Autonation2014 mercedes

C Aug 18, 2018

I was not informed this vehicle was in an accident. I was never shown a car fax. I did my own search and over 20 things were wrong with this car. Now I was under the impression that all your used cars were certified vehicles. I live over 70 miles from the dealership so after making two trips to complain I was well over the " 250 mile warranty " to take it back. But I'm sorry I will never buy another car from Auto Nation and I also will let everyone who maybe a potential customer not to trust your certification on vehicles. I have made many attempts to contact as many people at the dealership as well as an area manager to no avail. The passenger door is painted black as is the car but all you have to do is look under the door handle and see that, that used to be a red door also the rims are so messed up they are actually dangerous to drive on. I must say I'm a very disgusted customer. I was truly under the impression that every vehicle was checked with a fine tooth comb and that is just not the case. My name is Cory Moya and this was my first car to purchase on my own and I feel totally taken advantage of.

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