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I've been a AT&T customer for a long time. My complaint is the LTE service just is the worse. In my area I never get more then two bars and this is years after the infrastructure has been put in. It's just ridiculous. Thinking for while now about jumping ship and going over to Verizon or T- Mobile. You would think after all these years you would build up the LTE service it definitely isn't the country any longer in my area you guys just keep using excuse after excuse and just fed up.


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      Dec 31, 2019

    I am a CFO of an renewable energy business and for several years have been an adjunct professor in a MBA program. We have had an ATT family plan for cell service for over a decade. Since the connections are so poor and none of ATT's suggestions to improve the service worked I've decided to move to Verizon. The Verizon rep said that unlike other carriers ATT locks the phones you purchase from them (I didn't substantiated what other carriers do). It took me over 8 days and approximately 10 hours on the phone with ATT to get them to just unlock 4 phones. Several problems:

    1. I first attempted to issue a request online to unlock our 4 phones. It required a request number but there was no place on their website to secure a request number. I called ATT and was told it would take 24-48 hours to unlock the phone. They would send me a request number via email. I never received a request number email. I called the next day, none of the phones were unlocked. I was transferred to a supervisor that unlocked one phone. He said he couldn't technically unlock the other phones and it would be 24-48 hours. No reason why he could unlock one but not the others were given when asked. I would receive an email confirming the request. Two days later I receive two separate emails that two phones were unlocked but one of them were never locked since they were not acquired through ATT.

    2. One phone was purchased for $999 about 14 months prior and there was a $10.29 balance on the account. Their customer service attendant said it was ATT's policy not to take the full amount at the time of purchase and we had to pay a minimum of $25 over the next 24 months. No reason other than it was their policy. Why would a business have such a policy? Was this another delay tacit?

    3. When I requested them to unlock that phone, they said I had to pay the $10.29 balance. I gave them my credit card number then they read their standard terms that said (I paraphrase) that they can charge my credit card, debit card and/or pull the funds from our checking or savings account to satisfy the debt. I said I authorize the charging of the credit card only and the attendant read the terms again twice like I didn't understanding them. After 10 wasted minutes explaining the "and/or" is not acceptable, I was transferred to a supervisor who also read the same terms. They were not that complicated. After another 10 minutes and requesting another supervisor he read new terms that would allow them ONLY to charge my credit card. I agreed. Why not save everyone time and aggravation and start with those terms? Do people really expect to authorize ATT to access all those accounts whenever they want? Neither attendant understood the concept of "and/or".

    4. I asked to unlock that phone, they responded they require 24 hours to process the credit card charges and then they would submit a request to unlock the phone. Another ridiculous delay.

    5. They continued that it would be 24-48 hours to unlock the phone and I would receive an email confirming the phone was unlocked. I never received the email and called back in 72 hours and was told that the unlock request was not made and it would be another 24-48 hours to unlock the phone. I was transferred to another supervisor and they said his hands were tied.

    6. I asked for an email confirming his statement the phone will be unlocked in 24 hours. I stayed on the phone until I received it. I received the email unlock notice 5 days later (2 weekend, 3 business days). Another missed commitment/fabrication/delay.

    7. One day after the last supervision sent me the email I received a request from ATT to complete a survey. I did. They immediately responded with 2 more surveys with a single question each. I responded. Then ATT asked if I would take a call from an ATT customer service representative. I agreed. They responded (all text) that someone would call within 24 hours. That was 4 days ago, to be fair, it was 2 business days and a weekend.

    Their processes are riddled with ridiculous requirements and delays. I wasted too many hours on what I thought was a simple request. I would never, ever purchase an ATT product or service again.

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