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C Sep 04, 2018

I bought a 2018 Rav4 on 3/10/18 from Tempe Toyota - The finance portion was handled awful - They only would show me the monthly payment if i added the add ons to it - At the time I was with my dad who has early Alheizmers & my mom had died the month before so I really had no business buying a car at that time - None the less I did - When I got home I realized the dollar amount on the car was over $10, 000 more with all the add ons which i was not happy about, since I did not like the interest rate of over 5% I was either going to get another loan or pay it off - Once I saw how much the total dollar of the car was I contacted the finance guy & told him how upset I was & i wanted to cancel the add on's He said he would - 5 days later nothing - FInally i went into the the dealership on 3/16 (Only 6 days later) & filled out the product cancellation requests - He said it may take 3 or 4 months - I am not on the 6th month & only got refunds on a couple items - 2 of the items they said was past the 90 day cancellation - which it wasn't cuz it was all dated on 3/16 yet they processed 7-26 .. I have gotten nothing about the run around & still waiting for around $7600 in credit back to my account -
What am I to do about this!! I need help!!

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