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Bankers Life and Casualty CompanyGet ready for the run around

My mother suffered a massive stroke in 1975. She is partially paralyzed and is blind on her left side, as well as deaf on her left side. She has no use of her left arm at all. Today it is September 04, 2008. She is still alive and going strong. My mother walks with a supportive brace. In July she was visiting relatives and had a TIA. She fell and broke her good arm, fractured it in fact where she needed surgery. My mother moved in with my wife and I, after my father passed in 2002. After surgery we contacted Banker's. They informed us that with her doctor making the claim, to go ahead and get home healthcare started. We found an assisted care CNA business that sent CNA's to the house to take care of my mother. My mother has been spending $900.00 a week to pay these CNA's. Weeks pass. I began to write and call Banker's. I spoke to an agent who informed me that it would take time to process the forms and that they were waiting for billing. My 70 year old mother began to heal and her good arm was in a stabilizing condition where she had limited use, but still needed a CNA for perry care and hygiene matters, as well as fully clothing herself. My mother use to dress everyday, but now only wears a short nightgown. I call Bankers again asking about payment, they ask about my mother's condition and being the honest guy that I am I tell them that her health is improving. Again I had to wait for payments. Yesterday I get a call from an agent in some office in Chicago who informed me that Baker's feels that my mother's condition wasn't severe enough for them to issue payment compensation. I was informed that my mother had to be in a "catastrophic" state for 90 days before they issue payment for CNA care. And that if I read the Policy that I would've known this. I disagreed and informed them of my mother's past medical history. They never knew she has a massive stroke in 1975, nor a TIA. So now they are sending their nurse to evaluate my mother's condition. So at the moment I feel that my mother and I, who are now out of $6200.00 out of pocket, are fixing to get the "run around" even further.

On the advice of a friend, I decided to look for our state's insurance commissioner office to see if I need to file a formal complaint. I'm also speaking to a health insurance attorney for advice.

Be careful in dealing with these folks. Record all phone conversations with them and document everything. Remember if it’s not on paper it doesn't exist in the eyes of the court and don't forget to date everything too!! Even a large yellow notepad, with just dates and incidents can be used in court.

I went online to see if anyone else had problems and I'm glad I went online to read what I found here. It seems like the only way to get things done is to attack them legally. Bankers needs a rewrite in their policy and own up to helping people.

In truth I'm just disappointed... and pissed.


  • Kh
    K Hill Sep 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    If you have a claim on ANY policy you chould read your policy through thoroughly first. That is just plain common sense. If your mother has a tax qualified plan it is there in black and white that she has to be down for 90 days. That is the IRS NOT the insurance companies rules. If you have a problem with that kind of plan take it up with them. It is your right to be upset it is your responsibility to to do your homework bvefore you open your mouth and make yourself sound like an ###.

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  • Mi
    Mike Nov 28, 2008
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    The Bankers Life & Casualty Company's Better Business Bureau Accreditation has been REVOKED, effective Sep 2008. See:

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  • Ed
    EDM Dec 01, 2008
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    Boy, first Thomas Recruitment on CareerBuilders, now this on HotJobs...

    How long before all internet jobsites are funked up?

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  • Ni
    nick Jan 21, 2009

    Actually Bankers life is a proud member of the better business bureau,
    I work for this great company in Milwaukee, do your homeowork, before you make incorrect comments on a Company that does a lot of good for people.

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  • Sa
    salacious Jan 21, 2009

    ACTUALLY, Bankers Life has been REVOLKED from the BBB. Maybe you are the one that should do your homework?! :)

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  • Rd
    rdc1622 Feb 08, 2009

    Banker's Life contacted me by getting my information from a resume for "Customer Service" not Sales through, the website the state of Indiana uses for people who have filed for unemployment claims and looking for work.

    One of their recruiters called me up and I went in for an interview. I gave them my resume and didn't even fill out an application and this guy was acting like I was just the material he was looking for and how I could make 80K a year. I could smell the snake oil rolling off his lips.

    I gave him the okie-dokie and told him it sounded like a marvelous opportunity and I had a couple of other appointments yada, yada, yada… The next day they contacted me for a second interview at my home number (they got the answering machine), on my cell (they got my voice mail) and my email address. You know it's a set-up when they pester you that much. That really creeped me out.

