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Resolved Scam and cheating

A few years ago, Bally's Total Fitness was involved in a lawsuit where their CEO mislead investor...

Resolved pedophiles who work at bally total fitness

I read some of the discussion topics that people posted regarding a Bally's employee in Oxnard being a...

Prostitution masked with personal training

Believe it or not, I got pregnant by receiving personal training services at the Bally Total Fitness in Downey, CA. I began training with Riadh Hamdi, who is supposed to be a "fitness director". Anyway, to make a long story short, I did not know that he was married, or that he had sex with every other client. Now, I have a 5 month old baby, and his wife is divorcing him. I also did know that Bally's let's him "train" without a personal training certificate, or that the real reason why is highly interested in seeing women is because he needed someone to file an immigration petition for him, since his wife would not petition him. He also has battery and assault charges that Bally's ignore when they hired him. Way to go Bally's! You only hire quality personnel.

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    joe Jul 17, 2008
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    You chose this winner...You sound loose.

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  • Jo
    Joe Jul 22, 2008
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    So was the prostitute you? Did he make you have sex with him?

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  • Da
    DAVE Aug 03, 2008
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    I know exactly who this cheap whore is. Her real name is Amy Venner and has a ### business selling organic crap that gives everyone diarrhea. Her website is Feel free to email her at : [email protected] and tell her exactly how you feel about her wide-set vagina. Who knows? everyone who is a man, or can sit on a curb with feet long enough to touch the ground may get lucky. Just remember to wear a rubber, as you don't want your dick to turn green and fall off.

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  • Cr
    crazyconsumer Aug 22, 2009


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Resolved Worst gym ever

I'm on official Military Orders to ship out overseas. In the process of this my orders indicates certain schools I must attend before shipping out overseas. Bally's refuse to cancel my membership indicating that I'll be doing "training" before I deploy overseas. They stated that I will not be able to cancel until my actual deployment date. I will be attending these schools while on base and leaving the base is limited. They will not cancel my orders. The worst gym, customer service, satisfaction, and relations in the world. I do not and will never recommend Bally's. Guess what gym I wouldn't be attending if god spears life when I get back?

  • Ti
    Tiredof Whiners Apr 14, 2009

    Were you enlisted at the time you signed the contract? If so, you knew you would probably be shipped out, so you should not have signed a contract. You were not drafted, you chose to go into the military, so you were the one who entered a contract that you had no reasonable expectation that you could fulfill. Don't blame the gym for holding you to a contract that you willingly entered into.

    Or maybe it makes more sense to you this way. Suppose you were NOT in the military, but you had PREPAID for an entire year of membership. One day, you go to the gym, and you find out that is closed for 6 months, because the entire staff were enlisted and all got called overseas. The note said, "we are really sorry. We didn't think we would be called to duty. We still expect you to honor your part of the contract, so we are keeping your money." Would that be okay with you?

    By the way, I agree that Bally's is crap, but not because they expect you to honor your legal obligation.

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Membership scam!

In feb of 07 went to check out the fitness center to put my daughter in there but a had a salesman that not...

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Customer service

I was issued a ballys card and needed to have my picture taken. The employee named mike rudely positioned the camera to take my picture and exhibted customer service by shoving the camera in my face. This is a problem because i didn't feel treated with respect and was made to be insignificant. The employee didn't communicate to me at all during this service with an apology he took it upon himself to give me service by the standards shown here. I'm upset, i feel like i've been treated like a dog and don't believe in the strength of ballys customer service effectiveness.

Resolved Rip off!

I joined bally's a couple of years ago and against the wishes of a wiser friend signed a contract that made it convenient for them to dun me till my dying days over the fact that I canceled after six months. I have now for three years received threatening phone calls, and a bad credit rating as a rsult of this so-called contract. One bill collector said she was sending the sheriff to my door. She implied she would be there also even though she was calling from some boiler room in Florida.

Now it's being handled by 'Performance Capital Management', I am amazed that the fact I paid all dues is overlooked and they scream at me 'you signed it' is all they can come up with. The Bally's corporation must really be something as I am sure they don't need the money that bad.

  • Ju
    Julius Oct 08, 2008
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    We signed contract with Bally 2 years ago. Nobody told me then that I'm "getting a loan" as representative named it few months ago. We moved few months ago (to be closer to work) and then I checked that nearest Bally center is 6 miles away from our house or office I tried to cancel my membership cause driving 6 miles just to exercise seems stupid. That's then I found out about the loan. I signed that contract but I had no idea that I'm getting a loan which I have to repay and it doesn't matter if I'm using their services. As I call it it is legal scam designed by Bally and I will never ever will be Bally customer again, it's not like I'm their customer now, no, I just paying my loan! I'm considering these payments what I have every month, as a reward to whoever had this idea and created legal scam these days in US!

