Banggoodredmi airdots wireless headphones

F Dec 24, 2019

I recently orded Redmi AirDots from your site. The product arrived on monday 23th december on my home adress. Today, when the battery ran out, I put them on charging, but they have not been responding. I never dropped them and they don't have any physical damage. I first thought the problem was in adapter or USB cabel so I tried a diffrent one but it did not respond either. The headphones don't want to charge. I know the light should be turned on while charging, but there is not any. The adapters and USB cabels are 100% correct because I tried them on diffrent devices and they worked. I tried to solve the problem watching YouTube videos cause I saw there were other people with the same problem. Now I cannot use them because the battery ran out and they cannot be charged. Probbably they have a certain error in their hardver. I would be pleased if you sent me another one. Thank you.

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