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 20, 2009

    For those sceptics out there: Bankers is a good company! Also, I don't know what you people are talking about when you say that "bankers accreditation has been REVOKED, " because if you go to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU website, you see that they have an A+ rating and are CURRENTLY ACCREDITED since October 31st, 2008. Here is the link to the site:

    Obviously Bankers has been doing a great job, minus a few, minute instances where a very FEW people are unhappy with their policy that they signed, apparently before reading. Afterall, Bankers Life and Casualty Co. has been a company for 130 YEARS! I am extremely proud to have a career with Bankers, and the thousands of customers in my area. Take care, everyone, even those out there to bring down one of the oldest insurance companies, who have helped millions of people over the years.

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  • Tl
    tlc Feb 24, 2009

    Please note the following: Bankers Life and Casualty Company has been successfully operating for more than 125 years. They specialize in assisting senior citizens with life and disability programs. Although they may not be an accredited Better Business Bureau member, they pride themselves in educating and suiting seniors for their health and financial future. If a policy had a 90-day elimination period or if specific conditions needed to met bet first, then it doesn't appear the above scenario is Bankers fault. Nevertheless, it is imperative the policy holder read through their contract to fully understand what the policy covers, timeframes (if any) and conditions (if any) to determine when the policy will begin paying benefits. I hope you found resolution to your situation either through Bankers Life and Casualty or through the Washington state commissioner's office.

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  • Ho
    HosedConsumer Mar 17, 2009

    If you check out the link to the BBB that Alex so kindly posted above and scroll down you will be able to read about the recent multi-state settlement and multi-million dollar fines and ongoing scrutiny by the regulators.

    The parent company, Conseco, trades as CNO on the NY stock exchange. You can read about them on Yahoo finance here: They closed at 35 cents a share today. They may be able to soon claim their second bankruptcy in less than 10 years!
    When the numbers started looking really bad some of the rating companies downgraded Conseco and it's subsidiaries: "Fitch Ratings cuts several ratings for insurer Conseco, citing financial pressure" at
    Personally, I would not place the needs of my family or anyone that I care for in the hands of a company that has the kind of track record they have. There are too many other highly rated, quality companies with better track records for claims servicing.
    Hope this is helpful.
    Good luck.

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  • Bo
    Bobzz Mar 30, 2009

    Bankers Life just spammed me, or phished, whatever. I have a resume on Monster for an IT position. Nothing on my resume would indicate that I am interested in insurance sales or any sales. I have no sales experience on my resume. I hate the idea of selling insurance. They've already broken my trust by contacting me without my permission. I gave people/employers my permission to contact me regarding IT positions only. Bankers obviously doesn't respect a possible employees wishes, so why would I trust their product, company or sales people. It's a no-brainer for me. Also, I've never heard anything good about them except for the people they direct to complaint boards acting like happy employees.. Any Bankers "damage control" person reading this knows who he/she is. My step father tried working for them 23 years ago and he had the same complaints I'm reading everywhere. They say on their web site that "every year they Wisk.. away their top sellers to a tropical paradise" I'm curious, do they make you pay for some or all of the vacation or do they give you some coupons? Or is it totally paid for and a respectable destination?

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  • Bo
    Bobzz Mar 30, 2009

    I just posted.

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  • La
    LadyKryten Mar 31, 2009

    Thank you for your post. I just got a job offer from this company and I always research befroe getting on board. If not for sites like this, I would end up wasteing my time and myself, having to lie to hard working people. I am vey sorry to hear that these things have happened. As the person before me, I have a resume on Monster and have no sales exp. and have only given permission to e mail me. All the people that work for Bankers, work for commision, and have to cold call all day long. So If you are on here standing up for them, then you are only trying to save your job and stop the rest of us honest people from saving our seniors!!

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  • Jo
    John77 Apr 14, 2009

    I was just contacted 5 days ago also to work for these people. I was preparing to go to the interview this afternoon. I got online to research the company a little better, and then I found one bad thing after another about this company. Either it's a scam or you get a job and receive very little income. What really made me back out of the interview was reading a post on another site though.

    I did a quick search of bankers Life...
    There are numerous companies with that name or variation of it.

    I found someone who went to an orientation... who tells what the job entails

    then two people responded... the second was not favorable...

    Also there was another post saying that you could get scammed a different way where they get your account info and take all your money. Just another place offering that To Good to Be True dream job.

