence that we had had concerning an IT position, insisting that no one ever said anything to me about IT. Through a few more phone calls to the numbers found in my original correspondence email I learned that I was being transferred all over the country to people who had no idea about any IT position; only that they had to schedule me to have an interview at X place at X time.

    I would not work for, be insured by, or buy a stick of gum from a company whose business/hiring practices revolve around scams and lies.

    For anyone who it would help, if you are supposed to be interviewed by a "Ria Goodman" in the Rockville MD area, this is the ACTUAL number for the front desk. [protected] or [protected]. Call and confirm your appointment and be sure to mention the EXACT reason you are being interviewed (for example say you are coming for the IT interview). Get the secretary's name. If you are not satisfied with the response that the secretary gives you (you will not be, I'm almost sure of it) then don't waste your time. If you still would like to try the interview, make sure to remind the secretary that you talked to that they mentioned an IT position in the phone call (for example). That way they will have a much more difficult time calling you a liar by saying that no one ever mentioned anything to you about whatever you thought you were there to be hired for.

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  • Sh
    shells11 Sep 17, 2009

    I have read the same thing about Banker's on multiple website now and they all say 80% bad things. I was contacted by them THE DAY after i put up my resume on I set up an interview but I think I will be canceling it now...

    I was also just wondering if anyone had heard anything about New England Financial. I was contacted by them as well the day after and I had the same set up for an interview as Banker's (the online form that apparently leads to a group interview thing). However, searching online I did not find anything that was negative for New England. Just wondering if anyone hsa their 2 cents on them. Thanks!

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  • Ss
    SSG Bill Sep 12, 2009

    Two words...Thank You!!! After spending 20 years in the Army and 11 of those in Army recruiting...I will also be cancelling my "interview".

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  • Be
    BeBe52 Sep 10, 2009

    I was scheduled for an interview with Bankers Life and Casualty and so I figured I should do some research on the company. I'm glad I did. I have found many sites with unfavorable posts and reviews.
    I sure don't want to do "cold calling" and telemarketing. I'm just not cut out for sales work.
    I just called them a while ago and canceled my "interview". BTW- My understanding is that the first interview is a group interview. I'll pass, thank you very much.

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  • Fi
    firefly87 Sep 02, 2009

    glad i read this site. i had an interview the 19th but i don't think im going to waste my time. i have 2 kids i don't need someone dangling what sounds like a great job over my head.

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  • El
    e.l.a. Aug 30, 2009

    I received a recruitment call from Bankers Life, although, like others who posted here, I'm not a salesperson, I'm an IT professional. Something seemed fishy with this call (it came in on a Saturday from an insurance company), although I thought that to be legit, someone may be putting in some extra weekend hours to fill a position. I'm fairly sure now that it's just an attempt to recruit new sales people. Thanks to everyone here for the heads-up! Now I certainly will not be willing to take a chance with this company.

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