Banfield Animal Hospital$250 minimum visit charge if you use care credit financing


As a new pet owner I took my dog to local Banfield in June for rabies shot. Since I already owned a Care Credit card (healthcare financing card) I decided to use that for my $92 cost instead of enrolling into their wellness plan. No problem.

Three weeks later I return to same clinic for booster shot and learned my pet had double ear infections. By the time the vet and nurse had given me my instructions and medications and cleaned out the ears, I had been there over close to 3 hrs. I am handed a bill for $192. I give my Care Credit card again and was told I could not use it since the day's charges were under $250. I said Care Credit does not have this policy; nurse told me it was a Banfield corporate decision. I told staff member I used it 3 weeks prior for $92 and they took it. She said it was an error on the office staff's part. I asked to speak to office mgr and while waiting I called Care Credit. Customer Service person said they should be taking it and was confused why they would not. I requested banfield mgr to talk to customer service at CareCredit, and she did explaining how it was a Banfield corporate policy that they had in place with previous card carrier, pet credit. It was clear the Care Credit did not agree with this policy.

After their phone conversation, I strongly stated that I would not pay $250 out of pocket when they do not have this "corporate" policy stated anywhere in the facility -- no sign no rider on care credit application forms, no previous clarification during first visit. I told mgr that I have been unemployed since Oct. 2009 and it amount would be 1/2 of my check. I offered to make payments to them. They do not have payment plan policy. She suggested if I purchased frontline special for $50 it would be enough to put me over the $250. I already had a 6 month supply. Then she suggested that I purchase the Basic Plus wellness plan for one year upfront since my dog would need a dental cleaning and it would cover all services - and put the yearly fee on the Care Credit card. I felt I was coerced into this option because of Banfield's hidden policy. I spent 3 1/2 hrs in a clinic that should have been a 1/2 visit. Waste of my time and $$$$. Both organizations will be getting a complaint letter from me. Care Credit needs to know how one of their providers is operating, as well as the Better Business Bureau. BE ADVISED AND WARNED ABOUT BANFIELD'S $250 MINIMUM CHARGE POLICY


  •   Jul 12, 2010

    From Banfield The Pet Hospital,
    Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience your experience may have caused you. Banfield sets a minimum for our CareCredit users because of the fees we incur. We partnered with CareCredit for the express purpose of having clients pay for Pet care that they could not afford paying by other means. Because of our initial error with your first visit, we are having our Client Relations Team review your specific case and one of our associates will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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      Mar 13, 2011

    I agree with the $250.00 complaint. I took a tiny kitten (less then 3 pounds) to Banfield in East Hanover New Jersey to be tested for lukemia.The visit was $48.95 the test for lukemia was $56.15 the test came back positive. The vet. suggested that because I have three indoor cats I could keep the kitten and let her live outside, I felt this was not fair to the kitten or any other cats that might come in contact with her. The vet then suggested I put her to sleep, I agreed and was then charged an additional $149.00. My total bill was $254.10

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      May 30, 2011

    I just had the same exact experience less than an hour ago at a Banfield. I went there with my cat less than 3 months ago and had a bill for $65, and I paid with care credit - no problem. I went back to Banfield today for the same problem with the same cat with another $65 bill but this time they tell me I cannot pay with Care Credit because of the $250 minimum. I tried to call Care Credit but they are closed and the other Banfield that I went to is closed for the day as well. I was never told this before they did the examination on my cat, despite the fact that I wrote on my "new patient" form that I was paying with Care Credit and that the individual knew that I was only going to go in there for a $65 visit. After a 45 minute argument between myself and the employee who claimed to be the manager and clearly was not, we agreed to leave the balance open on the account until "I could get enough money to pay it", but I'm going to do my research first and see what I can work out with this unprofessional bunch of people who work at Banfield. I strongly agree that if Banfield is going to force their customers into this policy that the least they can do is put a sign up or inform their customers before the visit. I WILL NEVER GO TO BANFIELD AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!

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