AutoZonewrong auto parts to many times


To whom it may concern, I resently traded a 1992 GMC Jimmy for a 1976 Chevy Truck in rough condition. I lost a lot of money because of your Maysville Kentucky store. I let them know that I had a 4.3 central port moter . I bought a pickup coil, ignition modular, cap, button, coil, plugs, wires, and fuel pump. I found out after I installed the fuel pump that the first one they sold me was the wrong one. So they let me return it because of their mistake. I couldn`t get my car running so I got tired of pouring more money in it, so I traded way down to a ragged out truck that runs but looks like crap. The guy that traded me came back two days later in the Jimmy and told me that your store still sold me the wrong fuel pump again. Now I am probably the laughing stock of my neighborhood cause they come through everyday. I feel that your company ought to make it up to me some how because of those wrong parts. I replaced parts that your workers told me several different times what I needed and it still wasn`t right. I live on disability and kept putting your parts in it for nine months of total cost, plus I had insurance on a car that wouldn`t start. They said each time that those were the ones I needed. If they would have sold me the right pump, I would still have my Jimmy. The first time I over looked it because they said by my title that they gave me the wrong one because they gave me a pump for a Z motor instead of a W motor. Could you some how make it good to me for your company`s error`s ? Thank you, Earl Moore [protected] . I really hope that you would consider this for I went through a lot of trouble and exspence and lost a nice vehicle. It really hurt to see my Jimmy and all it cost them was $100.00 dollars. I paid out over $100.00 each time for the wrong two pumps and the people that we traded paid out $100.00 for the right pump. That`s just not fair at all. If you can make good on my loss some how, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been a faithful customer of yours for a long, long time. If you can do anything for me, here is my address 249 Hickory Street, P.O. Box#5 Aberdeen, Ohio 45101. If you can`t find my info on your books, we also used my girlfriends name Janette Busch and we had to other numbers . one was [protected] and [protected]. I`m sure that the pump was purchased under the [protected] number. Thank you for your time, Earl Moore

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