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  • Di
    Disgusted producer Apr 17, 2009

    Can you say telemarketer
    I am sorry that the company I thought was an insurance company would turn on their clients
    I worked for them and its all cold calling senior citizens 3 times a day with recycled leads
    The newbies sit in a room while the older agents come in and make sure we are calling and harassing the seniors
    with telemarketer phone scripts
    One of the managers referred to the seniors as little ###
    You are told to smile on the phone tell them there are recent changes to medicare that you need to talk to them about it doesn't matter how sick the seniors are cause they will sell a $700.00 life policy to them for $9.00 a month
    Not a word of medicare comes out of their mouth when on the interview
    I left it's a friggin circus atmosphere unprofessional and demeaning, they promise you the world and all ya get is crap you have to work from 8 to 7 if ya don't make 6 appointments Do not pay for an insurance course with them cause all you are doing is paying to become a telemarketer for a company that wants to rip off consumers
    RUN GRANDMA & GRANDPA HANG UP THE PHONE do anything to keep away from them
    I got yelled at called a lot of nice names and a headache from seniors who stood up for the right to privacy

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  • Sa
    SaCB Apr 18, 2009

    I've been working for Bankers for about a month now and am really starting to feel like I've been mislead about how this operation works. With some cold calling and sales experience, I came into this job knowing how difficult insurance sales can be. However, I was never expecting to spend as much time and money as I have in training and licensing for their company as I have. For two weeks all of the other new employees and I sat in an office doing "modules" about Bankers and Bankers' products. We then had to get our 8 hr annuities, 8 hr LTC, and 4 hour ethics certification (this was after our 52 hour licensing courses, of course, as well as purchasing a laptop to do the "modules" on). Then, we spent a week at a hotel in Riverside, CA learning about sales presentations. In all, I spent my first 3 week with the company doing 5-7 hours a day of unpaid training and paying for courses (and, this does not even include the "homework" we were assigned to do every night either). We are finally starting to get out into the "field" this week, and I'm starting to notice the grave lack of money my coworkers and myself are making. Unlike what they said in the interview, the leads they give us are totally cold and recycled. In fact, two of my appointments this week were with people who had had other Bankers agents over at their houses and were rejected. And, many of the people we've been calling are not even near the senior age group I was told that I would be calling. So, most of these people are not interested in Medicare. From what I've seen, making money for the first few months can be very difficult, no matter how good of a closer or caller you are. I've submitted 3 applications my first week (the most out of anyone in my training group), because 2 were of people who were already rejected by Bankers, thus they will not make it through underwriting, and one was a small supplement policy, I'm not going to have enough money to support myself.

    I'm sure the money is there, but it comes after going far into debt, and truly devoting your life (8-8 Monday through Saturday) to this job.

    Take it for what you will, but I'm starting to regret going to that first interview.

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  • Sa
    SaCB Apr 18, 2009

    Oh yeah, one last thing I forgot to mention, in the interview they tell you that the leads are provided and you never have to worry about running out of people to call, however, when the leads do run out (I've called for a week and they already have), they tell you to do 1 of 2 things: call the leads again and again until you reach them, or pick a neighborhood and go door knocking.

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  • De
    dee Apr 22, 2009

    i'm an out of work 40+ licensed architect, and there's nothing in my resume that has to do with sales or insurance...but they contacted me for an interview. i guess they got my resume on some job board where i posted it. i see they have it all set up at the website where you just select from the many pre-arranged interview sessions they conduct here. that tells me a lot of people come and go.

    yes, they paint an overly rosey picture. but no one's going to pay you 80k or more a year to sit on your duff. making decent money is going to involve hard work. but i already have worked in an industry where hard work and that usually leads to the job just getting finished up early and you get sent home early!

    from what i've read, people have had mixed experiences with the company. but i think you can find similar compliants from some employees of all insurance sales companies. the thing that most concerns me is that you need to hit a sales milestone each month...with increased pressure there's always the chance that one may somehow compromise oneself, and that bothers me.

    so lets face it, sellling insurance isn't the most glamorous or well respected career. it's not pediatric neurosurgery! so i guess i'll attend. it's an hour of my life; at least they aren't asking for some type of fee that a lot of places hook you into.

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  • My
    MYA B May 11, 2009


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  • Di
    Dianne May 12, 2009

    Thank everyone for all of their posts...I had an "interview" scheduled for this Friday---now cancelled thanks to all of you. No need to waste my time.

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  • Le
    Leslie May 27, 2009

    All of these comments have been very insightful. My parents have been consistantly harassed by this company even though they have been very specific that they are not interested and to take them off their calling list. They also reported Banker's to BBB since they weren't getting a clue.

