AT&T / phone/internet and directv

Unfortunately my promotion period with at&t (phone and internet) and directv has expired . I called the retention dept and they cannot and will not match the price that i have been paying for 2 years. Upon looking thru the available packages i can get a much better price as a new customer than a loyal 2 year customer who has never missed a payment. This is so totally wrong on so many levels. I will be visiting spectrum to see what they will offer me. I hate the hassle of changing providers to get a reasonable price to watch tv, talk on the phone and have internet service. I also will wear a sign when i go into sam's and costco and anywhere else they attack you in the aisles of stores to get you as a customer to say how unfair they are to loyal customers. I guess there is nothing i can do about this but i am definitely angry.

Jul 19, 2019

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