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E Sep 01, 2018

Attention Corporate Level of Badcock Furniture:
On the early afternoon of 08/25/2018 my son and I spent about 1.5 to 2 hours in Badcock located in Columbia, SC off of Decker Blvd. I ordered over 4100 worth of furniture. The salesman Sherman was very helpful and I explained to him I just had purchased my first home and that I needed the transaction to go smoothly because it would require me to take time off work as well as I couldn't move into the home without it. I was promised the delivery date of 08/30/2018 at the time my order was placed nothing was on back order. Sunday 08/26/2018 I came into Badcock because I didn't like the dining table that I ordered which I told Sherman I would sleep on and make sure I wanted, overnight I decided it really wasn't the look I was going for so John deleted it after we made sure we had the proper table because I ordered two tables. I was still good to go for my Thursday delivery date of 08/30/2018. Thursday came and I was told the delivery window would be between 1:30 and 5:30, at 12:16 I received a phone call that they were 15 min away. I put my contractors in place because at this point I planned my lunch around the specified delivery time. The contractor called to tell me there were only one bed, and no mattress. I head to my residence while calling Badcock and speaking to Sherman who then is relaying to his manger what is going on because I am extremely upset the manager doesn't show any remorse or empathy he basically says "oh well", the mattress now is on back order and the bed for my son got deleted some way. Once I arrive to the residence I ask the men where is the rest of my stuff and how is there a box spring but no mattress they don't know what to do or say so they call there manager and while I am still on the phone with Sherman I hear the manager tell them nothing can be done so I tell them take it all back I don't want it. They say they can't, I tell them it's a wasted trip and they are going to have to come back for it. Sherman then asks me to bring my original paperwork to the store so they can see why the system deleted it which makes no sense to me why Badcock a huge corporation can't see this on their own system. I make it to the store once I leave work early at 4:40pm there are 3 fat guys in the office and you can tell they are some form of management (a black one, one who looked like George Zimmerman, and a white one who was getting his vehicle serviced next door) As we were at the counter over an hour not one walked to see if everything was okay or to apologize. Sherman calls Stefon and Justin who then promise my furniture by 09/4/18 and 10% of f and that the furniture that was left would be picked up on 08/31/2018. On 08/31/18 I get a call that the furniture can't be delivered by then and that Justin hasn't got the approval yet on the 10% which is the Labor Day Sale it's not like they were doing an added favor for me. So I tell Sherman who Badcock continues to have relay the information instead of a form of management since I am the paying customer. I tell him I am in the process of moving and that this is sooo inconveniencing that the order can be canceled. Stefon proceeds to call for the FIRST time and same as Justin puts it off on the company and says nothing can be done. Unacceptable. I am soooo frustrated and aggravated with Badcock they do not have to worry about a customer in me. I should have read the reviews before wasting my time. I just find this unacceptable. Management doesn't care and everyone can make errors and not be held accountable. Sherman and John were great. Justin, Stefon, and the 3 fat guys who are some form of management are not. I can't see how a company plans to succeed and leave bad reputations like this. The things I heard management use when they didn't realize how loud they were talking to Sherman and the driver just isn't cool. Whether it's SC or another state.

A former potential customer:
Erin M Barnes [protected]

Not one manager took control or apologized to me . Not once.

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