Banfieldkilled my dog


So I take my healthy bulldog to Banfield for his neutering surgery. Then the Dr calls me asking if it was okay to pay extra fees for extra anesthesia. I was okay with it as long as he comes out of the surgery still healthy and well (I didn't know that so much anesthesia is dangerous for bulldogs; the Dr should have known). 20 minutes later I receive a call from her telling me that she has bad news and that he couldn't breathe during the surgery and so he passed away! I was in shock and couldn't believe that because it's supposed to be a really easy surgery! (I've never heard a dog that has passed away from a neutering surgery.) So I googled about anesthesia and found out that it is very dangerous for bulldogs to use extra anesthesia.

The Dr in Banfield should have known this information since bulldogs are very sensitive dogs! I'm really mad at them and I would want to sue them for that! I took him to them healthy and happy and there was nothing wrong with him! They overdosed him with anesthesia! I really miss him! RIP Nacho xoxo


  • Pi
    Piccolina Jan 30, 2013

    On October 30, 2012 I took my puppy in to get fixed and after the surgery when we got home i saw the butchered stomach of my dog and became so upset i took her to an emergency pet hospital an hour away from us.

    The photo will tell the story.

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  • Ri
    Rick 412 Mar 09, 2015

    I am so sorry for your loss, I also lost my Khloe yesterday at Banfield while under anestesia for a teeth cleaning. My heart is hurting so bad right noe, I have so much anger and sadness so I do feel your pain, I wish we could do something to make them pay for our losses. God be with you my friend Rick412

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