ATnT / mobile phone connection with “atnt frauds”!!!

We took 2 phone lines connection with atnt in nyc USA under the promotional plan of 80$ all included for 2 shared lines with 9 gb internet each and ever since we are being cheated with being over charged, and given 8gb as shared internet instead of individual and everytime we call the customer care they are no good n no help. Plus the connection is really bad and poor with almost no signal inmost of the areas where we live.
We ported one line to spectrum out of frustration and just for the second line they billed us more than three times the original bill. Our bill for 2 lines in month of July was 97 usd and this month in August for one line they have prepay billed us 119$ just for 1 line and when we called them they have all excuses saying we did not confirm upon porting to another number so we will still be charged for 2 when on the bill itself it says clearly 1 number ported and only 1 line active. Plus they have charged us nearly 49$ as roaming charges saying we travelled to Canada when we went to upstate newyork as we don't even have a visa to go to Canada, how as a consumer would we ever know who they are getting service from? Also the connection upstate was horrible and we had to rely solely on hotel wifi and cudnt make even a single call. There were no notification that we were on roaming (while being in nyc USA itself) and the customer care (girl named amber) is denying outright saying they sent us messages!!! And we read out the message to them it never mentioned a word about us being on roaming instead was a random message saying atnt free message, when we are on a holiday upstate in nyc. This was the exact sms from number 269 atnt:
AT&T Free Msg: Reply YES (free reply) to learn how to get unlimited talk/text and use high-speed data from your plan in over 100 countries for $10/day. Pay only for the days you use abroad. Otherwise standard international rates apply: $2.05/MB, $1/min, $0.50/msg sent, $1.30/photo or video msg sent.

As a consumer when you are within USA boundaries why would you even consider to read or reply to such a message especially when you are on a holiday and know that the phone is nothing but a camera as there is zilch network!

Plus they have audacity to charge for 2 lines still even after having just 1 active line with them and having done a phone call with consumer care already before porting that we are changing the lines as they are doing nothing about the faulty billings and fraudant that they have subjected us to over past 3 months. The current girl amber says we need to make 1 more call to reconfirm that we have ported in order to change the plan! And who will tell us this?? The first guy never said a word and the sales guy who sold the line to us asked us to just get rid of the lines without paying anything!

Side note, we got the lines from manhattan nyc our attendant was Samuel and he even told us we could jus throw away the SIM cards and not pay the bills as we had no contract, no social linked, so they cudnt trace us!! This is their staff telling us as a solution to save himself from being Pulled up for the faults he has done when selling the lines to us. And we have been paying the money out of our hard earned salary!!! This is America's no1 service I don't think so.

This is a fraudant company with really cold customer care and untrained staff who jus sell for commission without giving consumer any detailed information.

We are hoping some action is taken against false frauds like this company by the American governing bodies.

Aug 27, 2019

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