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bank of ameica is a great company to work however the management teams have created a system of destroying talent especially minority . most of their management project or plan is to target minority . Especially those banking center auditors are always targetting minorities ; he looks like this bank is against minorities something need to be done to stop it especially cambridge and west .


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    Sandra Taylor Feb 06, 2010

    My employer is a Bank of America customer. When I babysit I get paid with a Bank of America check. I went to Bank of America to cash my $13 check. I pulled up to the drivethru and they told me that the drivethru was ONLY for Bank of America customers. I parked and went in. There were 2 lines. One for Bank of America account holders and one for Bank of America non-account holders. I got into the non-account holders. I stood there for more than 30 minutes watching tellers taking people out of turn. When I inquired, I was told that they take care of their Bank of America account holders first, over non-account holders in line. The non-account holders were only being serviced by the teller who also had to cover the drivethru. Therefore, only when there were no cars inline or pulling in, were non-account holders serviced. If, in the middle of a transaction with a non-account holder, a car pulled up to the drivethru, everything was put aside and the person at the drivethru would be taken care of before finishing the non-account holder's transaction.

    This is blatant discrimination. After missing my doctor's appointment (which is going to cost me), and I was called up to the counter, I submitted my measly $13 check. They told me they charge me $6 to cash it because even though it was a Bank of America check, I wasn't an account holder. They also said they would have to take my fingerprint. So to cash my $13 check I have to pay them $6? Didn't we just bail these people out? Non-account holders also bailed them out, not just account holders. I would like to know if these are grounds for a class action law suit.

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