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  • Ja
    Jack Graves May 29, 2009

    My mother passed away in early March 2009. Prior to her passing she had moved from an assisted living facility in Bedford Indiana to one nearer to my home in Greenwood, Indiana. It took several months for Banker’s Life to begin paying on her assisted living policy in Bedford and that was only accomplished with untold numbers of phone calls and almost monthly requests for verification of one thing or another. At the time of her passing she had not been able to get Banker’s Life to begin paying at her new facility in Greenwood. It is now three months since her passing and my brother, the executor of her estate and I have been trying to get Bankers Life to settle the nearly $15, 000 owed to her estate. Between the two of us we have recorded almost 20 phone calls. I have left messages three times requesting a return call and have never had a return call. The only way I have been able to talk to a HUMAN at BL is to work through the phone system and talk to a sales person. After I explained to the nice sales lady that I had spent almost one hour trying different options on the system in both English and Spanish, she very kindly offered me four phone numbers that I could try. I thanked her, hung up and began trying the numbers she had given me. Every single number led to the same automated phone system. I discovered in my extensive experience with the automated phone system that there are at least two dead ends or broken pieces of the system (whether by design or error, I cannot say), but alas there is not even a way to report those dead ends. I even called Conseco to find out if they had any phone number that would reach the legal department at Bankers Life. I wanted to inform them that I am going to register a complaint with the Indiana Attourney General’s office. No help. Based on the experience and difficulty my brother and I have had trying to reach an actual human being at Bankers Life we have concluded that this company is either 1) totally and hopelessly incompetent in its management, 2) is on the verge of financial collapse and is therefore avoiding talking to anyone with a claim, or 3) is systematically placing roadblocks in the way of its claimants. Both my brother and I are professionals in our 50’s and 60’s and we have spent more time trying to settle with this single company than with the entirety of the rest of Mom’s estate. I cannot imagine what this company is doing to poor elderly people who may be without educated advocates to intercede for them. I have now dealt with three estates entailing dealing with more than 40 companies of one kind or another. Bankers Life has taken more time and produced more frustration than any 30 of these companies combined. If you have one of Bankers Life’s long term care, prepare yourself. If you are considering buying one of their policies, I would STRONGLY advise against it.

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  • Th
    theesquire May 30, 2009

    they tried to hire me yesterday -- after reading this i turned them down -- i just graduated from law school -- in fact im thinking of being an advocate for those wronged by this company

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  • Bo
    Bob Dickson Jun 01, 2009

    I was contacted and asked to attend an orientation siminar with a chance for an interview afterwards. I have my resume posted on Yahoo Hotjobs. After reading these posts and others online and doing online research on Bankers, I've decided to pass on this type for job.

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  • Yv
    Yvette Jun 02, 2009

    I am so glad I found this site. I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am in desperate need of a job and don't have time to waste. I can use the time to persue reputable offers. The recruiter at the seminar today really made the company sound wonderful. He said the office in Fairmont, WV was in the top 10 of the entire company, and that we could be making 6 figures within 3 years. From what I have just read- everything he said was a lie, but boy was he good!!!

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  • Ni
    Nick Jun 04, 2009

    Thanks for all the comments. I too have my resume for an it position on Career builder and monster. I just canceled my interview

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  • Pm
    PMIC agent Jun 04, 2009

    I am an insurance agent who once worked for Bankers. All LTC plans have an elimination period on them, kind of like a deductible on your auto insurance. If you have a 60 day elimination period, it will keep your premium down, but this also means you have to pay for your care for the 1st 60 days that you are disabled. What Bankers agents don't tell people, is that their "elimination period" is based on "days care received" instead of clendar days. So, with a 60 day elimination period, if you're only receiving home care 2 days a week, it will take you 30 weeks to receive benefits. The company I work for now has their elimination period in calendar days.

    When I worked there, Bankers agents were breaking 4 Wisconsin state insurance laws on Long Term Care sales alone.

    1) You must tell the client that their premiums could increase at some time. You must reveal this to them, even if they don't ask. Bankers agents were not doing this.

    2) You must reveal to the client your company's history of rate increase. Agents were lying and telling the clients that the rates only went up once in 12 years, but they had really gone up twice in the last 2 years.

    3) You must provide every client with the State Guide To Long Term Care, AND the Long Term Care Buyers Guide. The company didn't even provide these books for us!

