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I moved to a new community that is AT&T exclusive. I placed my order for UVERSE online the day I moved in 8/29/2019. AT&T gave me an install date of 09/10/2019. I've called twice requesting an earlier date due to my disability.

I see installers in my community daily, sometimes just sitting in their vans or 2 installers standing outside their vans talking for over 30 minutes. My husband has asked them to install our service, as told to do by a rep. She said they would be happy to do it. Not only were they not happy to be asked, but they were also rude.

I called today and placed a new order in my name this time and added phone service. I was given an install date of 9/9/2019.

Later I received an email stating install date was changed to 9/12/2019. I called back and the rep said that time was still available and changed it back to 9/09/2019. She sent me multiple emails.

Well, I later received another email that install day changed back to 9/12/2019.

There is clearly a problem. Someone moved in today and an installer drove up this morning and installed their service.

I was the first one in the building.

I use the internet for everything and need my service installed now.

Sep 06, 2019

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