AutoZonetried to prove I wasn't a veteran after asking about the discount

B Sep 05, 2018

I don't blame Autozone the corporation for this visit, however it was ultimately fairly embarrassing to have two staff members speak so loudly that everyone in line could hear the exchange. I asked if they had memberships like Lowe's does, where I could bring my Military ID (DD214, not the card) and set it up once so I didn't have to walk around with that piece of paper, none of us veterans do. They proceeded to try and fault me as a liar for my service because I had developed substance abuse problems after heading downrange and don't have the ID card. They could have just said no, we need that piece of paper every visit or we can't give you the discount. I didn't need to be quizzed about where I was stationed, where I did basic training or explaining what a KAFSO is to a bunch of punks that just tried to gain social justice for pointing out someone lying about their service. I will never come to this location again, and if Wal Mart auto has what I need, you can keep your discount. You have made me embarrassed and ashamed at something that happened almost 10 years ago now. I hope you are as embarrassed and ashamed as you have made me feel.

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