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I went to autozone in toms river nj 08753 next to rite aid. I needed a new battery because I had to get a boost in forked river . I was going to go to Walmart but i had to work in toms river so I figured i would stop at auto zone to buy a battery. I got there at 8:00 am sunday jan 20. I told the man who was working that I needed a new battery and that i left my car running because i was afraid to shut it off. He looked and said he had the battery but he wasn't going to put it in because it was raining. I didn't know what to say because i was stunned that he said he wouldn't put it in. I was embarrassed because i felt like he thought i was crazy to ask him to put a battery in because it was raining. I Thought that was their job. I will never go to auto zone again.


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    Kmart 9459 Jan 27, 2019

    No it is in no way Autozone's job to install the battery, usually people know when they buy a battery they are required to install the battery themselves or take it to a mechanics shop to have it installed. Sometimes you may have a associate their who is willing to install the battery, but these guys are not ASE certified mechanics and if the associate is smart they will never install a battery for the customer since Autozone would not accept liability for any damage that occurs to your car, which would mean if the associate does install your battery and your cars electrical system fries you would have to go after the associate who is not an ASE certified mechanic for your damages. But really you probably should allow anyone other then a mechanic touch your car, and I don't see mechanics taking jobs at Autozone. Most of your Autozone associates are your garden variety gear heads and grease monkeys with no professional training in mechanics like myself.

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