AutoZonebattery installation

B Aug 12, 2018

I purchased a battery for my 2007 Toyota rav 4 at your location on craig and Scott Robinson location in North Las vegas. The manager there installed my new battery but the terminals were on the wrong side so he touched negative with positive and it sparked as well as my alarm went off very loudly. He than got the right battery installed it and noticed my fuses blew when he touched the opposite terminals. My car now won't start AT ALL my lights don't work my radio doesn't work and your staff proceeded to look up you tube videos to figure out how to get my terminal box off. Long story short I sat at your store for 5 hrs with 3 children and I ended up having to get a taxi home because it was 730 at night and my car still isn't fixed. It is very likely your manager caused an electrical issue or a computer issue. I left my phone number and name with the manager and they stated they were going to call me with an update. I have no idea how I am getting to work tomorrow or getting my child to her first day of school. This is absolutely unacceptable. I need a professional mechanic to look at my car and I need my car back ASAP because as I previously stated I work and I'm a mom of three. My phone number is [protected]

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