ATT Uversecould never fix the problem with the rf box


On Sept. 19, 2017 I called customer service at [protected]. They had agreed to give me credit for the new 2nd RF remote which does not work.
On Friday Oct. 13, 2017, I received my new bill and a phone call demanding I pay the past due about due amount. I tried to call over the weekend and they would not speak to me unless I paid my bill immediately .
The issue is the RF box has not worked since a power outage. The ATT customer service representatives are all located in foreign countries. I don't think they understand how these boxes work.
Why should I pay for bad service? I have only had ATT U-verse since Nov.2, 2016. The issue with the RF box has been going on since day one. The RF box was their solution to the ATT remotes turning off and on my other TV in another room.

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