    Stay away from Bally if you want avoid paying loan back for three years! There enough fitness centers around where you can exercise for affordable month to month payment. Once again STAY AWAY FROM BALLY FITNESS!!!

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Auto billing decline shady practice!


** Bally Fitness PURPOSELY incorrectly submits automated monthly credit card charges for a pool of customers to get their customers on the phone.

** They do this by submitting the credit card charge without the proper information to cause a soft decline.

** They then leave an automated message from [protected] (headquarters - now shows up as UNKNOWN CALLER) on your phone asking you to call them back to handle a billing issue.

** Once on the phone, they then proceed to offer a 25% discount if customer pays out the remainder of the contract while trying to resolve the automated
billing issue.

** Bally Total Fitness filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and they are resorting to shady marketing techniques to generate revenue in 2008.

Let me preface that Bally Total Fitness filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection during the summer of 2007. They are clearly in financial turmoil and as I see it, have adopted shady practices during the recovery process.

I have been a member of Bally's for over a year now. Everything was fine until 3 months ago when my AUTOMATED monthly billing which I had set up when first signing up for the plan, stopped working. No information had changed, including my credit card info and billing address and my charges on the credit card never get close to the monthly spending limit. I have approximately 10 other merchants who automatically charge my credit card every month and have not had this problem with any of them.

I first found out about the issue from an automated phone call left by Bally's at 8:30am one morning requesting that I call a phone number to resolve an issue. I called the number and spoke with a representative who told me that my account was past due. They proceeded to ask if I'd like to pay over the phone. I mentioned that I was on automatic billing and that the fees should automatically be charged every month. She said the card had been declined. I proceeded to tell her that there is no issue with the card and to reprocess after confirming credit card information. She then said that she would have to charge a late fee. I requested to speak with the manager and eventually (with a lot of effort) had them waive the late fee, but they did not acknowledge the problem was on their end. The manual process of my credit card went through fine.

A month and a half later. I receive the same automated phone call from Bally's. I call back, speak with the representative, who said that they tried to auto charge my card and received a decline message. I asked for the specifics or a transaction #. They had nothing. As I asked to verify my address and credit card # to ensure they had the information correct, the representative proceeded to tell me about a special offer to help me out. THE SCAM UNFOLDS: he told me he can currently offer me 25% off my membership costs translating to $250 in savings if I paid upfront for my membership until the year 2010. Followed by, "Then you won't have to deal with these automatic monthly billing issues". The introduction to the offer was unnatural and came out of the blue... I declined and said I would speak with my bank to confirm the issue was not on my end.

I then called my bank and the credit card company. Both of them confirmed that the credit card was well under the limit and has never been over the limit since I first got it. They then confirmed the attempted charges from Bally's but mentioned that the error codes were odd. It didn't point to any specific error with the credit card request for processing, but the error code did state that they were not passing the correct information. Keep in mind, the credit card didn't change, address didn't change, and auto billing had been working fine for a year.

I called Ballys back and asked a different representative if she was told to state the 25% promotion to customers who are having "billing issues". She confirmed that this was true. I then asked to speak with the manager. The manager refused to believe the issue was on their end even after relaying the info I obtained from speaking with my credit card co and offering to conference call her in with my credit card to prove that they are not posting correctly and that my credit card was over the limit. I then asked her to manually process the credit card. She agreed and it went through without issues. I told her that the issue was clearly on Bally's end. With a bullish response, she told me that she didn't believe that this was true but will confirm next time an auto charge fails.

Anyone else experienced this issue? My guess is they are doing this to a pool of customers to try and build revenue for the year.

  • Ny
    nycgreg2009 Apr 21, 2011

    My year long membership had expired back in Feb. but my credit card has been charged twice a $35 fee. I sent an e-mail and even went down to their Coney Island ave facility and had them check to see if it was really cancelled and that the billing would stop, and i was told it was. Now I have to go back down there. Never again would i join that gym.

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Denied cancelling contract

I Caryn R. Kershaw Morris have been a upstanding member of Bally Total Fitness since 1994. My husband ha...

Resolved Health club from hell

Bally's management has abused the bankruptcy system several times and wastes money. Trainers get $80...

Scam and cheating!

Today I got up to go the the 6:10am spin class. In order to take a spin class you have to sign up for a bike. Since I was the last person on the list (#13) I had to give my bike up to someone who had prepaid $2.00 to reserve a bike. Now was that my fault that ballys took a pre payment and didn't take that bike off the list? I was so upset because I only go to this facility to take spin class with the Great instructor who's name is Beverly. I already have a membership with Aquatic Fitness (I love it here!) Beverly use to teach spin class here but she moved to Bally's and that is why I go to bally's just to see her. Why Can't Bally's have more bike and keep the bikes they have in working condition...

