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This complaint refer to south albert A&W 4355 albert street Regina, SK. I ordered 2 spicy chicken combos with...

Regina Food


At seremban branch your services was very poor...your staff one of them very rude and showing face to customer...her name was ashwini...I went to order root beer only but she add floot...wen I called her and canceled it she was showing her face...due to that I'm really case customer canceled item because of many reason..but your working staff have to patient and smile when they serve...but your staff ashwini are not...she rude to other customer...please motivate your staff how to be patient and how to smile while serve..thank you..


a&w customer service

I was overcharged and waited about 15 minutes for my "fast" food. The bill was atrocious and the...

1 comment Ripon Food


I am a very loyal customer to a&w. I go very often! Iam very bothered and totally grossed out every time my...

Ortonville Food

customer service showing racism

I've been eating at A&W for a while now but experienced a rude racist server today. Initially she asked, 'Can...

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On 9/22/17 I visited your restaurant in West Valley City, Ut 84118 at about 7:00 P.M. When I got to the door...


We went through the drive thru at the new Salisbury location we pulled in at 618pm . It took 22 mins from...

classic bacon & eggs

So hungry this morning so I went to my favourite a&w 17 ave se calgary ab branch. Staff are very accomodating...

irresponsible branch manager

11/11/16 I had pay to book today outdoor party at kindergarden to celebrate my children birthday . But the...


I bought a meal at this St.Stephen A&W drove 10minutes to my house started to eat my meal which consist a fry...

very embarrassed, because the stuff at the a&w so rude

On Sunday afternoon I was at the A&W with my son and I order chicken strips, also asked to make it into a meal . I also order other foods with that its cost me $13.78 I went to sit down and saw i got only 2 chicken strips, so walked back and said i should be getting 3 chicken stripes, and the order taker was Karen as well a supervisor. She was talking to me very rude saying that I should pay for another chicken strip, and embarrassed me in front of so many people . And she was asking me to pay for another one.

I did not like the way she was talking and Im regular costumer at the A&W and always been getting 3 chicken strips and also with kids combo.

This experience at this location made me very mad and embarrassed so I wont go there again .

Also my son was very upset because he always gets 3 chicken strips and they are his favorite, and I had to tell him this time he only gets 2, because the service was very poor .

  • SKOR Dec 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kids combo includes 2 chicken strips. Adult combo has 3.

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bad customer service

Tried to go through the drive-through to get breakfast this morning but got stuck behind a vehicle that...

Burnaby Food


Went out for a quick supper and ordered a salad instead of fries with my burger went back to the till with...

2 comments Brantford Food

floors were sticky and tables unclean

We were waiting for our food. There is a juke box there and it was free to play. I put a song on and my name was called to pick up my food. While I was waiting the manager went up to the jukebox, gave my girls a dirty look. Then she yanked the machine to the back side and ripped the cord out. Then she put a sign that said out of order. Isn't the box there to play music?? I was not happy about that and the place was messy. Floors were sticky and tables unclean. I will never go there again.

  • Tr
    TruckerBob Oct 29, 2011

    I agree with the previous poster. You should have confronted the manger.

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  • Go
    GoldOpals Opals Oct 30, 2011
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    Verified customer

    What did you do to resolve this situation?

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rude staff

I visited the above restaurant with my family to order some food. We ordered a 2 piece chubby chicken meal, a...

1 comment Coquitlam Food

bad service, rude staff, dirty place

I attend a birthday party with my daughter yesterday. As we know, when 12 of the 7 years old kids party, it must be noisy. The staff there came to the kids with the monsters angry face, warned all the kids to shut their mouth, or else she will wrap them in the rubbish bag and throw into the dustbin!!! oh my God! what kind of service!! She repeat these rude manners in front of all of the us three times. To not spoil the kids mood, the host just ignore her rude attitude. When the kids request for ice cream, the host place order, they told us, they are not sell to us, it need to be reserve for fasting people!! We book till 6.30pm, but 6pm she came to ask for table clearing... Sincerely this will be my last time in A&W Kemaman. some more the smell from the wash room is disgusting. Hope A&W management can train their representative properly... now when I saw A & W, it is similar to Allien & Witches! Please don't let your kids in this place, you pay them, and your kids got curse!

rude & poor service

I recently stopped at the drive thru window and ordered 2 diet cokes. We thought the price was a bit...

bad service

This is about the location near Superstore.

I just noticed that one girl looked over or away from my friend while taking her order, very little to no eye contact. I thought that was really rude. Neither did she acknowledge my presence, and I was standing right there too. Here's a tip to the manager: hire people who aren't rude or selective in their service. They don't have to be overly nice, but they can't be rude like that either.

I noticed her being really nice to the customers after us, even though we did nothing to provoke her rudeness, except maybe looking the way we do, which is like people.

Lucky for me there's another A&W in town, where there's actually nice service, and the workers seem happier to be there.

If the owners looked at both locations they would see the differences right away.

Lucky for A&W, they still have a customer, but only because of the other location.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree that people shouldn't be rude. Unfortunately, minimum wage isn't enough to encourage competition among potential employees.

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cold and very dry

I ordered a Mama Burger an hour ago (14 May 2010 at 3:45 PM) and it was ready before I even paid for it. It...

1 comment Winnipeg Food

poor management

The A&W's in Whitehorse YT, Smithers BC, Burns Lake BC, Cache Creek BC, Hope BC, Chase BC, Kamloops BC...