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We switched back to at&t mobile on 3/31/19 at Costco when they had a promotion to buy 1 phone get 1 free. We created 4 new lines. On 4/ 3at&t sent me a bill for 1882.79.
I called and spoke to a rep who could't locate the account # from the bill said don't worry about it she had another acct for me which was fine. Next thing I know I'm in collections, On May 9th after getting collections letter I called at&t couldn't locate #.Sent me to loyalty dept. Deborah said we received other phones like a total of 6. I said NO. It seems that costco created 2 different accounts, She checked somethng and said that one of the phones she could locate and gave me credit for it. Said if I could find other phone send it in she would give me credit to fix this. Grandson had phone never opened since he had phone I am paying for on my bill. I sent phone back on May 6th in packaing from at&t. you received 5/10. After many hours of phone calls finally found out on Sept 9th that had to due with the 2nd acct opened with costco which had been closed. Was told by supervisor that they would have this fixed in 24-48 hours. I called back 9/25 to find out that because phone was late going back my claim was denied. So they have phone and still want me to pay for it. None of this was my faault it was between costco and at&t, I told them if I;m paying for phone then I want the phone. After another 2 hours today another ticket was opened. Imtold everyone I spoke to the date it was sent back no one said anything about late date. So at& t has a good scam I pay for the phone never used and they can sell again to get double amount. To spend hours over days explaining situation over and over nothing was fixed, charging me 982.00

Sep 25, 2019

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