    4) You must explain how everythiing works INCLUDING the eliminatiuon period.

    I left the company because they were doing a LOT of unethical business. I also looked them up in the Weiss Guide, which is the nations leading INDEPENDANT provider of ratings for insurance companies, and Bankers has a D+ rating. This is why they have terrible products, enormous premiums, and don't pay their claims. Weiss Guide rates the financial solvency of more than 15, 000 institutions, and fewer than 1% meet their criteria for an A+ rating for superior financial strength, which would put you among the insustry's elite. The company I now work for is Physicians Mutual, and we do have an A+ rating.

    I now disclose all of the above to my clients, inlcuding ours company's history of rate increase on LTC, which is zero.

    Here is what I always reccommend to my prospective clients.

    1) Call your state commissioner's office, or state medigap helpline and ask about the company you might do business with.

    2) Call your doctor and speak to someone in the billing dept, and ask who pays their claims.

    3) Go into the Weiss Guide and look up the rating of the company.

    4) If you plan on looking at another copmpany's product, please allow me to be part of that meeting so that we can compare benefits and premiums.

    How many other agents have disclosed all of this to you? Any agent who doesn't, knows that he/she is not proving the best product.

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  • Pm
    PMIC agent Jun 04, 2009

    One more thing...

    Here is the link to the rating sytem for Long Term Care insurers.

    You will see that Bankers Life is at the bottum with a D+ rating. Physicians Mutual, the company I now represent, is 1 of only 2 companies in the country receiving an A+ rating for this product.

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  • Ed
    Ed Venture Jun 14, 2009

    Wow this site was an eye opener. I am an out of work IT professional and have my resume on several job sites. I was contacted June 11, 2009 and set up an appointmen to interview on June 16 with this company. After reading all these comments I will be e-mailling the person and cancelling my appoinment. I would rather do manufacturing labor for $9 per hour than cold call seniors.

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  • Ba
    bama21780 Jun 22, 2009

    I have an interview on Wednesday. I don't belive in selling something you wouldn't buy youself. If you think you can live with being associated with this reputation, then go ahead. I'll be calling them tomorrow to cancel.

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  • Ma
    maddawg176 Jul 01, 2009

    Thank you so much for your post. I went last week for the orientation interview or whatever it is called. I then was called for a second interview which I went to yesterday. They made everything sound so good. I wasn't even in the second interview 10 minutes and they wanted me to commit by giving them my credit card and sign up for the insurance classes. I told her I had questions and needed to talk things over with my husband first. I have a bachlors in engineering and they contacted me. Absolutely no experience in sales. I talked things over with my husband who wasn't happy with the hours and the traveling. But we thought maybe this would be a good opportunity. I emailed the girl and told her I was going to give it a shot, but I laid awake all night wondering if this was a REAL opportunity just a waste of my time and money. Now after reading all of this I'm afraid it is a waste of my time. Oh yeah and she already emailed me back and wants me to come in monday with my credit card, drivers license and proof of auto insurance. I'm going to email her back and tell her I've changed my mind. I don't want to put myself in debt and hassel old people. And your right they make it sound like you can make 120, 000 in your first year or in as little as 3 years. What a joke and a was of my time.

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  • Mo
    momof2girls Jul 01, 2009

    My mother has a long term care policy with Bankers Life & Casualty and I couldn't be more happy! She has been in the nursing home for sometime now and Bankers has been great. I am so glad my mother had this policy. I think every insurance company has some type of problem. If you find a perfect insurance company I would love to know who they are.

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  • An
    anotheropinion Jul 21, 2009

    Hey - PMIC Agent. You should know (supposing you are indeed a licensed agent) that using this forum as an advertising platform (e.g. "please allow me to be part of that meeting so that we can compare benefits and premiums.") is strictly VERBOTEN. Any one who throws around misrepresentations like you do (e.g. Bankers rated D+ => PURE FALSEHOOD) and tries to leverage his bitterness as a way to position himself as a savior should be carefully examined. Physician's Mutual has plenty of complaints against it -- 14 violations of the law cited in Maryland by the Maryland Insurance Commission. So let's cut the high-and-mighty routine and be a little honest about admitting that you're trying to promote yourself and your new company by bashing your old.

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  • An
    anotheropinion Jul 22, 2009

    Checking on PMIC's facts.

