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Subject: EDD Prepaid Debit Card

Dear California State Senator's and Assembly Members.. As some of you may know! I am a former California State employee of the California State Senate and the California State Assembly. I am currently on Unemployment Insurance. I have a major issue with the options we have as an unemployed state worker currently receiving Unemployment Insurance. As you know EDD is contracted with Bank of America to deposit funds on a prepaid debit card. Below, please find my issues. Maybe after reading at some point in the coming years you as our California State
Representatives you will be so inclined to write and introduce a Bill that will allow different choices for EDD deposits. We should be able to have our funds deposited in the institution of our choice. It appears our funds are not protected on a Bank of America Prepaid debit card.

My statement:
Bank of America is a joke.. It should be name Bank of Rudeness... I went to get money out of my account around 12 noon on August 20, 2017. Upon getting an inquiry I realized my account balance was not correct.

I went to the car and called Bank of America and was told my card was used in Stanton and Anaheim CA. on August 19 & the early morning of August 20, 2017.

Now, the issue that I have with this is; I've always had my debit card, I have not given my PIN number to anyone and I have not been in Stanton or Anaheim in a few months.

However, Bank of America is telling me I had to have given someone my card and PIN number. I was told today that Bank of America will not reimburse me my unemployment funds. I filed a police report with my local sheriff department and they in turn will file complaints with the cities where the fruad occurred. There were 3 or 4 inquiries before my account was debited each time. You would think to Bank of America that would be suspect activity and would call me on the first day or at the least send me an email like every other bank or credit union. They didn't do anything to even try to prevent or protect my from the fruad the next day.

Not to mention the woman @ Bank of America in both the call center that took the report and in my local branch in Diamond Bar Ca. was extremely rude.

While I was in Bank of America on August 22, 2017 there were other people in the bank complaining about fraud on their accounts also. Something is just not right.
I feel as though I was financially RAPED.. Once by whoever stole my funds and secondly by BANK of AMERICA..
My Bank of America claim # is 6043559


Sharnette Clemons

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  • Ja
    Jamie Risner Mar 14, 2018

    I've been having similar issues as an EDD recipient!! BofA's awful website will NOT let me create an account for MY CARD, and I've given them my social way more times than reasonable only to get nowhere. Attempting to sign in, make a username, or even just reset my password is plagued with nothing but errors and non-existent emails. I cannot access my account from home except over the phone, and usually I end up just taking it all out except the last few dollars because I CANNOT deal with how rude the bank tellers are to those who have EDD/SDI accounts. This is flat-out discrimination!!

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  • Jo
    John Faria Jun 20, 2018

    Yes I went there and they insisted that I provide the amount on that account, I did have it. They than told me they couldn't check that account. Than the counter person got up and wen't to the rear and had the amount I stated. The rudeness and crass harassment is unbelievable. Than they asked for my Bank Of America account, and I also had it. But again the balcony person was very unpleasant and sardonic. The employer I worked for had passed away, so it was not like I didn't wan't to work. But they sure make it seem like they are doing you a great favor. OK it happened three time, same cashier same Branch. This is how we are treated there. But hey this is the new attitude of service.Ounce on the month of may and ounce in June 2018. If they don't want to serve the California EDD card they n, and their crassness is no surprise. should be unlisted. But this during the present Administration in no coincidence. The State of California should investigate and fine them.

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  • Ma
    Marita Espino Aug 23, 2018

    I have been dealing with a similar issue. On 8/14 called check status on my ESD debit card my option was to pay $10.00 to get it sent out on two days. Two days passed nothing arrived, on the 3rd day I called and Bank of American I formed me due to fraudulent activities my account was being investigated and the funds would be held and unable to be released to me. In the mean time they accepted another direct deposits from EDD 32 days worth of pay and they are treating me like a criminal. Yes they are very rude and will not take ownership of solving the issue for me... Never even received the debit card ... EDD states they can’t help me until Bank of America closes the account and the bank claims it’s not up to them... anyone have any suggestions...

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