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Please clarify why you are charging me for a chipped windscreen that was not caused by me.

I returned the car at 12pm on the 6 September. I even filled up the fuel. The car was inspected by an Avis gentlemdn abd signed off in my presence that everything was 100 percent in order. There was no chip on the windscreen when I returned it.

The next day at 12:30, I received a phone call from Avis saying they discovered a chip on the windscreen whilst washing the car and that I will be billed for it. I told the gentleman there was no chip when I returned it and it over 24 hours and that he must check his records and with the gentleman who inspected the car on my return. He said the gentleman was absent.

Today I discovered an amount of R1178, 49 debited to my credit card. Then I get another sms saying I am liable for R2584, 78.

Please advise how I am liable when there was no chip when I returned it and your staff who inspected confirmed there was no damage to my vehicle?How can you hold me liable for this 25 hours later, when your cars are parked in an open area, near the road when any other passing car could have caused it. Perhaps it wa even driven by your team members to wash it.

Desired outcome: Refund or release of all charges.