  • Ch
    Christine Gallagher Mar 12, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Beleive me I agree Bally's is terrible with their equiptment as well as their staff and professionalism. I was cancelled because another member told staff my mother was using my membership card. Since we both have the same name they beleived this person and cancelled my membership without notifying me of any problems with anyone using my card. Which the only one with a card would be me, my mom had used guest passes from time to time but did not use my card. They should had checked with me and advised me that someone else was using my card if in fact anyone did use my card. The staff members lie and misrepresent the company.

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  • Do
    DownWithBallys Jun 28, 2009

    While it seems like the only thing we can do is post on, this is not true! I think that everyone really needs to get together and try to bring this evil, immoral and corrupt company down. This is what I have done so far. Made copies of flyers and distributed it near colleges and even near Bally Total Fitness itself about my story. I also wrote an article about it online.

    If the government won't do anything about it and if the Better Business Bureau won't do anything about it, no matter how many complaints they get, we have to take things into our own hands. I recently wrote an email to Michael Moore, the famous director and creator of award winning documentaries such as Sicko, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 through his website at or you can email him directly at [email protected]

    I know that this is a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to try. Maybe if enough people write to him, he will pay attention to us. He is a brilliant man. I believe he's the kind of person that personally reads his emails and will help if he can!!! So try it!!! You have nothing to lose. Meanwhile, the main goal is to inform people. If you see someone getting lured into Bally's, try to stop them from going in. The more people that knows about this, the more Bally's will lose business. Once they can't save themselves, they will realize what they have done wrong to have flushed their entire corporation down the toilet.


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  • An
    Anon1000 Jun 30, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They used to have a number in their Norwalk California location (562) area code but they recently disconnectd the access to customer service there. If you dial 0 it automatically disconnects you. They do that and extend their turnaround times to make a final monthly charge or two. If you cancel, pay for the tracking fee with the postal servce so you can identify when Bally's receive your notice and document. Indicate in your letter you will not be assessed further charges.

    File your complaints with consumer affairs, and tweet the heck out of your issue to anyone. Try to protect unsuspecting future memberss/prisoners of their contracts. They are about to go out of business, according to many blogs.

    Review your contract. The older ones should not identify any cancellation fees, especially if your contract has expired. Take it as far as you have to. This organization is one huge rip off while all you are trying to do is keep in shape. Put these types of business off the map - they are pitiful.

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Poor service!

I joined the gym and from the beginning there was a problem with my membership which spilled over to my bank account and Bally's making at least one debit from my checking account and there may be more if they don't correct the error soon but also now am dealing with trying to get the overpayment back to my account.

  • Jo
    Joe Johnson Feb 13, 2009

    I've been a member, for about 20 years, and never had a problem until now. I go to the Bally's Fitness at Wayne, NJ and the service person at the desk tells me, " You need to purchase a new card because the computer does not scan it, and i'm not going to type all the digits on your card, everytime you come here. Thats not going to happen!" I was shocked at the way she spoke. I told her the card is still in good condition, a little faded, but good. And it would be silly of me to purchase a new one, so kindly just type in the digits. She said, "This is the last time i will be admitting you in, because i will not type the digits again!" What customer service i tell you. No customer loyalty. 20 year member and this is what i get. Now i know why Bally's is heading down. And the funny part, is i had chosen Bally's over New York Sports Club, because i was trying to be loyal.

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  • Di
    Diane Brown Feb 13, 2009

    Funny you mentioned that. I'm from Jersey too, and i've been to that facility too. For the most part they are ok. Don't judge the facility because of that one bad apple. Talk to the manager, he/she will do the right thing. Good Luck

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Bill after contract expired!

I am so disappointed and enraged with Bally Fitness centers in Clovis, CA, after I got billed to my credit card over $77 dollars monthly for 2 months. My contract expired on 12/28/2006. However, they have On the back of the contract papers and after my signature a cancelled point that allows them to continue billing me without notice after the contract ends. This is so unfair and I feel robbed by them.

To complicate the case, I only can cancel the contract by writing a note or emailing them. However, I do not find a link on the web to cancel the process. The only link is a customer note that takes 3-5 days to be answered. So, i do not know If they are canceling the membership.

They do not have an office to cancel memberships in the local branch, but i had to call an 1-866 number and wait about 20 minutes to discus with an operator.

It is so frustrating !!! Hope, they take care of customers better.

  • Ji
    Jill G Mar 12, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience as Xavier D. lara - only crunch started to bill me again 3 years AFTER my contract expired. they wont stop billing me until I pay the back payments - but I dont owe them any money! They are insane and corrupt!

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Employees are poor with customer service

I am filing a complaint because of inadequate and unlawful service. Upon signing the contract, I was told...