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My wife and I have been on board with AT&T since U-Verse. This includes WiFi, 2 cell phones, 3 tablets, long distance, and landline. In the past five years, I have complained a number of times and have been so discouraged that I have stopped trying. Tech support is a joke - from low/no pay interns to inept phone reps, no one can accurately diagnose a problem because it might fix something. Plus, they ignore all I tell them I have done to resolve a problem, only to make me go through the nonsense again.

My Direct TV is hardly visible for 30% of the time due to static. My WiFi cuts out about once every half hour or forty-five minutes for two to five minutes. Not only is this annoying, but I have had to return two FitBit watches because the wireless would not stay on long enough to be able to download upgrades to the FitBit software.

New customers get purchase incentives when folks like me who have been around for so long and have endured all the crap get nothing but more headaches.

Then, the purchase format now being used where the customer is always in a state of payment - and no trade-ins - makes me feel like I'm just asking AT&T to steal from me.

Trying to go into an AT&T store is a whole other nightmare. From poorly managed to not answering phones pushed me to find a franchise store. There, at least I find some folks who do care about customers.

Believe me, I am trying desperately to find an alternative to AT&T. Eventually, I will even if it means ditching the all eggs in one basket system that makes me feel like I am drowning. Oh, and by the way, I have also written complaints before and, you guessed it, they were ignored.

Jun 16, 2019

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