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On 11 July 2019 my wifi and phone service was hit by lightning. I called at&t and they said they would ship me a replacement one on 13 July 2019. At 3pm on 13th I called at&t and they said it was delayed 5 days that I would'nt received it till 16 July 2019. I got upset. On monday I called at&t and ask to speak to a customer service person in the states and they switch me. He said he could get it faster to me by scheduling a truck to come out on 16 July 2019 to replace it since they have it on their truck. At first he said the wifi tower was on back order till 27 July 2019. When they did'nt show up on the 16 July 2019 I called and ask customer service where they was located? I was told they did'nt have to tell me. So I hung up. I called again and ask to be transfer and they said they could'nt do that. That when I want to a at&t store and a nice young lady called customer service and they told her that there was'nt anything schedule for me. So she set them to come out the next day and even got a comfirmation #. She also seen how hard it was to tlak to them. Well they did'nt show up. I went back to the at&t store and they got the store manager and when I explain to him what was going on he just said you see what we have to deal with. I finally received the equipment on 23 July 2019. Almost 2 weeks without a phone or wifi. I think that this was the worse customer service that I have dealt with. They lied to me 3 times and it seem that nobody cares. All that their customer service told was was thing happens. When I get a chance we will dropped at&t and never go back to them.

Jul 26, 2019

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