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S Nov 28, 2017

My name is Sanquanita Nellum, account #[protected]. I made a payment arrangement to pay $191 on 11/11/2017, and I paid it early on 11/09/2017. For some reason, your company attempted to deduct $140 from my checking account several times, however the payment was not successful. $140 was due on 11/17/2017, and I got it extended to 12/08/2017 however my services are suspended effective 11/27/2017. I placed a call to customer care today and was told I only have a ten day grace period to make the payment, and the payment arrangement for the 8th was not valid. He also stated that my services will not be restored until I make the payment for $140. I'm very upset and dissatisfied with AT&T. I have been a loyal customer for so long, and I feel as though my payment extension should have been valid to 12/08/2017 and that my Services should not be suspended ten days after the due date. This has never happened, and it's not a good way to treat your customers.

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