AT&T / “customer service”

At&t received my address after my ex-husband's mail was forwarded as the la féria, tx, post office provides it. Without my permission and without my ex's authorization, they changed the records to my address. I called to straighten out the problem. The rep, second one to answer with the name "mindy" promised that they absolutely would not reveal my address to him, as I informed her that he attempted to kill my over a seven year period, and it was not safe for him to have my address. She promised three times that he would never know my address. I was on hold five minutes while she spoke with my ex. She got back on the line and bragged that after giving him my address, he gave her permission to correct the address. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She knew that he was very dangerous and had attempted to kill me upon numerous occasions, and then had the audacity to state that even though they changed to my address without anyone's approval and in error, and even though they promised not to reveal my address for my safety, they had the right to give him my address that they put on his account in error. That was my problem because they had the right in spite of any danger that caused me. Do you trust them? Before my ex swings by to kill me because he didn't like my having a problem with his mistresses and his std's, who's willing to dump at&t because they lack integrity and don't care about anyone or their safety?

Sep 10, 2019

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