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A Aug 11, 2018

I have been looking into purchasing a 2018 RST Tahoe in Arizona and have had a horrible experience. I searched on and found one that I liked and the Gilbert Store put in for a swap from Courtesy Chevrolet without my asking? I was gone for a bulk of the summer, came home and the Tahoe was still there so I told the Internet Mgr that I would be down there to take a look at it. I got there last Sunday, August 5th and had to wait an hour for him to even come out to greet us. Instead, he sent some kid out to show us the vehicle. I questioned the young man about the vehicle because it was missing 2 items it said it had in the description, ie retractable side steps and an illuminated black bow. When he told Mr. Bunger/Internet Mgr, he finally came out and said that he's "been running around like a chicken with his head cut off!" There was only one other customer in the entire store? His response was that listings have disclaimers and that descriptions of Autonations vehicles aren't always right due to human input error? He's the Internet Mgr! I told him that we wouldn't be purchasing the vehicle then, he stood up first and extended his hand and said, "glad to meet you." No offer to add the items, discount, nothing! We left and I complained to the GM, Randy Jacobs the next day and he said he would see what he could do and hat he would call me on Tuesday. He never did. I followed up with an email with a "?" on Thursday asking him what he was going to do to make this right and he said he tried calling me and that my vm was full and would be calling me tomorrow, Friday (today). Of course, I never did! I saw this evening that the vehicle has a "Pending Sale" on the Autonation Listing! I am beyond disheartened by who you have representing Autonation in your Gilbert location. Our family drove 80 miles to this dealership last Sunday and it was a complete waste of our time. It is very obvious that they didn't want to work with us when they were in the wrong with a false description of the vehicle that they are selling. Also, it still says on the description that it says that it has these two items that it doesn't have!!

purchase experience

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