ATT Uversemerge account with ex-husband/smart limits access

C Sep 27, 2018

For approximately 1 year I have been trying to get at&t to remove my ex-husbands acct info from my sign on. I transferred my and my son's numbers to my own account when we divorced. At first, only my own account info appeared when I logged into my at&t online. Then approximately 3 years ago, his account info (his mobile, wireless, and tv account info) appeared in my at&t. I was able to get his account separated from mine through chat at that time. Then about 1 year ago, his acct info appeared in my at&t once again and I have spent hours upon hours on the phone and on chat trying to get his account separated from mine. I have also desperately been trying to add smarts limits to my teenage sons acct for his safety and well being and because my ex-husbands account is tied into mine, I cannot enable and activate it but att is sure ok to charge me for smart limits. Oh wait, when I attempted to contact them to troubleshoot the smart limits activation, the call wait was over an hour so I communicated through chat. The response was that they would escalate and call me back. Att never called me back but they cancelled the smart limits on my sons number and added it to my number instead. When I tried to activate it on my number to see if they at least fixed my access to activate smart limits, still no success. I have chatted and explained that I request to a return call from an upper level technical support person because I cannot explain myself over and over again and again as its exhausting and my time is valuable, I was told I would get a return call from a manager from that dept. I am still waiting for this phone call 1 month later. And now smart limits cannot even be cancelled on my online att, it says I need to call the number to cancel. I still cannot monitor my 16 year olds phone and am furious that someone at att decided that my number, the primary acct holder and adult on the account, is the number that should be monitored. I am requesting that att 1. Remove my ex-husbands acct from my acct (pretty sure they are violating some kind of privacy law because I can see his entire bill in my online acct. Which makes me wonder if he can see my information as well) 2. Remove smart limits and 3. Credit my acct what has been charged for smart limits. At&t used to be an amazing company... You have gone downhill to the point where you should be now losing business in mass numbers. You have the worst customer service, the worst technical support, and are probably the most expensive of all the carriers. Your internet is awful and the only explanation we could get was that "there must be a lot of people on the internet in your area at the same time" (thank god we were able to get out of our contract early and switch to xfinity), direct tv was unreliable and expensive, and my mobile service is just mediocre. I have been with att for 24 years (started off pacbell mobile then cellular one) which is why I haven't switched yet but the switch is coming as I am just beyond frustrated with the service and treatment I have experienced recently. Horrible company when you need assistance but they sure do communicate well with their customers via text, email and automated messages when your bill is due!

Candice sittinger


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