    As of July 22, 2009:

    Bankers Credit Ratings

    Standard & Poor's: BB+
    Moody's: Baa3
    A.M. Best: B++
    Fitch: BBB+

    Physicians Mutual Credit Ratings

    Standard & Poor's: AA-
    A.M. Best: A

    Indeed, there's a half rating step separating the two companies, and Physicians Mutual has the advantage.

    But why does PMIC represent his current company as A+ (which it's not), and his past company as D+ (which it's not)?

    Quo Bono?

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  • El
    e.l.a. Aug 30, 2009

    I received a recruitment call from Bankers Life, although, like others who posted here, I'm not a salesperson, I'm an IT professional. Something seemed fishy with this call (it came in on a Saturday from an insurance company), although I thought that to be legit, someone may be putting in some extra weekend hours to fill a position. I'm fairly sure now that it's just an attempt to recruit new sales people. Thanks to everyone here for the heads-up! Now I certainly will not be willing to take a chance with this company.

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  • Fi
    firefly87 Sep 02, 2009

    glad i read this site. i had an interview the 19th but i don't think im going to waste my time. i have 2 kids i don't need someone dangling what sounds like a great job over my head.

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  • Be
    BeBe52 Sep 10, 2009

    I was scheduled for an interview with Bankers Life and Casualty and so I figured I should do some research on the company. I'm glad I did. I have found many sites with unfavorable posts and reviews.
    I sure don't want to do "cold calling" and telemarketing. I'm just not cut out for sales work.
    I just called them a while ago and canceled my "interview". BTW- My understanding is that the first interview is a group interview. I'll pass, thank you very much.

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  • Ss
    SSG Bill Sep 12, 2009

    Two words...Thank You!!! After spending 20 years in the Army and 11 of those in Army recruiting...I will also be cancelling my "interview".

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  • Sh
    shells11 Sep 17, 2009

    I have read the same thing about Banker's on multiple website now and they all say 80% bad things. I was contacted by them THE DAY after i put up my resume on I set up an interview but I think I will be canceling it now...

    I was also just wondering if anyone had heard anything about New England Financial. I was contacted by them as well the day after and I had the same set up for an interview as Banker's (the online form that apparently leads to a group interview thing). However, searching online I did not find anything that was negative for New England. Just wondering if anyone hsa their 2 cents on them. Thanks!

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  • Bl
    blbush Sep 21, 2009

    If you are considering going on an "interview" in any way involving this company, you are most likely being scammed. I have just had a similar experience to others who have commented that they were called in response to their resumes which were apparently perfect for a position that they had (in my case, and IT position). When I arrived they attempted to recruit me as an insurance salesman. After walking out of the "interview" I talked to people working in the front office. They acted as though they had no idea about any correspondence that we had had concerning an IT position, insisting that no one ever said anything to me about IT. Through a few more phone calls to the numbers found in my original correspondence email I learned that I was being transferred all over the country to people who had no idea about any IT position; only that they had to schedule me to have an interview at X place at X time.

    I would not work for, be insured by, or buy a stick of gum from a company whose business/hiring practices revolve around scams and lies.

    For anyone who it would help, if you are supposed to be interviewed by a "Ria Goodman" in the Rockville MD area, this is the ACTUAL number for the front desk. [protected] or [protected]. Call and confirm your appointment and be sure to mention the EXACT reason you are being interviewed (for example say you are coming for the IT interview). Get the secretary's name. If you are not satisfied with the response that the secretary gives you (you will not be, I'm almost sure of it) then don't waste your time. If you still would like to try the interview, make sure to remind the secretary that you talked to that they mentioned an IT position in the phone call (for example). That way they will have a much more difficult time calling you a liar by saying that no one ever mentioned anything to you about whatever you thought you were there to be hired for.

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  • Ka
    Katie:)M Sep 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was contacted because I put my resume on Yahoo Hot Jobs...My resume has no sales or customer service history...My background is in quality control...The woman who contacted me was overtly sweet telling me that I had a desirable skill set...She told me about the interview, failing to tell me that it would be in a group format...After reading the many comments here and at similar sites I felt compelled to thank all of you for posting your experiences...Not only have you allowed me to see the light regarding this scam but, you have saved me time to look for a real opportunity elsewhere...I have called that woman back, now she did not pick up the phone so I left her a message telling her that I am in no way interested in a sales position and I did some research on the company and was appalled at the number of complaints from customers and the purposeful lies fed to prospective recruits...Also that she can count me out of the interview that was set up before I saw the light...Thanks so much! Katie:)

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