ATT / prepaid cell phone payments

Have a 92 year old Aunt that is quite capable of doing most everything and is a good record keeper. She pays by the year for her att cell phone for long distance call use .
She had over $60.00 on her plan and went down to bring the total up to the required $100 before her plan expired ( on Aug. 1st. ) She made a $40 cash payment at the att store that has the large att on the front. You would think that this store would communicate with att better? But after Aug. 1st her balance went to zero ! When I called and asked how this happened, I was told that is was because of paying at the store. IF you make payment in cash--you must call the cell phone service to tell them you did this. Some how att stores do NOT communicate with the company on this matter???? I had to negotiate a settlement of paying a $10. RANSOM to get the $98.00 dollars back that they took !!! If we did not pay the $10 we would lose it all--A one time deal only . A very poor way to do business sine no one said we / she had to do this . How many people lose money every year with this screwy CON GAME they play??????????

Aug 20, 2019

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